How Famous Are The Beatles

By Tiara

The Beatles are one of the most famous bands in music history. They had six number one singles, five number ones albums, and over 50 total top 40 songs as of 2018. Eight of their songs have spent at least 10 weeks in the Billboard Top 100 Songs chart.

They were also awarded the prestigious honor of having the longest running No. 1 song title when “I Want to Hold Your Hand” re-entered the charts in 2017!

But how well known are they really? What is the exact amount of money they earned during their career? And what are some lesser know facts about them?

These are all important questions that this article will try to answer.

The Beatles were more famous after their first album

how famous are the beatles

After they released their debut LP, The Beatles, in February 1964, they did not slow down for quite some time. They quickly followed that up with I Want to Hold Your Hand, which made them international superstars and set the bar very high for what artists need to be to achieve such status.

Since then, the band has remained popular and successful, setting many record-breaking marks. Not only are they still recording music to this day, but they also hold the title of “The Greatest British Group” according to Rolling Stone!

Their fame is unquestionable – even if you have never listened to any of their songs before. Many people know who the Beatles are, and how important their music was for shaping modern culture.

The Beatles were more famous after their second album

how famous are the beatles

After having such a monumental hit with their first album, The Beatles needed to prove themselves as artists that could keep up with their success. They did just that with their second LP, With The Help Of My Friends.

The LP was released in November 1965 and it quickly rose to fame. It is considered by many to be one of The Beatles’ greatest albums and even features some of their most well-known songs like “Help!” and “You Can't Do That.”

These two tracks are examples of how The Beatles incorporated music into other genres. Both of these songs feature bass drops and guitar riffs which show off their talent as musicians.

They also wrote several of their own songs for this album including ones about relationships and life lessons. These lyrics relate to the theme of the album and what they wanted to convey to their audience.

This shows that not only do they write good song lyrics, but they understand the importance of their messages.

The Beatles were more famous after their third album

how famous are the beatles

After All These Years, What Is My Place In The Universe? is arguably the best song of all time. It’s not just because it’s so catchy or well-written (though those are qualities to consider), but also because of what it means for the songwriter.

The lyrics contain an insightful look into his personal life at the same time they inspire you to give your own life some meaning.

The verse that begins “What do I want in my place/What will make me happy now?” can be applied to anything — a career, a relationship, etc. But most importantly, it asks if you want to live your life chasing money or happiness.

I think we can agree that living for the latter is better. Finding true joy takes practice, and spending your life trying to get more dollars makes it difficult to find it.

That doesn’t mean buying a house in Malibu and quitting your job, though. Letting go and pursuing your dreams requires savings, and keeping up morale while you're doing it can be tough.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have too much going on, which can easily destroy your motivation. Having enough money to survive and pursue your dreams helps prevent this.

The Beatles were more famous after their fourth album

how famous are the beatles

After You've Got What You Want, what are you going to do? If you're The Beatles, you make an incredible number of top-selling albums that define an era!

Your first three studio albums all reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with I Am The Walrus, Yellow Submarine, and A Hard Day's Night, respectively. All three of those songs have been inescapable for most music listeners since they were released over five years ago!

But then there comes Goodbye, which was not only the band’s final album as a four-piece (Paul McCartney left the group two months later), but also their last album featuring lead vocals from John Lennon.

It is arguably their weakest offering both critically and commercially, although it still went onto earn them six Grammy Awards — one win per member!

Since then, the media has often focused on how much animosity Paul and Ringo Starr seem to share towards each other, at least according to various interviews and documentaries. They even had a falling out while filming Live At Shea Stadium, a concert movie that was eventually scrapped.

The Beatles were more famous after their fifth album

how famous are the beatles

After the band’s fourth studio album, A Hard Day's Night, they decided to take some time off and reevaluate what they wanted to do next. They all agreed that they needed a break before they moved forward as a group.

This is how Paul McCartney described it in his book, We Can Be Heroes: “We’d had our run, really. And we’d enjoyed it while we could. So now we were going to take a little rest before we started trying again.”

The other members of the band shared this feeling. All four loved being part of such a successful team, but they knew it was time for them to pursue separate projects.

They would remain close friends for the rest of their lives.

The Beatles were more famous after their sixth album

how famous are the beatles

After they left Apple, the music industry had new challengers. New groups could be just as popular if not more so than The Beatles. Many musicians have even been referred to as “The New Lennon And McCartney” because of how influential they are both separately and together as artists.

In fact, one of these bands is actually named after The Beatles! They called themselves The Rolling Stones.

Another group that has received similar comparisons to The Beatles are The Beach Boys. Both Brian Wilson (the main singer of The Beach Boys) and Paul McCartney have mentioned how The Beatles inspired them and influenced their music.

The Beatles were more famous after their seventh album

how famous are the beatles

After All You’ve Put Me Through, I’m Giving Up (And Also Saving You Money!)

It took seven years for The Beatles to release an album that hit number one in the US Billboard charts. But when it did happen with Help! in March 1965, they were no longer the underdogs of music.

They had already built up a large fan base by this time, and many people now considered them as “legitimate artists.”

Many musicians have said that if you listen to what The Beatles do later on A Hard Day's Night, Let It Be, or Yellow Submarine, then you can hear how they influenced themselves.

A lot of these songs contain catchy melodies and rhythms which other bands used in their own work.

The Beatles were more famous after their eighth album

how famous are the beatles

After All These Years, What Is New?
The eight studio albums that make up The Beatles’ career are all either completely new recordings or re-recordings of songs they had already made music for.

This means there is nothing here that most people have never heard before! This also means there is no classic song that these artists failed to cover on one of their earlier records.

All eight of The Beatles’ studio albums contain at least one hit single and many contain multiple hits. Many of their biggest songs can be found on one album alone.

Their legacy will always shine through as we continue to listen to their music years from now.