How Famous Are The Kardashians

By Tiara

The Kardashian family is one of the most famous families in America! They have their own TV show, several successful lines of clothing products, and almost every individual member has at least a few million followers on social media.

The term “Kardashian” was first used to describe Kylie Jenner, daughter of late rapper Kris Humphries and former wife of Crossover Artist Kim Kardashev. Since then, she has built her career by creating new brands, launching beauty products, appearing in fashion magazines, and filming her own YouTube videos.

While some might think that being related to the famous Kardashian clan would be enough to make you rich, it takes more than just knowing how to use your kin as marketing tools to succeed. In fact, many people with K-Dynasty blood are completely unknown outside of the community.

In this article, we will talk about some ways that the children and grandchildren of the Kardashian/Jenner famliy have leveraged their relation ship to help them achieve success. We will also look into what it took to get there, and whether or not these strategies work for anyone else who dreams of becoming wealthy like the Khans.

Kim Kardashian

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As we know, the Kardashian family is famous for their vast collection of t-shirts. With every new season, they are seen matching at least one item from each other and from brands. They also have sponsored themselves or been paid to mention products in videos or advertisements.

Kim has always received the most media coverage as she seems to be constantly sharing her life with us, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! She definitely knows how to use her fame to benefit herself and her children.

She announced the birth of her first child back in early 2013, just months after giving an interview talking about having kids. Since then, she hasn't stopped promoting various beauty products, nor did she stop filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

Her daughter was born two years later, so it looks like she's on track! Her son arrived in July 2017, making her five living children. She continues to share pictures and stories of them on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

Many people enjoy watching the Kardashians due to their over-the-top lifestyle and constant exposure, but some feel negatively towards them because of this. Some claim they go too far to get more attention, while others argue that they're only focused on getting money and publicity.

Khloe Kardashian

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Growing up, people often described Khloe as being very social and friendly. She would always greet you with a warm smile and was known to have a large group of close friends her age.

She was also frequently referred to as having a strong work ethic and loved studying hard so she could get more education.

Khloe is an extremely well-known celebrity in our society today. Her successful career revolves around her beauty product line and her famous family.

Her father made his fortune in banking before he started investing in real estate and creating what has become one of the largest corporations in America – Nike! He then passed that business onto his children who now run it as CEOs.

Her mother is also widely recognized for her philanthropic efforts and community projects. Between them both, they raised five kids that value education, charity, and helping others.

Kylie Jenner

Jenner is best know for her popular lip products such as Lip Kits and Lippies. Kylie’s company has allowed her to make a tonne of money while putting out mediocre junk that most people can do better than.

In fact, many of her products are completely manufactured by other companies and rebranded under her name. It's quite clever really!

Kim Kardahian

Kim is probably the youngest member of The Kardashiaen but she has done some impressive things during her life.

Kylie Jenner

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As noted earlier, Kylie is one of the main architects behind The Kim K collection. She started her fashion career at an early age by designing clothing for herself and then taking to Instagram to share them with the world.

Her talent was noticed quickly as she received over 1 million followers in just under two years! Her knack for dressing herself inspired her to start creating more expensive clothes that she would dress up in and promote via social media.

Her style has always been very feminine and lush, which is what makes her designs so popular. Many people have copied some of her looks and styles, making it clear how successful her look is.

She now owns several high end brands such as Givenchy and Stempley, both of which are well known. It seems like every major company wants a piece of the Kardashian-Stacylle wealth!

Kylie has also branched out into other fields, including acting and producing. Although she still enjoys being surrounded by lots of money and glamour, she does not focus only on that. Rather, she focuses on inspiring others through different ventures.

Overall, Kylie has made a good living from fashion and creative expression. While this may seem strange given our society’s obsession with materialistic things, she uses her success to motivate others to put away their material possessions and strive instead for something greater than that.

Kendall Jenner

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As we know, The Kardashian family is made up of five individual people: Kylie, Kim, Khloe, Paris and now (sort of) Kendall. With every new addition to the family, there has been a lot of media attention!

