How Do US Visa Officers Verify Employment

By Tiara

As mentioned before, employment verification is one of the key components in the process to granting you your dream visa. This article will go into more detail about what types of documents we look for when verifying employment. It also goes into some basic tips on how to be careful with your job search strategies.

We will not go into details about every possible document type here, but instead focus on the most common ones employers require from potential candidates. By knowing these well, you can better prepare yourself to navigate through this step.

Contact the employer

how do us visa officers verify employment

When you apply for a visa in Canada, your employment eligibility is one of the most important things we check. We look at two main factors to determine if you can work in Canada- whether the position you are applying for requires an accredited education or not and whether there is enough proof that you will have this education once here.

If both these questions are answered in the affirmative, then our office can approve your application without any issues. If however, either one of these questions has us wondering if it’s true, then we need more information. This could be a document confirming the educational requirement like an acceptance letter or certificate, or it could be documentary evidence showing how you earn your income back home.

We also ask about the position very carefully as well – does it require direct contact with members of the public? Or is it mostly behind closed doors? Does it involve working with large amounts of money? All of these things contribute to what kind of job we believe you will hold once here.

At the same time, we want to make sure that no matter when you leave Canada, you will still have adequate support upon your return. This might include family living close by so you don’t have to arrange transportation, financial resources such as a house deposit or savings account, or even a roommate who can help you feel comfortable around people.

Phone or in-person interviews

After arriving at an airport, you will be met with a visa officer who will ask about your employment status and proof of that status.

This could include having someone else work for you or showing documents such as paystubs, job offers, etc. That person can be either within the country or outside of it – it does not matter.

The employee must agree to be interviewed by the consulate on behalf of the employer and they cannot make any statements about the company until then.

Furthermore, there is no requirement that employers use faxes or phone numbers when submitting paperwork. Many embassies accept email messages as adequate documentation, making it easier to prove employment. Make sure to check this out before sending anything!

There are some things you should know about working without residency rights. Read more here.

Confirm the job is what the applicant claims

As mentioned before, verifying employment requires looking into various sources to confirm that what an individual says is true. If there are no records of them being employed at a certain company, then it is difficult for us to believe they work there.

This includes but is not limited to- using their LinkedIn profile, talking with friends or colleagues who know them, and doing a background check through one of our many public record websites.

All this can be very time consuming so it is best to do as much of these things as possible during the initial application process and then re-visit and update as needed.

Assess Training or Certification

In some professions, specific certifications or trainings are mandatory, and visa officers may verify these to ensure the applicant is indeed qualified for the role they claim. For instance, in medical or technical professions, having certain certifications is a testament to one's capability and credibility. The visa officers may request:

  1. Copies of any relevant certification or licensure.
  2. Details of training programs attended, including dates, duration, and institutions.
  3. Proof of attendance or completion, such as certificates or transcripts.

It's crucial for applicants to keep such documents handy and ensure they're genuine. Any discrepancies might raise concerns about the authenticity of one's qualifications and the legitimacy of the employment.

Check the applicant’s references

A reference check is one of the most important things that an employer can provide you with when deciding if someone is capable of performing their job. References are also referred to as second-hand statements or third party accounts of how well someone performs in their position.

Most employers will request at least two references for a new employee. The first will be from your prospective department head or manager, while the other will typically come from someone who has direct contact with whoever would vouch for the candidate’s performance (for example, his or her supervisor).

Look at their social media accounts

Recent developments in fraud include imposters creating fake employment documents or employers submitting false information about positions. To prevent fraudulent use of your VISA, we now require additional proof that you are an authorized employer when hiring employees.

We check online job profiles to make sure they exist and belong to the person applying for a visa. We also look at social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to verify who people say they work for. If these links do not match what was submitted with the application, then the applicant may be questioned about it.

This extra step helps us ensure that everyone is truthful when applying for a visa and reduces risk of immigration issues due to fraudulent applications.

Verify Financial Transactions

To further ascertain the employment status and financial stability of an applicant, visa officers might delve into financial transactions. They may:

  1. Request bank statements or payslips to verify consistent salary deposits.
  2. Check for any large or suspicious transactions that might hint at undisclosed financial activities or sources of income.
  3. Collaborate with banks or financial institutions, especially in the case of business visas, to ensure the business is operating legitimately and has sound financial health.

It's advisable for applicants to maintain transparency in their financial transactions and be ready to explain any irregularities. A consistent financial record not only assures visa officers of your genuine employment but also your ability to support yourself in a foreign land.

Check for past illegal activity

how do us visa officers verify employment

One of our major sources of fraud is employment-based visas or work permits. Applicants may misrepresent their income, job offers, or both to obtain permission to live in the United States. As such, we actively monitor employers looking for clues that indicate fraudulent behavior.

If you are reading this article then it means we have done our jobs. We have read your lie and can tell that you are trying hard to conceal something. Sometimes those lies come straight from the chest like with your salary information, but more often than not they come from your mouth.

We will now discuss what kind of statements can trip up most applicants. These can include telling blatant lies about who hired them, false promises of employment, or even stories of being persecuted because you are a Christian.

Everyone has seen enough fake smiles to recognize one when they see one, so if you feel nervous during an interview make sure to look natural.

Confirm their return status

how do us visa officers verify employment

When you apply for a visa, there are several documents that must be verified. One of these is your employment document or job offer letter. You will need to make sure this letter exists before we can process your application!

We cannot accept your visa application if we do not have proof of employment. We also won’t be able to check whether they hold any visas either. This could mean that you would be deported from Australia as soon as you enter our country!

It is very important to us here at VFS that you tell the truth when applying for a visa. If for any reason you don’t feel like you know who we are talking about in an interview, just come back later and ask again.

Make sure they have the required health insurance

Another way we verify employment is by looking at their Health Insurance. We require you to show us your healthcare coverage within seven days of being hired.

This is important because it gives us an idea of how much money you are putting in to help yourself already! By requiring this, we know that you will be paying for your job at least some part of the time, which helps prevent fraud.

We also want to make sure that your employer has enough coverage – so if you find out that there are no funds available from employers, then chances are someone may have misrepresented themselves while applying for jobs.

If this happens often, then it can flag red flags and give rise to more investigations.

In conclusion, the visa application process is rigorous, with officers utilizing multiple methods to verify the authenticity of employment and other claims. Being truthful, thorough, and prepared will help in seamlessly navigating this process.