How Famous Are F1 Drivers

By Tiara

What is the career length of an F1 driver? Is it possible to make a living as an F1 driver without ever winning a championship? If you’ve always wanted to be famous, what are your chances of succeeding as an F1 driver? These are just some of the questions that can be asked about the career length of an F1 driver.

The short answer to these questions is that there is no set limit to how long an F1 driver can keep racing in the sport. Some drivers have been professional race car drivers for their entire lives while others retire at age 35 due to money or lack thereof.

There is one major limiting factor though; the human body will eventually fail. Due to this, most teams have a maximum number of races per season which is typically two hundred. This means that after the second season, any remaining points from the first year are not given credit nor do they matter when calculating the driver’s standings.

This article will look into the careers of several notable F1 drivers and see how long each was able to continue working in the industry before calling it quits. Many of these drivers were successful early on in their careers but then struggled to recapture past glory, making them become known later in their careers. Others never quite lived up to the initial hype but left a lasting legacy behind.

2) Sebastian Vettel

how famous are f1 drivers

While some may consider Lewis Hamilton one of the top drivers in the sport, he disagrees with that assessment. He feels his competition is just as good if not better than him, which is why he has never settled down and said he is the best.

Vettel disagrees. He thinks he is the most excellent driver in the history of the sport and he will prove it by winning more races and championships than anyone else.

He is ranked second behind Michael Schumacher in total wins with 21. But when it comes to championship victories, he takes precedence over Schu because he won three straight titles from 2014-2016 while Schumi won two.

So Vetter’s current tally of 22 championship trophies moves him into first place all-time!

But what about before he was the world champion? Many believe Schu had already established himself as the number one driver so does it matter too much whether or not he won another title?

Some say no, claiming there is only ever room for one person at the very top and therefore, even though Schu did not win another crown, he still holds the record for most overall wins.

And while many might disagree about who should take home the trophy once given, few can deny how great Schumi was both as an athlete and ambassador for the sport.

His legacy will always be remembered but his ability to lead other people and promote the sport cannot be denied either.

3) Fernando Alonso

how famous are f1 drivers

Many people know who some of the top drivers in Formula One are, but few can tell you how famous they are. While most people recognize names like Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, or Sebastian Vettel, there is still quite a bit of secrecy surrounding what it takes to be recognized as a professional driver.

Some may assume that being given the chance to race in one of the highest levels of motorsport must make them at least semi-famous, but this isn’t always the case. A great number of professionals remain unknown until someone manages to take their picture next to their car! This doesn’t just apply to racing either – many successful touring cars and sports car drivers don’t get much attention unless they go off-road or onto a track.

In fact, not only do very few pro drivers gain recognition for simply performing their job well, but almost none achieve fame outside of their own country and language as well. Technology has made it possible to spread knowledge about professional athletes quickly, but there are still major gaps when it comes to knowing who everyone is.

This article will try to change that by telling you just how famous some current drivers are. For each driver, we will discuss his or her career so far, the media coverage he or she receives, and how popular these stories are. More importantly, we will also look at the things people talk about when thinking about him or them and whether or not they are true.

4) Max Verstappen

how famous are f1 drivers

While some may consider Sebastian Vettel as famous as any other driver in Formula One, he does not agree with that statement. He feels his fame is much lower than it should be due to how little media coverage he receives.

Verstappen has been dubbed by many as the ‘next great champion’ of the sport, but he disagrees with that perception.

He thinks he deserves more credit for what he has done so far and says people are underestimating his talent. When asked about his status as a future world champion, he simply replies, “I will try my best!”

His goal at this stage of his career is to win races and bring home trophies, just like anyone else in the field. However, he wants to do it while still enjoying himself which is why he doesn’t feel too focused on being considered one of the greatest drivers ever.

5) Kimi Raikkonen

how famous are f1 drivers

As mentioned earlier, he is arguably one of the greatest drivers to ever live. He has won five world championships with different teams in three countries and was part of the Ferrari dynasty that ruled Formula One for so long.

He currently drives for his sixth team since entering the sport in 2001, but you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t recognize him these days.

