How Do Social Media Management Tools Help

By Tiara

Having an ever-growing list of tools to manage your social media is great, but how do you know if these tools are actually helping?

It’s easy to become too focused on using as many features of a tool as possible or trying to maximize your likes and followers without considering whether that's really making a difference for your business.

By this stage, you’ve probably also noticed that some apps have more passionate users than others. This can be confusing because it seems like everyone has different tips and tricks they use their app for so effectively.

Luckily, we're here to help! Here are all of our best tips for improving the performance of your favorite social media management tools. From optimizing settings to finding new ways to use the software, read on to learn everything you need to know about managing accounts in the most efficient way.

Negative effects

how do social media management tools help

Beyond creating stress, too much screen time can also be detrimental to your health. Too many people rely heavily on social media for their daily entertainment, which makes them addicted to it.

Research shows that individuals who use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are no healthier than those who don’t. In fact, they may be less healthy because of all the thoughts and emotions they have to process.

Other studies show that being online for long periods of times is linked to symptoms of depression and anxiety. Plus, when you live your life through the lens of technology, you may forget how to relate with others in person.

All of these factors can contribute to mental health issues. Therefore, instead of helping you deal with psychological challenges, using social media could make things worse.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage social media usage. Here are some tips to help you limit screen time and avoid addictions.

Who should manage social media

how do social media management tools help

There are two main people who handle social media for your business: yourself, or someone else. As mentioned before, you can hire professionals to do it for you, but that’s not always practical. Between work and family commitments, most businesses don’t have the resources to dedicate to this area of their company.

In fact, more than half (54%) of small business owners said they would drop down pay employees if needed, according to a Harvard Business School survey. Almost one in five (19 percent) reported having no formal training in social media management.

For those who choose to take control themselves, here are some tips to keep in mind about how best to use social networking sites to promote your business.

First things first: pick your favorite site

It may seem like there are infinite ways to use every feature on almost any given social network, but that is actually very difficult to achieve. Some users just find one platform easy to navigate, so they tend to stick with it.

And while it might be tempting to try everything out, investing time in only one channel could mean the difference between getting new customers through direct visits or referrals from friends.

So which ones are the most popular? That depends largely on your target audience, as well as what features matter the most to you.

But we can make some general recommendations.

Facebook is probably the top choice for most companies.

Who should you share social media with

how do social media management tools help

One of the hardest things to do as an entrepreneur is manage your relationships, especially your colleagues and superiors.

As an entrepreneur, your career can often feel like it’s in constant up-and-down mode. You need to deal with difficult people at times, which can be frustrating.

And while there’s no easy way to deal with that, one tactic you can use is sharing social media.

By using social media management tools, you can create profiles for yourself or others and invite only those you want to connect with. This helps keep conflicts from happening because you are not exposed to negative comments unless you choose to add them into the conversation.

For example, if someone makes a comment they don’t agree with, you can choose NOT to engage with them until later. Or you can simply ignore their comment completely.

Obtain and read customer reviews

how do social media management tools help

As we mentioned before, staying in control of your social media accounts is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing your account. There are so many third-party apps and services that help you do this!

Some add-on features even allow you to access and monitor all of your other social media profiles from their platform. This can be very helpful as sometimes people make fake accounts to take over for you or use these tools to check if there’s any possible way to remove content that might hurt your brand.

By doing some research and reading lots of reviews, you will find most have good and bad points. Make sure to look at both pre-and-post service quality levels to determine if the app has improved since its initial launch.

Overall, just make sure to do your due diligence and test out the different apps to see which ones work best for you and your business.

Monitor and respond to reviews

how do social media management tools help

Recent developments for professional social media managers are monitoring and responding to review comments. Companies have designed applications that monitor your competitor’s popular posts, read their comment sections, and then use algorithms to determine what content they’ll promote by taking inspiration from those ideas.

The apps also make it easy to add new comments or reply to others. This helps you stay in touch with the community while showcasing professionalism and expertise.

Another feature some apps offer is an ability to create custom lists of people. This can be done through adding individuals or groups as contact sources, which then automatically follow them. You may not know who all these professionals are, but this tool allows you to connect with them easily.

These tools help you run your business more efficiently! Try one out today.

Create engaging content

how do social media management tools help

As your business grows, so does your social media presence.

Running out of time to manage all your accounts can become stressful. With the ever-growing amount of features that many top management tools offer, creating engaging content has never been easier!

Most good social media management software allows you to create posts in advance and then publish them at a later date. Some even have automated functions to produce content for you!

By doing this, you do not need to spend hours each day writing new material. This helps you focus your energy on other things like responding to messages and conversations, organizing photos and videos, etc.

In addition to helping you with content creation, these apps help monitor and control your account. For example, some track what keywords you are using in posts to improve your online marketing strategies.

They also make it easy to upload and organize pictures and files.

Develop your brand image

how do social media management tools help

One of the biggest downfalls to running any business is lack of recognition for your company or organization. If people don’t know who you are, they won’t go out effort to do business with you!

Running a business means it will at some point come across as “me first” money grabbing opportunists. This isn’t always the case, but it can hurt your reputation if people perceive that this is what you aim for every day.

It is important to establish yourself as an honest, trustworthy person or company. Make sure everyone knows about your company and what makes you stand out from the rest.

This includes making use of social media, keeping up-to-date with their accounts, reading blogs written by and/for your company, and listening to interviews you watch online where your company talks about themselves.

By developing your company’s image, you help mitigate risk of loss of customers due to poor service or perception. You also create opportunities to increase sales by establishing relationships and trust with potential clients.

Monitor and update your profiles

how do social media management tools help

One of the first things you will need to do is monitor all of your social media accounts and make sure that everything is up-to-date!

This includes updating your profile pages, adding new content to cover yourself or your business, editing pictures and videos, and responding to comments and messages.

Without these updates, people will not be able to see who you are as person or what you stand for. They will also lose interest in reading your posts if they cannot find anything about you beyond what you already put out there.

There is no reason to spend time posting if nobody can find you! Make taking care of your personal brand a top priority by investing some time into it now.

Social media management tools have made this process easy and efficient. You can easily add and remove apps from your account to avoid having to use the mobile app versions of them.

These software programs automatically check each account for changes so you don’t have to! And since they connect with various tracking sites and systems, they keep track of what you're doing for you.