How Ed Sheeran Became Famous

By Tiara

As we know, music artists are not just famous for their songs; they also gain recognition for other ventures they take part in. These can range from sponsoring an organization or cause, to starring in their own TV show or movie, to creating new genres of music.

Sheeranz is one such artist who has consistently put himself out there. He started with his song “Shape” which he released back in 2011! Since then, he has starred in several movies including ÷ (the title of his most recent album), The Divergent Series: Allegiant, and Tigertown, as well as hosting Sing If You Want To Live twice.

He has also launched two successful clothing lines, and designed a line of headphones that are now sold worldwide. All of these products have made him very rich and popular.

But all of this wasn’t without its costs. It took years for his popularity to really take off, but once it did, everything was much more expensive. A night at a restaurant with friends could cost over $100, traveling outside of town to attend a conference you planned yourself may need reservations months ahead, and attending a concert requires airfare, hotel rooms, and transportation.

It’s important to remember that while being wealthy is great, it isn’t always fun being surrounded by lots of money.

Released a debut album

how ed sheeran became famous

Born in London, England, to Sri Lankan parents, sheer size of his fan base was not unexpected when he released his first studio album ‘x’ in late 2014. The track “Shape Of You” quickly skyrocketed him to fame with its catchy melody and lyrics that speak about finding love even if it is only for a short time.

His infectious hit single made him one of the most popular musicians in the world, and has been sung by countless others since then.

He later followed up this success with two more albums, which have both reached number 1 status as well! With songs like “See you again,” “Tinsel Town,” and “Take A Bow,” his music has never left the top of the charts.

Went on tour

After leaving The X Factor with its head down, his career was back in full swing as he embarked on his first international tour. For those who didn’t know it yet, this wasn’t your average concert.

He played to over 10,000 people every night, not just because of how popular he had become, but also due to the fact that he performed almost every song off his second album, ÷ (2017’s No 0°s).

That’s right; he wrote all ten songs himself! He even penned some of his biggest hits like Shape Of You, See You Again and Castle On Wheels while he was still at school.

Sheeran always keeps himself very busy so there’s never a gap between writing new music and going onto the stage to perform them. It must take a lot of motivation to do what you love, especially when others don’t agree with your decision to pursue your dreams.

Won awards

how ed sheeran became famous

After his breakout in 2013 with “Trap”, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran quickly became one of music’s biggest stars. He won several Grammy Awards for his songs including Best Pop Vocal Album for ÷ (2017) and Best Song Written For A Film for Shape Of You (2018).

In addition to his success as a musician, he has built an impressive career off stage. Forbes listed him as being worth $170 million in 2018 making him the second highest paid celebrity that year.

He is also one of the most charitable singers out there, regularly donating time or money to various charities.

Made a movie

how ed sheeran became famous

After his debut EP, A-Levels, was met with success in 2011, Shepherd made his feature film acting début as one of the lead characters in The Jacket, an indie comedy directed by Nathan Silverman. He played Jordan, a struggling musician who must pretend to be successful so that he can pay his bills.

Shepherd’s performance earned him several accolades, including Best Performance at the London Film Critics Association Awards, where he received the award for his work in The Jacket. It also won the People’s Choice Award for best comedic actor at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival!

His next project is You Me Her, which he wrote and will star in as himself. The plot follows three friends — all very different people — who are forced into living together when their shared apartment becomes too small.

He continues to write and record music while developing his career as a filmmaker.

Became a billionaire

how ed sheeran became famous

Born in London, England as Edward Sheeran, he grew up watching The Office with his brother Patrick and sister Natasha. As kids, they would often play music together and develop their talent for it.

He started writing songs at the age of 15 and has since written several top-charting singles including “Shape”, “Give me some OOohs!” and “Numb”.

In early 2013, while still in high school, he uploaded a cover of Taylor Swift’s song “I Should Have Never Let You Go” to YouTube. It quickly racked up over 2 million views within just a few weeks, and she herself liked it enough to tweet about it.

She even asked him if he wanted to collaborate on an EP or album later that year. He said yes, and it all kind of took off from there.

Married his best friend

how ed sheeran became famous

As mentioned earlier, just being yourself is one of the main foundations to success in life. Being famous really comes down to doing what you love and having fun with it!

Ed Sheeran is probably one of the most well-known musicians in the world. He spent his early years as a musician writing songs about heartbreak and romantic relationships. It was his music that got him into acting, however.

He starred in a TV show called The Office where he played the role of manager for an office space. His singing talent soon caught attention and landed him several recording contracts.

His successful career almost didn’t happen though. At the age of 21, he married his close friend Jessica Simpson! They have two children together so far.

Became a father

how ed sheeran became famous

In May of 2015, the music world was stunned to learn that singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran had become a parent for the first time! Almost two years later, his daughter Axl Rose (named after musician Axl Rotten) arrived in this world.

Sheeran announced the news via Twitter with an adorable photo of himself cradling his baby girl while sporting a huge grin. He also posted several pictures of little Axl growing up alongside her big brother Theo, who is now 5 years old.

Not only does she have a famous dad, but she has two other very famous uncles as well! Grammy winner Taylor Swift is both Axl’s godmother and aunt, while Jake Gyllenhaal is Ed’s uncle by marriage.

After announcing her birth back in March 2017, fans got to watch Axl grow up over the next year and a half. Even though she may not know it yet, she already has quite a legacy waiting for her when she becomes a teenager.

Her parents are always around and take good care of her, so she never feels like she doesn't have anyone supporting her. It's clear that they love each other a lot, which makes us wonder how much their own parents loved them.

It's safe to say that Axl will be raised with strong family values, just like her father.

Changed his music style

how ed sheeran became famous

As we know, singer-songwriters are their own genre. They write songs that sound like they could be sung by anyone with a voice — no one song sounds the same as another! This is what makes them so beloved to listen to; there’s always something new to learn from how they express themselves in music.

With that said, many people forget how much influence the early artists of this genre have. Since musicians create inspired works of art that appeal to several different generations, it really helps build trust in the music industry.

Ed Sheeran is one artist who didn’t seem to follow the typical path to success. He changed his musical style multiple times, which allowed him to find an audience that liked his newer songs just as much if not more than his older ones.

He is also very open about his artistic process, often sharing details on what influenced him musically and why he chose certain things over others.