Kimi finished second at this year's Australian Grand Prix behind Valtterio Bottas before going on to win his first race as a winner here in Singapore!

Not only does he have the most championship medals of any driver, but he also holds the record for being involved in the highest number of championship battles of all time.

In fact, he competed in more than half of every season between 2002 and 2018 – 267 out of 500 races! That is almost 50% of the total amount of races there have been in the history of the sport.

His achievements are too great to ignore, even if it isn't because of what position he holds in racing folklore.

6) Lewis Hamilton

In the past, winning a race was an incredible feat. Only the very best could do it every time they drove onto the track. These men are no longer appreciated as much. Now, even having a good day at the races is celebrated.

Hamilton has always been in the spotlight, but he’s never lacked for attention before. He now holds one of the most prestigious positions in motorsport, and he uses that status to promote himself.

He frequently mentions how famous he is in his own voice, telling us about all the achievements he has achieved or talking about what a winner he is. This self-promotion is not only annoying to other drivers but also misleading because it does not represent who he actually is as a person.

Many people don’t know him well, so they believe the media portrayal of him – he isn’t really like that. He’s quieter than some think, and he doesn’t enjoy being the center of attention unless he has something to say.

He would rather keep the focus off himself and talk about things he feels passionate about, which is why many find his constant bragging obnoxious. It takes away from the opportunity to learn more about him as a person.

Furthermore, his constant need for recognition can be seen as arrogant. He thinks too highly of himself, assuming that everyone else agrees with him.

7) Sebastian Vettel

how famous are f1 drivers

German drivers have dominated Formula One for some time now, but there’s been a shift towards more diverse driver lineups in recent years. This is due to several reasons: rising costs of competition, the emergence of popular drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, and Max Verstappen, and the growing influence of sponsorships and marketing.

As companies invest more money into sponsoring teams or individual drivers, they want their brands to be recognized not just by people who like cars, but also by people who are familiar with the team logos and colors. This creates an incentive for racing teams to recruit talented drivers that match those colors and logos!

In fact, many successful drivers were never really considered true ‘fans’ of the sport before the sponsorship era. They may watch races occasionally but mostly focus on improving their own skills while earning large paychecks.

However, with every major sponsor coming along for at least one race per season these past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of who all of them support. Many drivers now have strong brand identities which make it clear where their loyalties lie.

That said, most fans still know what nationality each driver belongs to even if they don’t recognize his/her first name.

8) Fernando Alonso

how famous are f1 drivers

When you’re one of the top drivers in Formula One, then people recognize you and talk about you constantly. Not only do you have to deal with the media coverage at every race, but now you also have to address all the fans that are watching your races online or via TV.

Fernando is always in the spotlight as he competes in some of the highest-profile races around the world. He has won several championships, including two World Championships, so he knows how to use his celebrity status to gain an advantage over his competition.

He usually comes across as very confident and self-assured, which helps him win over onlookers and even allies himself more closely with other famous individuals. His charisma and personality seem to increase as time goes on, making him increasingly popular.

His popularity was never lower than it is right now, although he may need to tone down his competitive nature sometimes. Even though he’s considered by many to be the greatest driver ever, he will probably not agree with that!

He definitely does not shy away from attention when he enters a new setting, however, and seems to enjoy meeting lots of different types of people. Many consider him to be a highly intelligent person who gets things done quickly and efficiently.

That quality served him well throughout his career, helping him succeed professionally and socially.

9) Max Verstappen

how famous are f1 drivers

The youngest driver on this list, at 21 years old, Max Verstappen is already one of the most famous drivers in Formula One. He made his grand Prix debut for Red Bull Racing in 2014 before moving to Ferrari in 2018 as their second-youngest-ever race driver.

He has won three races so far in 2019 including last year’s British Grand Prix which he held onto until long after other competitors had given up hope.

Verstappen is also known for making bold statements about the sport both in and out of competition. For example, when asked if he would like to be considered an ‘ice man’ during practice, he replied with “yes! I have always been an ice boy”.