How Do Zoom Interviews Work

By Tiara

As seen with our first tool, these informal interviews work because they create an open-hearted environment where questions can be asked without worry of being judged or questioned back. They also allow for more casual conversations as there are no formalities to hold up unless you want to ask them!

The key thing to remember about video interview tools like Skype, Oovle, and Google Hangouts is that even if one person is not able to see the other person, it does not matter. All of the equipment needed to have a high quality conversation already exists and is affordable.

By having both people use this equipment, what once was considered expensive and difficult to find gets reduced to something simple we all have access to almost every day. What’s more, most people have their phone so nothing is really extra either!

It is important to note that although some technology may feel futuristic and innovative now, many workplaces still rely heavily upon things such as IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and emailing each other to communicate. Having a chat session via software similar to those two products is very common practice today.

Use a quiet space

how do zoom interviews work

In addition to having a good connection, another key factor in successful video interviews is finding a calm environment that you can use for both participants. You do not need professional grade equipment to have a successful interview!

If you are using a smartphone as a camera, make sure it has enough battery life so you do not run out during the meeting. Also, remember to take off your hat because this setting will probably show part of your face or hair. This does not matter if you are wearing a cap but others may find it distracting.

If you are using an older computer as a webcam, test it before the meeting to see whether it works. Many laptops these days do not have built-in webcams so you would have to purchase one separately.

In general, most people prefer using a laptop rather than a desktop computer b/c there is no physical barrier between them. With a desk top computer though, you must worry about someone else picking up the device and accessing the camera.

Anticipate difficult questions

how do zoom interviews work

While most employers will not ask you about past criminal convictions or mental health issues, it is totally normal to be asked tough questions such as “Why are you quitting your job?” Or, “What did your boss say that made you feel bad?”

These types of questions can sometimes reveal more about the interviewer than just what they wanted to know about you. For example, people who have trouble keeping their jobs may make comments about how they would never do that.

Interviewers may also try to figure out whether you are overqualified for the position. They might ask why you need a new position when you already have one with similar responsibilities.

By anticipating these and other potentially uncomfortable questions, you will be prepared for them.

Tell your friends about it

how do zoom interviews work

Before coming into work today, you may have heard that your boss will be hosting an in-person meeting via video chat service such as Google or Microsoft’s Office 365 Video. It’s very common these days for employers to hold interviews like this because technology has made it possible.

It can feel uncomfortable trying out new communication tools, but there are ways to get comfortable quickly. By practicing using the software ahead of time, you’ll know what to do if someone asks you to do the same thing at work!

Practice makes perfect.

Bring your own webcam

how do zoom interviews work

In video conference software like Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom, you can add an additional participant by inviting them. They will need to have their own computer and camera device connected to access the meeting.

Most smartphone apps allow you to use your phone’s built-in camera as a camera device, which is helpful if they are not familiar with using a more professional camera.

However, it is best to bring your own camera so you do not have to worry about anything! This also helps in case someone else does not have their own camera device.

You do not need special equipment to participate in a zoom interview either. Most people are able to get away without one now a days due to the availability of smart phones that have good quality cameras.

Record and edit the video

how do zoom interviews work

Recording your interview can be tricky, because you do not want to use poor quality recording equipment or software. If you are using Google Hangouts as your platform, You can record it directly from there!

If you are using Skype as your chat app, you can easily upload the file afterwards. Just remember to choose ‘save’ instead of ‘upload�’ so that you do not lose the connection.

For other apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, etc., you will have to export the conversation as a.MP3 or similar format before you can upload it.

There are many free editing softwares out there such as Windows Live Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro, and YouTube.

Dress professionally

how do zoom interviews work

When someone invites you to join them for a video chat, pay attention to whether they specify how they will be meeting in person. If they do not, this may signal that they are looking to meet at a place with limited accessibility or privacy.

If this is the case, you can choose to either accept their invitation as-is or ask if there is somewhere more accessible or private they would like to use. Your best bet is probably an open area of a business or public space, such as a library or cafe.

Alternatively, you could suggest your own place or give them yours and see what happens!

In fact, even if you are given a time and location before the interview, it’s still good etiquette to check out where the other person wants to meet beforehand so you know what to expect.

What about timing?

You should also make sure the person attending the interview has enough notice to prepare. This way, they have time to put some items into practice and get familiar with any equipment needed.

Bring your own pen/paper

how do zoom interviews work

While most employers offer good quality computer and internet access, they may not be very accommodating with something else like a notebook or pen. These are great tools for taking notes during the interview process and reviewing them later!

Many professionals have their own back-up notebooks that they take with them at all times. It is totally fine to bring yours too!

If you don’t have one already, pick up a small pocket size note book at a local bookstore or online shopping site.

Give the guest a hard copy

how do zoom interviews work

When someone wants to do a video interview, they must first give you a copy of their personal documentation or proof that they exist. This can be an ID, like a driver’s license, or anything with your contact information on it such as a passport or social security card.

If you are doing an online interview, then this is not necessary unless you want to verify their identity. However, most people have their phone these days so this is less of a concern.

But still, if possible, make sure to ask for at least one picture and one name so you know who you are talking to! This way, they will feel more comfortable posting up a video chat while also knowing who they are speaking to.

Making them bring these items makes us worry about privacy issues or whether or not they have gone through the proper channels to prove themselves.