How Famous Are F1 Drivers

By Tiara

While most people know who some of the top racing drivers in the world are, few actually know how famous they are. Some recognize them from TV or film, but very few have heard their first name before. This is totally fine!

Most people that watch motorsport enjoy it for the sheer passion for cars that participants display. They admire the skill involved in driving fast and being competitive while watching races.

However, what many don’t realize is just how much money these professional race car drivers earn per year. Many make six-figure sums every month!

It is important to note that this doesn’t include income they may get outside of race events such as sponsored deals or product endorsements. These can add substantially to their monthly paychecks!

In fact, several high profile athletes and celebrities made their fame through sports or music and then transitioned into an additional career once they achieved success. A lot of them still receive significant amounts of revenue beyond just what they earn while playing their sport.

With that said, here are the ten highest paid male Formula One drivers in the world.

Popular drivers

how famous are f1 drivers

There are only five men that have won at least one World Driver’s Championship, and there is no clear favorite to win this season’time. However, we can make some guesses as to who will be the favorites. Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo has been in excellent form for much of the past year, while Max Verstappen has consistently demonstrated his talent. Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have also had strong seasons so far.

But what about those other three? What about George Russell, Esteban Ocon or Carlos Sainz Jr.? Or Stoffler, Nakajima or Kvyat? They all currently sit outside the top six positions in the championship but could easily move up when things get shaken up during the next round of races.

Many people associate racing with cars and engines, but it is actually the drivers who makes the sport interesting. These athletes perform incredible feats of skill every time they take to the track.

Undocumented drivers

how famous are f1 drivers

There is no formal process to become an F1 driver. Becoming licensed as a professional racer is not easy, nor does it happen overnight! Most track staff members know at least one driver that is trying to break into the sport, so they help them get connected with teams or motorsport series to be sponsored.

There are many ways for aspiring racing professionals to gain exposure. Racing in open-wheel cars like Formula Renault and IndyCar before moving up to Formula One is a great way to do this. Or competing in touring car races such as those in Europe and Australia can also expose you to larger budgets and better facilities than your average race team has.

A less obvious way to enter the world of racing is becoming an “undocumented” driver. This means you don’t have a current licence, but you are still allowed to drive around a racetrack under the supervision of someone who does. The chances of being hired as an unofficial test driver are much higher if you are already involved in the industry, though.

The richest drivers

how famous are f1 drivers

This is not an easy question to answer as there are so many different ways to define ‘famous’ in this field. But, we can use some of the characteristics of famous people to determine how popular each driver is.

Some defining features of a well-known person are: they have lots of followers on social media sites, their face or picture is known across the world due to them speaking or appearing in public, and they get recognized everywhere they go. These things are important because it shows that people recognize them for what they do, not just who they are.

By these definitions, then, the rich drivers in our list below would be considered very famous!

Valtteri Bottas is one such driver. He has been featured on TV and radio programs around the globe several times, his name gets mentioned in the press a lot, and he has a large fan base online. In fact, his Twitter following alone exceeds half a million people!

Nico Hülkenberg is also quite well-known. Not only does he enjoy widespread coverage via interviews and appearances, but he even has his own line of clothing sold on shop websites like Amazon and Spreadshirt!

Sebastian Vettel is another wealthy driver with a big fanbase. Many consider him to be among the best racing drivers ever, which clearly means people watch him closely and want to see what he will do next.

The fastest drivers

how famous are f1 drivers

All of these professionals are well known, have large followings on social media, and get lots of attention from the public. They are famous!

What is not commonly known about some of these drivers is that they are not necessarily wealthy. Some must balance training with work and family while still achieving top speed levels.

Many use their celebrity to promote new cars or brands, but few do it as effectively as Lewis Hamiton. He uses his status to sell cars!

He has a team of people who handle this for him, including making fake accounts and posting under his name to increase sales for a particular car brand.

The most valuable drivers

In professional motorsport, there are two main components to what makes someone famous. They are either very successful in their own field or they become well known for doing something spectacular. These individuals typically get some publicity from this, which is then used to promote them as an athlete or celebrity.

A few of these athletes have made it into the entertainment industry, with many more trying their hand at other sports. Some even make enough money to keep buying expensive cars!

The latter part doesn’t always sit well though, as people start comparing how much you earn to what others earn. This can be difficult when some drivers achieve fame by being really good, while others gain attention through going fast.

With that said, we will look at the top ten richest Formula One drivers in the world.

The most valuable teams

how famous are f1 drivers

What is it that makes a driver ‘famous’? Is it their personality or charisma, do they have an impressive racing record, are they well-known outside of motorsport for other achievements, or all of these things? While having any one of those factors is important to being famous in motor sport, none of them matter much if you don’t have a team behind you.

A small number of drivers can make a big name for themselves because of who they are as people, but without the backing of a top team, they will never get to show what they could actually be capable of. They will also suffer from lack of investment in training and equipment, limiting how successful they can be.

It takes a lot more than just talent to become a famous Formula One driver. So which teams are the most prestigious in the sport? Here we look at the ten biggest names in F1, and see how rich each one is.

10) Esteban Ojeda – $4,000 per year

Older generation drivers may remember Argentine racer Estaban “Tata” Ojeda as he took part in his country’s first ever Grand Prix back in 2006. He was replaced before even completing a single lap after crashing during practice.

He later went onto achieve some success as a touring car driver, taking two titles in Mexico between 2012 and 2014.

Top earning drivers

how famous are f1 drivers

Lewis Hamilton is one of the most famous athletes in the world. He has his own line of clothing, he enjoys massive popularity across social media sites, and he makes a ton of money doing what he loves.

He’s also not your average athlete.

Many people consider him to be more successful than some sports stars who have won multiple championships and awards.

But how much do ferrari cars for sale really matter? What are the true costs associated with being a professional driver?

We’ve put together an article that looks at the top 10 highest paid racing drivers in the UK.

Top earning teams

how famous are f1 drivers

There are only ten teams in Formula One, but there have been many famous drivers to race for different squads. Some of these drivers went on to become very well-known, while others stayed within the team they were with their entire career!

The most successful driver lineups in F1 consist of two or three members. These groups of drivers work together effectively as a team, which is why they remain loyal to each other and the organization that pays their salary.

There’s no doubt about it — some drivers are good at making money, while others are not!

But what if we took ‘good at making money’ out of the equation? What if we focused solely on how much money a driver makes instead? This is where things get interesting.

We can determine the fame of an individual by looking at their earnings. In fact, you could argue that this is more important than knowing who they are because people will always talk about someone else’s success, but never their own. As such, here are the top 10 highest paid racing drivers in the world.