How Famous Are Bts

By Tiara

K-pop is one of the hottest music genres in America at this moment. A genre that integrates catchy songs, flashy costumes, and incredible dance moves? Yes, we’ve heard of it!

Many people have their favorite groups within the k-pop spectrum. Some like The Boyz, some prefer The Vevs, and others are diehard Big Bang fans.

However, there is one group who definitely stands out above all else — they are known as BTS (short for Beyond The Scene).

BTS is not only famous for being an incredible band, but also for how popular they are outside of Korea. They easily make appearances on best of year lists, with many praising them for bringing a new element to the k-pop scene: concept albums.

Their first album was “The Most Beautiful Thing,” which focused on love. Their second album was titled after the song “Fire,” and discussed leadership. Both concepts were linked together, making sense of the lyrics.

BTS has always given us something unique to listen to, and they continue to do so even now. This article will discuss why BTS is such a big deal and what you can learn from their success.

BTS is a global phenomenon

how famous are bts

Since their debut in 2013, BTS has achieved unprecedented success. They are among the highest-earning musicians of all time with over $100 million earned from album sales alone!

BTS’s popularity skyrocketed after they released their first song “MIC Drop (Look Out)” at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in May 2014. The catchy tune quickly went viral, topping charts around the world and spawning several popular music videos.

Since then, BTS has only continued to grow in stature. They have won numerous awards for their artistic and musical talent and influence, including five Grammy nominations this year.

They also enjoy an extremely dedicated fan base that travels across borders to see them perform.

They are a popular K-Pop group

how famous are bts

As mentioned earlier, BTS is a very famous Korean band! Not only are they extremely well known in their home country of Korea, but they have also won several international music awards, including two Billboard Music Awards for Best International Artist.

They even broke their own record when they received their second award back in May 2019! You can watch their acceptance speech here.

BTS has also amassed an impressive list of collaborations that span across various genres and mediums. Their most notable collaboration was with Jay Z and Beyoncé back in 2018 for “Change” which hit number one on the US Billboard charts.

Their latest collab is with Ariana Grande who released a song titled “Into You” featuring them as the main vocalists.

They are a talented group of musicians

how famous are bts

As mentioned before, they have music videos that go viral every few months. These songs usually tell an entertaining story with great vocals and lyrics.

Their most popular song is probably “Mmmmmm” which features Andrés, an American artist who originally did not want to be in the video. He eventually accepted their challenge and the two danced together as the song plays.

The members also write some of their own songs. Their first self-produced album was The Beginning, which featured three new tracks and reinterpretations of older songs.

They then released Love Us, We'll Give You Money, a track about money and how it can sometimes make you feel bad. Most people understand this concept but what makes these songs special is the member's personal interpretation of them.

BTS has always given their audience something unique to listen to and learn from. They still continue to grow as artists and musicians while reaching more people around the world.

They are loved around the world

how famous are bts

K-pop has always been popular, but in recent years it’s exploded into a worldwide phenomenon. Artists like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have credited kimchi bokkeum (Korean barbecue) as an influence for their music.

Bands such as One Direction and The Wanted were inspired by groups like Big Bang and Girls Generation. Even Drake mentioned them in his song “Started From The Bottom.”

The popularity of BTS is undeniable. With every new release, YouTube videos, or appearance they make, their numbers increase dramatically.

This isn’t to say that people weren’t aware of them before, but now they're everywhere!

It seems like everyone knows one or more songs from the band, or at least know who some members are. Most people also recognize at least one member when they go out in public.

In fact, many high profile events feature BTS as the main attraction. At Comic Con this past July, there was a special performance by the group and interviews with each member.

There's even talk about BTS being nominated for a Grammy next year! If that doesn't prove how famous they've become, I'm not sure what does.

They are a source of happiness for many people

how famous are bts

The members of BTS have done several things that make them famous. These include singing, dancing, rap, lyrics, MVs (music videos), and more. All of these performances gain attention due to their quality and how entertaining they are.

Many of their songs have music that other artists have mimicked or improved upon. Some even get officially recognized as being in a particular genre! This is very popular and gets them lots of followers and praise.

Their raps and lyrics often contain powerful messages about self-confidence, love, hope, and faith. Many people enjoy listening to these and learning from what the group has to say.

They also have some incredible fashion looks that spread across media and social circles. People seem to like copying those styles!

Lastly, their constant presence online makes them well known. Almost every time one member posts a picture or video, it receives plenty of reactions and comments.

They are a source of inspiration

how famous are bts

Many people have their own style or fashion sense that they really hone into as you can tell by looking at their clothes and lifestyle. People who really showcase their style do it for themselves to see how much influence they get inspired by what they use.

This is why there are so many styles in fashion, we’re always finding new ways to mix and match things together to achieve our goal of looking cool!

Many musicians develop their music style and voice over time through repeated practice. Music artists like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber all require lots of repetition to improve their vocals and song writing.

And of course, there are actors who spend hours gathering wardrobe props and research to perfect their character’s look.

BTS is not only an artist but also a role model with their consistently excellent looks and impressive artistic talent. They show off their skills by taking pictures and editing them to fit their theme and style.

They also frequently publish articles and other materials about art to inspire others to learn more about it. These inspirations include everything form painting to sculpture to graphic design.

In fact, some of their most popular songs were written using lyrics from real life experiences and then adapted to make a musical note. That example is “Boy With Luv” which was originally about someone struggling with love after being hurt before and then changed to be about overcoming past hardships and moving forward.

They are a group that transcends national boundaries

how famous are bts

There’s no denying it now, K-pop is big business. With their music constantly topping all sorts of charts, they have officially entered the realm of global superstardom.

Since bursting onto the scene with the hit song “Fire,” The Boy Who Lives In My Room has gone on to become one of South Korea’s biggest bands!

Their success can be attributed to several factors. First, their songs always seem to make an impact. Many find themselves singing along or listening back after an extended break.

Second, they consistently put out quality material. No matter what genre their latest track fits into, you will almost certainly find yourself spinning it somewhere at some time.

Third, they build strong connections off of trust. When they release a new album, they invite your reactions and comments. This helps them gauge how well their style resonates with the public.

They are a group that has sold out stadiums worldwide

how famous are bts

K-pop is one of the biggest music phenomena in the world today. Artists such as Psy, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber have all been influenced by this South Korean genre.

BTS or The Bangtan Boys are an example of how popular k-pop can become. They formed their band back in 2013 when they were only known for their flashy dance moves on YouTube.

Since then, however, they have gone on to achieve incredible things – not just with Korea but the whole world. Not only do they perform in venues around the globe, but they also tour extensively.