How Do Visa Officers Verify Employment

By Tiara

As mentioned earlier, employment verifications are done to make sure that someone is not lying about their job position or position history. These verifications can include asking if you are currently employed, asking for past employer names, asking for proof of employment, etc.

Some of the highest volume employers have automatic systems in place that verify employment quickly, but it really depends on what type of verification process each company has!

Asking if you are currently employed is usually pretty easy to find out as most companies require this at least once every two years. Depending on how recent your departure was from work, they may also ask if you have current employment. This is why it’s important to be honest when answering these questions!

Past employers are typically verified using either printed employee manuals or online sources such as social media sites. Companies will try to match up employees with information found through those resources, so being truthful can help mitigate an issue if there ever was one.

Visit the location

how do visa officers verify employment

A lot of things can influence whether or not an officer believes someone’s employment story, such as how they look during their visit at the workplace, if they appear to be in control while being sponsored by them, and if there are other people who work for the same organization that corroborate the employee’s story.

For example, say you claim to work for a company that manufactures machinery. You show up to a visa interview with your machine; however, the officers are looking at mobile phones and laptops.

You may want to consider getting those items out before the interview so it looks like you have prepared for the meeting. Also, make sure you don’t have any equipment with you that could easily verify your identity (a phone with money loaded onto it is a good way to do this).

In addition to these practical reasons, one important factor that impacts the decision about whether or not to hire someone is what other employees of the same organization tell officials. If several colleagues vouify you, it raises questions about why yours seem to be less than honest.

On the contrary, if everyone says great things about you, it makes you look better because then it shows that you are trustworthy and prepare well for meetings.

Check the business' website

how do visa officers verify employment

Even though employers are not allowed to ask about your salary, they are still asked about how you were hired. If an employee is being recruited directly through the employer’s site or via their recruitment agency, then the interviewer should be aware of what position you are applying for.

If there isn't one available, that can sometimes indicate something about the company. For example, if someone with a lower paying job was offered a higher paid one, it might suggest that the people offering the higher pay ones don’t believe very much in keeping employees around long term.

Alternatively, if someone with a high income was offered a low one, that could show that the person hiring doesn’t think highly of experienced professionals who won’t work for less money.

By having second degree employment, you'll also reduce the chance of getting fired as most companies have policies in place to protect you legally.

Call the business

how do visa officers verify employment

When you receive your visa, there are certain documents that must be verified as authentic before you can stay in Canada. The most common one is the employment verification form (EV Form) we discussed earlier.

As mentioned before, employers are required to confirm their employment with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). They also have to provide proof of this employment through either an official document or phone calls with colleagues and/or supervisors.

If the employer cannot produce these items, the applicant will not be allowed to remain in Canada. Unfortunately, it may happen at any time during the process so it’s best to be prepared!

We recommend gathering as many details about your job position as possible, including but not limited to: name of position, department, city, state, country, and email address. This way you are sure to not miss anything while looking for the proof needed to verify your employment.

Interview the business owner

how do visa officers verify employment

When you apply for credit cards, your employment status is verified at the workplace of the merchant who accepts payment using the card. This includes whether they see you as an employee or independent contractor.

This is not always easy to do given that many employers don’t publish their legal contact information. Even if they do, some employees may be asked to sign confidentiality agreements which make it difficult to confirm your status.

If you are unable to verify your employer, then it can have negative impacts on both your financial and personal life. You could find yourself with no job, and no money to survive!

Fortunately there are ways to figure this out. By looking at certain documents, and asking right questions, we can determine if someone seems like they belong in the workforce or if they seem more like they are independently running their own business.

There will almost certainly be records showing up in a criminal background check, but other types of documentation can also help. For example, proof of tax filing, health insurance coverage, and direct deposit requirements are all good indicators of employment.

Look at their LinkedIn profile

how do visa officers verify employment

Recent developments in employment verification require that employers look beyond just your name, address, and phone number when verifying you for payroll. This is true not only for direct employee reports, but also for indirect employees such as consultants or freelancers you hire to help with business.

In fact, many companies now require additional documentation to prove both your employment and your position within the company. This includes proof of salary, benefits, and tax withholding from Social Security and Medicare.

This article will go into more detail about some ways to verify employment.

Ask friends that have experience with the business

how do visa officers verify employment

As mentioned earlier, meeting these obligations is not easy for most people. Employers look at past job experiences, education, references, and more to determine if someone can fulfill their position effectively and consistently.

Some of the things employers look into include having lunch with colleagues every week or every other week, knowing what projects are underway, and being able to talk about them clearly and concisely. They also want to know how you handle yourself around others and whether there’s ever trouble from you.

If an employee doesn’t seem committed to his/her position, then chances are they won’t be either. Given how much money companies rely on technology, it’s very possible that someone could get away with faking it until they don’t.

Examine their passport

Since employers typically require you to have proof of employment, most major credit card companies will do an additional background check via one or more of the following databases:

* Credit reports
* Criminal records
* Fraud detection systems such as Choicepoint or Equifax Secure™ Service

The first two are your standard three-credit agency reporting agencies that many people use. The last is only for those firms that offer it as an extra protection measure.

These third party fraud detection tools look into not just criminal activity but also see if there are any discrepancies in what information you give them compared to what other sources have on you. If they find something suspicious, then they flag you for possible fraudulent activity.

This can include things like if you claim to work for a company when you don’t, or if you lie about who you work for on job applications. In both cases, it puts stress on the working relationship with the employer you say you work for.

Because of this, VISA runs its own internal checks against the employees listed on the documents we mentioned earlier.

Confirm their bank account

how do visa officers verify employment

One of the most important things that visa officers must verify when determining if an employment contract is real is looking at the employee’s bank accounts. If they are able to access the account, then there isn’t much doubt as to its legitimacy.

Visas can easily be checked through databases or by contacting banks directly, so it is not very difficult to discover whether someone has lied about their position.

However, lying about who you work for will only make your situation more complicated, especially since employers usually require employees to have proof of employment.