The most famous member of the family is probably Kylie, with her almost constant presence on social media and her very popular makeup lines. Next comes Kim who got into the fashion business and then launched their own clothing line.

Khloe has always done large-scale projects such as starting her own furniture company or remodeling an entire house. Her interior design career took off when she was chosen to be a contestant on HGTV's House Hunters.

Then there's Paris, who doesn't really do much other than pose for pictures and have babies. And last but not least, there's you and me, the audience! 😉

With all these individuals in the spotlight for different reasons, it seems only natural that they would capitalize on this exposure by launching various products or services. Some are totally fictional while others may actually make money.

But none of that matters unless you're reading this article right now so what are we talking about? Let's look at some examples of how The Kardashians built their fame and influence and segued into additional income opportunities.

Example: Kylie started her beauty line back in 2010

As mentioned before, Kylie began selling cosmetics back in 2010.

Scott Disick

After dropping out of school in his freshman year, you may have heard of some of Kylie’s famous exes. Among them is her current husband, makeup artist Tyler Griggs. They tied the knot back in May 2018!

After meeting at a house party when she was 19 years old, they started dating almost immediately. Almost two years later, they got married at an intimate venue with just their closest friends as witnesses.

Not only did she marry him after knowing him for barely a year, but he also admitted to cheating on her before the wedding with another woman. He even took pictures of himself kissing her while still married to someone else!

This doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would go on to have a very successful marriage, does it? Luckily, she didn’t let that stop her from throwing herself into parenthood. She gave birth to a baby boy in June 2019, and ever since then, people have been talking about how much she parented well.

She hasn’t publicly said anything about all this yet, but hopefully one day she will be able to look in the mirror and feel comfortable doing so. At the very least, she has left us with a legacy of bawling your eyes out off of YouTube videos.

Saint Disick

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Before Kim Kardashian got famous, she was already rich! When we talk about how she became well-known, however, her most notable traits are not just her wealth nor being famous for having large bikinis, but rather being very open about who she is and what she does.

She made herself known to the public through social media, where she now has over 10 million followers on Instagram alone! She also frequently shares pictures and videos of herself on other platforms like YouTube and Snapchat.

With every picture or video, there’s always someone watching – which really sets her apart from others. It’s almost as if she didn’t care whether you were paying attention or not!

This isn’t to say that she doesn’t enjoy some privacy once in a while, but when it comes to the whole “famous” thing, she likes to be seen.

Kourtney and Kim

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As we know, The Kardashian Empire has grown to include not one but two television shows! And what’s crazy is that these shows are pretty successful!

The show that bears their name alone was enough to make them rich and famous, as they started with just 1 million followers on Instagram!

Now almost 2 years later, The Kris Jenner Show boasts over 70 million total views per week and continues to grow due to its popularity.

Their next big project though? A TV show about themselves! For their own series, they will be adding yet another member to the family; their mother, Kris.

This will definitely create some interesting dynamics in the already-tumultuous relationship between the sisters!

It will also give us more insight into who this person really is. We have seen bits and pieces of her personality before, but never all at once like this.

Kim and Kris Jenner

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As mentioned earlier, it is Khloé’s mother Kourtney who helped boost their daughters’ profile in the media with her always-in-front demeanour. This includes when she was filmed throwing a fit at sister Kendall for moving into an expensive house while they were struggling to pay down student loans.

As well as being supportive of her children, Kourtney actively promotes them via social media. She posts pictures and videos of all of her kids almost constantly, including ones where they are talking about how much money they make or how famous their family is!

Khloe has said that she feels like part of her life is spending time filming The Kardashian TV show so she can put up a front of not caring what people think, but inside she worries a lot more than she lets herself show.

Son Saint has even spoken publicly about his resentment towards the fame his parents have got themselves involved in, saying he wishes they would just be normal instead of trying to get attention by going through crazy experiences.

A source close to the family told US magazine InStyle that Khloe “doesn't feel respected” as a parent because she doesn’t get credit from the public for things like paying off her college debt or putting her son through private school.

Another reason why Khloe might feel stressed beyond recognition is due to Kylie’s pregnancy.