How Ed Sheeran Became Famous

By Tiara

Born in London, England, to Sri Lankan parents, Edward Daniel (Ed) Shepherd Taylor was born with an incredible voice. At just 5 years old, he would sing along to songs while playing the guitar. He also enjoyed performing for family gatherings and parties at various functions.

At the age of 10, his mother noticed that he could get some attention by singing more professional-level music, so she began helping him hone his vocals. It wasn’t long before he decided he wanted to pursue music as a career.

He took lessons twice per week for one year before deciding which area of the industry he wanted to focus on. After trying out several styles, he settled on recording and producing his own material.

His talent quickly caught the eye of people in the music business, and he was soon working with A-list artists such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and even Adele!

Shepherd is now considered one of the top songwriters in the business. Many musicians credit his writing skills for their success.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the singer. He went through many changes in his life before finding his current success. Read on to find out how.

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Released a debut album

how ed sheeran became famous

As we know, music is a form of expression for most people. It allows us to relate to each other, helps us deal with our emotional states, and sometimes just makes us happy! Most people who love music also recognize the influence that artists have on them — their songs are very personal, they connect with you in different ways, and often make you feel good or bad depending on what state you’re in.

Ed Sheeran is one such artist. He is famous not only because of his catchy songs but also due to all the stories about his life that get told every day. Many believe he has helped shape the way popular culture views relationships by offering more insight into how romantic relationships develop.

He rose to fame as a songwriter first before releasing an EP and then an LP under his own name. Since then, he has written some of the biggest hits of all time while establishing himself as one of the world’s top musicians.

Won a Grammy

After dropping his first album in March 2011, music fans quickly took notice of British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. With catchy tunes such as “The Way I Loved You” and “Shape Of You,” he was able to gain more followers.

In May 2012, just over one year after releasing his debut EP, He landed a recording contract with Atlantic Records. It didn’t take long for him to make an impact at that company!

He released his first full length LP, +, two months later and it debuted number one on both Billboard’s Contemporary Album Chart and The Independent Music Charts. This made her win several awards including Best New Artist and Breakout Group at the 2013 GRAMMYS!

His success hasn’t stopped since then! Since his breakout, he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the business.

Sold millions of records

how ed sheeran became famous

Born in London, England, to working class parents, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran made his professional music debut at the age of 17 with the song “The Way I’m Thinking About You.” This was later rebranded as just “Thinking About You.” It peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart and spent six weeks there.

It also reached the top five in Australia, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden. In Canada it hit number two on the Canadian Hot 100 chart before being knocked off by Taylor Swift‘s "Blank Space." The song has since been certified platinum in over 15 countries around the world.

Sheeran is well known for writing catchy songs that people can sing along to many times. Many of his hits include lyrics about love or relationships, making him very popular among young audiences.

Has not released an album yet

how ed sheeran became famous

He is still very much in the early stages of his career, but this artist has already made a name for himself. With over 30 million followers on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, he has become one of the biggest music artists in the world!

Sheeran did not launch as such a big star. He started off with some smaller gigs here and there before getting more exposure through collaborations and songs that got popular.

His song “Shape” was featured on The Office soundtrack back in May 2013 and it became very popular. Since then, it has received almost 10 million views on YouTube alone!

This gave him the opportunity to gain wider recognition and he took full advantage of it by writing his own songs and recording them. Many people have noticed his talent for composing and singing lyrics, so these skills are what make him famous now.

Is about to release a movie

how ed sheeran became famous

In early 2017, just as his third studio album was being released, The Shape of You hit number one in over 20 countries! People all around the world were talking about it and singing along to every song.

At that time, however, not too many people knew who Ed Sheeran was. He had some big hits like “Shape” and “Castleball” but they didn’t make him famous. It was his debut single “A-l-b-o-r-e” that got most of the attention.

It is probably best known for its use in the second half of the chorus where she sings ‘I want your love, I need your touch, But first, you gotta treat me right’. Many have claimed this line inspired them to do something romantic with their significant other or even helped them overcome an issue they were having at the time.

However, none of those things are true. Even Sheeran himself has said he made the story up while listening to the radio.

Has a net worth of millions

how ed sheeran became famous

The musician has spent his career in a number of different industries, including songwriting, music production, film composing, and more. However, it is as an artist that he has been able to truly make a name for himself.

As discussed earlier, his musical style has always stood out and influenced many other artists. His catchy songs have also received large amounts of radio play and media coverage.

His success comes from a combination of hard work and luck, but most importantly, him being really good at what he does. He is well-known for having a great ear for melody and lyrics, along with a passion for music.

Sheeran’s first big break came when he was selected to be one of Britain’s Got Talent contestants. He won the competition in 2013 and went on to release two albums before launching a successful world tour. Since then, his music has sold over 30 million copies and earned him several Grammy Awards.

Is British

how ed sheeran became famous

Born in London, England to English parents, Sheeran grew up listening to mostly music his father would make him listen to — like The Beatles and Queen. He also listened to some hip hop, such as Drake and Jay Z.

He began playing guitar at age eight and took lessons for two years before teaching himself how to play by watching YouTube videos. At twelve years old he picked up the bass, which he now plays professionally.

Sheeran wrote his first song when he was fifteen, and ever since then he has been writing and recording songs consistently. Since signing with Syco Records in 2013, he has released three number one albums, five top ten singles, and six music video compilations.

His most popular songs include “Shape of You” (featuring Taylor Swift), “Perfect Day” (with Jake Gosling and Alexandre Moen) and “Give Me Love” (with Cardi B).

Is a singer-songwriter

how ed sheeran became famous

As we know, music is a form of expression that comes naturally to some people. For others, it’s more like learning a language — you have to work at it. A musician is someone who creates songs by using words or sounds (lyrics) and instruments to express their feelings, ideas, and experiences.

Some musicians start out as singers first, writing lyrics after they learn how to sing well. Other musicians begin with instrumental music and then add vocals to make their songs sound complete.

A musician is usually considered self-taught if he/she does not have formal training but has studied and practiced his/her craft extensively.