How Famous Are The Try Guys

By Tiara

The “try guys” are typically characterized as being very fashionable, with their fashion choices reflecting who they are as people. They usually follow brands that make products of quality and style you would expect to see them purchase.

Most try males don't do too many things outside of work, but when they do, it is highly publicized! When they travel for business or vacation, there's always A Picture Taking Place Somewhere.

They may go out to eat at restaurants that have good reviews, and if someone else orders what they want, then they order that instead.

It isn't uncommon to find pictures or videos of them celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or kid graduation. Because these events are documented, other people can watch how they celebrate such occasions in person or via YouTube or social media sites.

By seeing this, we get a sense of who they really are as individuals and what matters most to them.

Matt Chan

how famous are the try guys

Born in Hawaii, Chan grew up watching The Office with his family. He was always fascinated by how funny Michael Scott was as a human being. When he was 16 years old, Chan started creating his own comedic material and performing it for friends and family.

Chan eventually transitioned into writing comedy bits and sending them out via social media to see what would get a reaction. His knack for making people laugh landed him his first job — writer’s assistant at Conan O’Brien’s show.

He stayed there for two years before moving onto work with Chris Hardwick (The Nerdist) and Marc Maron (WTF). Since then, Chan has written jokes for several sitcoms and comedians including Andy Daly (We Re-Animator), Hannibal Buress (NBC’s Night Train), Pete Holmes (Comedy Central’s Pete Holmes Presents: Pete!), Adam Devine (Netflix’s Comedies!), and Dave Chappelle (Dave Channellel's Half Hour Comedy Special and Netflix Series).

After leaving The Office, Matt wrote and directed an episode of NBC's series Superstore called "Truth or Dare". It received positive feedback and prompted many offers from production companies. He accepted a position on another NBC show, The Voice, where he serves as a staff writer.

Matt also writes a column about life lessons for Cracked.

Jon Wai

how famous are the try guys

As mentioned earlier, John Park is known as The Try Guy or just The Guy that does not play dodgeball with you unless you invite him to do so. He is also well-known for his motivational speeches and funny stories. His popularity has grown even more since he released his first book in May 2018 called “The Power of Trying”.

His Instagram account features many pictures of him trying new things including kayaking, swimming, surfing, horseback riding, skiing, skateboarding, rugby, fencing, volleyball, softball, basketball, and golf. All of these activities are clearly done outside of his comfort zone but he still participated because it was something new!

He also posts some helpful tips and tricks such as how to motivate yourself after setting goals or what types of exercises are best for people with knee issues. These posts have gone very viral due to his fun approach to learning about fitness and life.

His ability to try new sports and give his own advice makes him famous. People feel inspired by his perseverance and willingness to learn new skills.

Jorge De La Rosa

how famous are the try guys

Former MLB pitcher Jorge de la Rosas is very well-known these days for his humorous Instagram posts. He has over 1 million followers, which means he gets quite a bit of exposure.

He started posting pictures and videos about two years ago when he and some friends would meet up at a restaurant and order large amounts of food. While eating, they noticed how much their waiter was flustered by all of them and so they decided to make fun of him in an almost comedic fashion.

The more popular he became on social media, the more frequent the meetings were, until one day the staff asked if anyone wanted to work there. Since he already had his career as a professional athlete, he accepted!

His new job includes helping people feel comfortable around other individuals and giving them advice on how to manage their careers. It sounds funny because he does it with such sincerity, but he really does care about everyone else’s success and happiness.

Henry Yang

how famous are the try guys

The most famous of the try guys is probably Henry, who you may have heard of before! He has his own line of products which contain some of his favorite foods such as PB&J cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough bites. His snacks are marketed towards kids but they are super delicious for anyone of any age!

His snack items include things like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites, Jelly Snack Bars, and Cookies and Dressing Snacks. All of these recipes can be found online or at one of his stores where he will make and sell the product for you.

He started selling his food products in July 2017 through his business called ByKDz Company. Since then, he has spread their brand name around and it has flourished!

Famous status: Over $100 million revenue
Influence: Many people know him and recognize him due to his marketing strategies

Summary: If you love trying new foods and experimenting with different recipes and cuisine styles, than try buying one of his products! Or if you want to start hosting your own dinner parties, buy some of his recipe books so that you can learn how to cook like a pro.

He is an excellent marketer who knows what types of media to use to reach his audience, and he uses them all.

Matt Mullen

how famous are the try guys

One of the most famous faces of The Try Guys is definitely not their newest member. That would be fellow comedian, actor, and musician, Matt Mullen.

He had his first try meeting with The Try Guys during an open call for aspiring comedians. Since then he has made several appearances as one of our members or guests.

Not only does he make us laugh every time we see him, but his comedic style is very unique and fits in well with The Try Guys’s humor!

He is also known for being extremely passionate about fitness and nutrition so those two things have been discussed quite frequently while he has visited.

His Instagram posts show that he really enjoys working out with The Try Guys and it looks like he is having fun!

Matt already belongs to the GlamourFit team so joining our program was easy for him. He now shares all of our programs with his followers and helps spread the word about how great they are.

As far as engagement goes, he always makes sure to say hello and talk to everyone at least once when he meets up with The Try Guys. His personality comes through when he talks and people seem to enjoy listening to him.

Evan Sciambi

how famous are the try guys

Evan Sciambi is one of the most well-known faces in YouTube content with his fun, humorous videos that have over 1 million views every week! He started posting videos as a college student and now he has his own channel with around 690K followers.

Sciambi loves to make jokes about sex, relationships and daily life so his audience can relate to him and enjoy his content. His style is very casual and funny which makes it easy to watch and follow along.

He is very open about being gay and lives with his boyfriend in California. You will see them together in almost all of his video updates!

His popularity led to hosting his own talk show where he interviewed famous YouTubers such as Miersight, DrakeMarkiplier, and more.

Kyle Jones

As mentioned earlier, Matt is the main protagonist of The Try Men. He is most known for his love of denim and funky hairstyles.
He started sharing his personal life online in 2015 when he posted his first YouTube video titled “How to Make Sure You Never Get Discouraged When Life Gets Tough”.

The video was about how difficult times can sometimes be the best thing that ever happened to you because they push you out of your comfort zone and make you work on yourself.

It also highlighted the importance of having fun while investing in self-growth. Since then, his channel has gathered over 2 million views and he has more than 700k followers on Instagram and 150k subscribers on his YouTube channel!

His popularity skyrocketed after he uploaded another one of his popular videos called ‘7 Things Your Body Is Doing Right Now’. This video got over 1.3million views alone!

Kyle has used his fame to promote himself as an ambassador and spokesperson for many brands such as Stonyfield Farm, Oral B, and Axe.

He has shared sponsored content on his channels as well as published some of his own experiences with products.

Jimmy Leung

how famous are the try guys

As mentioned earlier, Jimmy is the creator of The Try Guy website and YouTube channel. He also publishes a book called “The Power of Trying” which is entirely about motivation and trying new things.

Jimmy started his career as an actor before he found success in marketing. Since then, he has leveraged his acting skills to create his own brand and platform.

He starred in several TV shows such as MTV’s The Real World, VH1’s Celebrity Fit In, and NBC’s Surviving Jack. Outside of the entertainment industry, Jimmy worked in direct sales for Avon and Amway.

Since launching his online business in 2009, Jimmy has produced over 1 million videos that have millions of views. While his audience loves him, he always stays focused on educating others on how to succeed through self-motivation and changing habits.

Jimmy currently owns and operates his company under the name Systemize LLC. He still actively manages his social media channels so he can continue to inspire people and grow his network.