How Do I Sponsor An Employee For A Work Visa

By Tiara

Sponsoring or sponsoring your employee for a work visa is a great way to increase your career capital. Not only does this help them become a valuable member of your organization, it helps you get ahead in the business!

Work visas are needed when an individual wants to live and/or work in the United States. This can be as simple as someone wanting to study here or having a job waiting for them once they arrive. More often than not, people living outside of the country want to come back so that their lives there make sense (for themselves or for their family).

There are many ways to sponsor a worker including through a recruiter, a professional employer association, or via referrals. Recruiters typically have premium services that include getting you pre-screened applicants and the opportunity to review applications yourself.

In this article, we will talk about how to best use recruiters to find the right employees and what things should look like when doing so. We will also discuss some reasons why becoming a recruiter may not be the best path for you to take.

Transfer money to the account

how do i sponsor an employee for a work visa

A good way to sponsor someone is by transferring them some of your own personal funds or paying their bills. This can be done in two ways – via direct deposit, where your money goes into their account directly, or through monthly checks, where you as the donor pay for regular things they need like groceries, utilities, etc.

It’s important to remember that it’s not necessarily easy to track these transfers unless you do so regularly. It also may not be obvious which bills are being paid with this income, as employers don’t always list all sources of income when asking about sponsorship.

Create a company credit card

how do i sponsor an employee for a work visa

A business credit card is a way to offer your employer paid time off, additional money in the form of spending rewards, and more visibility into how you spend budgeted funds.

Most employers allow employees to have personal credit cards that they use for shopping and banking. But what if it’s not enough? What if you want to sponsor an employee for a work visa or green card?

You can create a separate business credit card for this purpose. Many times, companies will already have a VISA business credit card from another job. By adding your name as the authorized user on the new business card, you get all the benefits mentioned above!

And because you are using the business credit card for employment purposes, most lenders require you to provide much higher credit scores than would otherwise be needed.

Get your own insurance

Being sponsored by another person or business allows you to live in their country, use their services, and get health coverage through them. It is typically easier to find good quality health care under this sponsorship system because these providers are part of the community and have lots of people trusting them.

Mostly what you want to do is make sure that each sponsor has adequate medical coverage. Each employer will also cover some amount of legal assistance with immigration issues as well. This can be done via LegalShield, AVVO, etc.

There are many ways to help you meet the needs of your dependent(s). Health insurance, mortgage loans, car leases, and credit cards are all things that most employers offer their employees.

By having these things in place, it becomes much more comfortable for your dependents to stay in the country while they look for employment.

Provide your own health insurance

how do i sponsor an employee for a work visa

Being sponsored by an employer does not automatically give you access to employment-based visas or work permits. You must have enough money to support yourself while you are in Canada, as well as adequate medical coverage.

Most employers will provide some form of group health benefits for their staff, but this typically only covers basic doctor’s visits and medication. This is not sufficient coverage if you need more extensive care or surgery.

Because most non-Canadian citizens are required to have proof of adequate medical coverage when they enter Canada, it can be difficult to find appropriate healthcare that isn’t heavily subsidized.

Be aware that even though many Canadian hospitals and doctors accept most major credit cards, there may still be additional fees for out-of-network treatments or uninsured patients.

Confirm your employee’s work schedule

how do i sponsor an employee for a work visa

Even though it seems like a quick, easy way to sponsor someone for a visa, there are still some things you need to confirm before doing so. One of these is their work schedule- how do they expect to be paid and what time frame does this job exist in?

It is important to make sure that everything is totally legit and legal first! The employer must be legally registered with the appropriate authorities and you as a supervisor can verify this by looking up their documents or asking them directly.

You also have to check if they actually have enough money to pay their bills while they are away from home. It is best to do this through conversations and reviews with their current employers or via credit cards and bank accounts which they share.

Once all of those things are confirmed then you can finalise the sponsorship process.

Check your employee’s background

how do i sponsor an employee for a work visa

First, you will need to make sure that their documents and records are in order. This includes proof of residence, employment authorization, medical documentation, etc. You can do this by searching through databases or talking to people who know them well.

If everything is okay then you can move onto deciding where they will work. It’s best to pick somewhere close so it’s easy to meet up with them if needed. Some countries have residency programs where employees don’t actually live there, but they are given permission to.

You should also be aware of any criminal charges or lawsuits against them. If there are none, you can go ahead and give them job opportunities. Just remember that employers are legally obligated to check references before hiring someone.

Make sure you will be able to hire them

how do i sponsor an employee for a work visa

The second step in sponsoring someone for a work visa is making sure that they are legally eligible to do their job. You would not want to invest all this time into hiring them only to find out that they can’t!

It is very common for employers to require at least two years of working experience within the past five. Since most people have a hard time finding employment after a few months, it is important to start looking for one soon.

Some other things that could prevent your employee from being hired include if they cannot speak English well or are unable to communicate with others, if they don’t take appropriate care of themselves, or if they don’t live in the area where they said they wanted to stay.

Overall, things should go pretty smoothly unless something unexpected happens like them getting sick or injured. If that does happen then it is okay to let them drop off the application process so long as you make sure everything gets resolved quickly.

Create a plan for the job

how do i sponsor an employee for a work visa

Sponsoring a friend or family member for a work visa is one of the best ways to ensure that they can stay in the United States. But how do you actually do this?

It will depend on what type of employment the individual has, if it is seasonal, whether part-time or full time, and where their employer is located. More than anything else, however, the amount of money being paid to your sponsored person should be the biggest factor when deciding if they are eligible to live in the USA.

The more we as immigrants pay our friends and relatives, the easier it becomes to keep them here. This could be through giving them the space to live with us while they look for work, paying for their food and rent, or even just supporting them directly through expensive tuition. It all adds up!

There are two main reasons why immigrant sponsorship is important. The first is so people can remain in the country legally. If someone does not have the right documents, then they cannot work here. The second is to promote diversity by offering shelter to those who need it.