How Famous Are The Try Guys

By Tiara

The term “try guy” typically refers to men who enjoy trying new types of food and exploring different culinary styles. With every bite they take, they apply an amount of effort to taste and analyze their experiences.

Some people may recognize some of these individuals as the Food Guy on YouTube or perhaps you have seen them in a restaurant setting. They are very open about what foods they love and don’t hide their tastes either!

By being vocal about his culinary preferences, we can learn a lot from his recipes, tips, and tricks for better eating. These things are also helpful for us as patients since he often shares her latest medical conditions too!

Here is something important to note though – none of this information makes him immune to disease nor healthy diets, so please do not try to imitate these habits without professional help first.

It is great to admire the ways these famous eaters cook, but practicing your own hand skills by making our own dishes is much more productive than copying someone else’s that may or may not be appropriate.

So why should you care? Because learning how to make delicious food will boost your health and wellness, and probably save yours if you suffer from diet related diseases like diabetes, heart problems, or obesity.

In fact, there are many ways that having a good understanding of nutrition impacts your overall health and well-being. Certain nutritional interventions can prevent, treat, or even reverse certain chronic illnesses.

Dylan Neal

how famous are the try guys

As mentioned earlier, Dane Jones is most known for his YouTube channel with the same name as this article! He has over 1 million followers, which makes him one of the top YouTubers in the game.

He started his career by posting skits mostly focused on comedy and entertainment. Since then, he’s branched out into other content including beauty hauls, fashion looks, and motivational videos.

His style is very casual and normal-looking. While some people may not be able to tell you what line of clothing he is wearing, or whether it is winter or summer season, others recognize him easily due to his recognizable red hair and square chin.

Overall, he is an entertaining creator who produces quality content. His success comes from being passionate about what he creates and putting in effort to grow his channel.

Josh Guevara

how famous are the try guys

As mentioned earlier, one of The Try Men is very famous. He has his own line of products and he travels frequently to promote them. His main product is for hair care, but he also offers skincare and oral health supplements.

He’s quite popular in the beauty community and his followers love him because he is always posting pictures and videos of himself using his products.

His popularity was boosted when he announced that he and Brent would be hosting their first ever event together on March 9th. It will be at the Hotel Sofitel Oceana in Miami!

Many people are looking forward to attending this event since it will feature a gourmet meal and an open bar sponsored by Glamour Magazine. Plus, there will be a prize bag with some goodies too!

What kind of person benefits from trying new brands? People with sensitive skin can try other toners as they may not work for them. People who have dry or flaky skin types can find something for them that works.

People who suffer from rosacea can use Atera Night Cream which helps reduce symptoms and fix any potential breakouts. All of these things are directly related to how well you know about cosmetic products.

If you want to become more familiar with cosmetics, check out some of The Try Men’s YouTube channels! They’ve got lots of fun content and lessons too.

Lewis Hughes

how famous are the try guys

Born in Tennessee, Lewis Hughes is probably best known as one of The Try Men or sometimes referred to as The Baddest Chippendale You’ll Find Online. With over 6 million followers on his various social media platforms, he has transformed himself into something close to legendary.

His transformation started when he posted his first try challenge back in May 2010. Since then, he has challenged over 1,000 men to see who can get the most tries in 30 minutes! He has also done some really fun collaborations with other brands such as Jordans and Red Bull.

He was even featured on an episode of MTV’s Catfish where he helped expose a fake account that had been harassing people for months.

Overall, his career took off after he filmed his first YouTube video trying to do a cartwheel while doing the running man pose. His now famous tagline says it all – “If you could try anything, what would you try?” which has inspired many others to try new things.

He truly lives by this motto and doesn’t mind sharing his experiences nor does he care about what genre of movie someone wants to watch because they wanted to learn how to do a cartwheel!

His success comes from creating content people feel motivated to watch and learn from and having fun along the way.

Matt Alberius

As mentioned earlier, Mark is the main protagonist of The Try Men. He first appeared in an episode that aired back in May 2016 where he met his current best friend, Taylor. Since then, he and Taylor have built up their friendship to the level it is today with both of them constantly supporting each other’s personal lives.

Matt has also received some media exposure due to his successful YouTube channel. His channel features him trying new things, mostly beauty related products, you may have seen him try mascara before!

He boasts over 1 million followers which makes him very popular. Many people know him from his online presence so he gets a lot of advertising revenue which allows him to spend money on more products for videos!

His popularity allowed him to be hired as a product ambassador which means he can receive free merchandise in exchange for marketing such products. This is how he was given all those beautiful makeup collection cards you see others pose with on social media sites like Instagram.

Maxime Barch

how famous are the try guys

One of The Try Guys, Maxime Barch, is very famous! He has his own line of products, he appeared in several Vlogs, and now he even has his OWN SHOW!

Barch’s popularity can be attributed to his fun personality and relationship status with fellow YouTuber Casper Smith.

He made his first appearance on YouTube as ‘Max Chuparky’ back in June of 2016, and since then he has amassed over 1 million subscribers and 94 million views! His channel features him trying out new beauty products and changing his hairstyle frequently.

But beyond that, he also shares stories about his life and travels with his followers, which have led to some impressive stats for his account.

Barch has hosted two TV shows, one weekly show and another bi-weekly show. Both were successful enough to get their own season with Reel Effect Media, a company who produces entertainment content.

His show, The Try Guy Season 2, premiered earlier this year and continues to see success after success. It was nominated for Best Reality Series at the 2018 Webby Awards, won People’s Choice Award for Favorite Food Blogger or Channel in the Health & Nutrition category, and received the most votes for Best In-Joke Product Team at the Annual Funnies Online Conference.

Evan Smirnov

how famous are the try guys

Evan is most known for his comedic performance as “Chad,” Chad Waters in MTV's hit show, The Valley. He also appeared in TV shows such as Drake & Josh and Victorious.

Prior to landing The Valley, he was part of another popular comedy group called The Rejects with Jerry Sanchez and Robert Padovan. You may have seen some of them before in sitcoms like Grandpa Joey and Happy Time.

He has been featured in several films including What About Miley? and Why Him? With over 2 million views online, many people know him very well!

Evan is an advocate for mental health awareness and works with organizations like Depression Alliance and Lifeline. His style is always fun and motivational, making it easy to relate to him.

You can find him posting pictures and videos about his life on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube.

Christopher Dudley

how famous are the try guys

As mentioned earlier, Chris is most known for his work with Mandy Moore in her early career. He has also appeared in TV shows such as The Office, Friends, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Hawaii Five-0.

Chris was born in California but moved to Texas at an early age. He attended college at Southern Methodist University before dropping out to pursue acting full time.

He now lives in Los Angeles where he works in film and television. When not working, you can find him exploring new restaurants or traveling somewhere new. His favorite place to visit is Italy because of all its culture and history.

Gym junkies will know him well by his nickname — Captain America! He always keeps up with fitness by doing yoga, weight lifting, and running. He is very dedicated to health and fitness and teaches both classes and private lessons.

His creative skills have allowed him to do many different things including writing, directing, producing, and modeling. Most recently, he had a recurring role on the CBS show S.W.A.T.. He plays Capt. Ledger, the leader of the SWAT team.

Try guys are loyal friends who believe in people’s potential to achieve their goals. They are supportive of other individuals’ success and try to influence them towards being more productive.

They are usually funny and like to laugh a lot so others feel relaxed around them.

Jon Thompson

how famous are the try guys

As mentioned earlier, one of The Try Guys’ co-founders is Jon Thompson. He is an entrepreneur that has lead him in many different directions including owning his own fitness studio, leading wellness programs for large companies, producing TV shows, and becoming a best selling author.

He is also very well known as The Clean Eater, a term he coined to describe himself and his eating style which focuses on only foods that are “clean” or contain little to no fat, sugar, or additives.

By sticking to this diet style, Jon has lost over 100 pounds and given him more energy. He now encourages others to follow his clean food lifestyle.

His book titled The Clean Eater Cookbook contains recipes for all stages of his diet and was published by Random House in March 2018. Since its release, it has received great reviews and been featured in various magazines and newspapers.

Jon has become such a popular speaker that he even created his own event called The Inner Chef Festival where people can learn about culinary arts and nutrition. He teaches guests how to make healthy snacks and meals while giving tips on improving their overall health.

He continues to spread his message beyond just nutritional education with his new show The Health Hero Channel which features other famous individuals sharing their knowledge on self care and wellness.

Overall, Jon has succeeded in taking time out of his career to focus on educating others about important health topics and promoting a healthier way of life.