How Do I Check My Employment Visa Status

By Tiara

Finding out how to check your employment visa status is something that most people do not know, but it’s very important to stay in this country if you are already here!

If you are living in the United States as an immigrant or non-immigrant (visitor) worker, then staying within the law is extremely important. Unfortunately, with all of the paperwork involved, some things can get lost.

It is our responsibility as professionals to be aware of immigration laws so that we don’t have to deal with too much bureaucracy later. Luckily for you, there are several easy ways to find out your employment visa status in the US, and this article will tell you just what they are.

We will also go into detail about which one(s) may be more appropriate for you depending on where you are in the process.

Phone your embassy or consulate

how do i check my employment visa status

It’s very important to check your visa status as soon as possible after arriving in Canada. If you leave the country before checking, you could end up violating the terms of your work permit!

It’s also worth noting that some employers may not be aware their employee is no longer working here. As such, they might continue to pay employment insurance (EI) benefits on behalf of the worker or even make payments directly to EI.

If this happens, Health Benefits Ours can help you find out if these benefits have been paid and who should get them.

We’d also like to advise our readers to stay off social media while travelling outside of Canada to avoid any potential issues when returning home.

Call the government visa service

how do i check my employment visa status

If you are experiencing significant delays in receiving information about your employment visa, your best bet is to call the Australian Government’s Visas Service instead of contacting the embassy directly.

The Vistaspace app can also be used to check employment visas. This way, you don’t need to go through an agent or use a third-party website for help.

You can find this application by going to Settings > System -> Find apps via Google / Add source from file link.

There is no cost for using the Australia Federal Visitor Visa (AFV) services unless you want to create an account, which some people do to save money.

Keep your visa in your wallet or purse

how do i check my employment visa status

It is very common to have your employment visa in your wallet, but this can be tricky if you need to check it frequently.

If you do this, then how do you go about checking your visa? You would either need to pull out your phone to access the website, or you could use an app!

There are many apps that can make verifying visas easy for users. Some of these include VISA, Google Pay, and WeChat which all have different ways to connect with the appropriate government websites.

Google Pay and WeChat both have a settings option where you can tell the app to search directly for the site instead of using their own engine to find it. This makes it much faster!

This article will talk more about some helpful tips and tricks for staying organized while working abroad. Read on to learn everything from how to organize your documents to what kind of phones work best when traveling.

Apply for a visa renewal if you are close to your visa expiration date

how do i check my employment visa status

If you need to check employment visa status, there is an easy way to do it. You can visit your visa website directly using their Application Manager tool or use one of our free service providers like, VISAIDQ, or ImmigrationWorks.

Visiting your visa’s site directly will be much faster than going through an outside job placement agency that may not update their database about your visa status regularly.

It is important to note however, that these websites only verify whether you have active work visas and they do not confirm whether you overstayed your visa or not. That means they cannot tell you if you are in the country illegally.

We recommend staying within budget and avoiding expensive agencies that may try to scam you. Make sure to do your research before hiring someone.

Check your passport

how do i check my employment visa status

In fact, most countries require you to carry this document at all times. Your visa status will be verified when you enter or leave the country as well as if you are detained while in the country.

Some national agencies that check visas can also report back to employers on your whereabouts whilst on vacation. If this happens, it may negatively affect your employment!

So how do you check your immigration status? Simply head online to one of many sites that help individuals keep tabs on their immigrant statuses. You should also verify whether or not you need a work permit for the UK, as mentioned earlier.

Make a plan for re-entry into the country

how do i check my employment visa status

Re-entering Canada as a visitor can be tricky, especially if you have to do it quickly or unexpectedly. If this is the case, make sure your travel documents are in order and that you have an idea of where you will go next.

It’s best to stay within close proximity to your departure airport so you don’t waste time looking for transport. Plus, many airports have shuttle bus services free of charge for one hour – use these!

Don’t forget to pack the necessary items such as passport, visa waiver form, photo identification (proof of residence like driver’s licence or employment contract), proof of return flight, money for any taxis or buses, and anything else you may need during your trip back home.

Visitor visas give you 90 days to spend in Canada, so look at that as your deadline. Some people choose to remain longer due to job opportunities but most are not able to extend their visit once here.

If you run out of time before your visa expires, you could face serious consequences including deportation.

Write down your visa details

how do i check my employment visa status

It is very important to have a clear picture of what information you need for employment visa check. This includes your passport, visa number, employer’s name, and address, as well as any documents that prove your identity or position with the company.

It is also worth noting that not all employers require proof of work authorization before starting employment. Some will accept it at the beginning, while some may ask for it later. But if you don’t have one, you could be in trouble when you try to look for work!

In this situation, most employers won’t hesitate to reject your application, so make sure you are prepared for this.

Document your visa

It is very important to keep track of all documents related to your employment in Australia. This includes proof of residence, work visas, health cards, etc.

If you are leaving the country for more than two weeks, there is an Immigration Department website that allows you to check your current status and expiry date. You can find this information here.

You do not have to visit the department directly, as most major banks will direct you to the appropriate site. Make sure to confirm this before searching anywhere else!

Another way to check immigration status is through the Mobile Application Service Providers (MASP). These companies offer mobile apps that connect users with various government agencies including Work Visas, Health Cards, and More.

They also run background checks which include credit reports, criminal records, and more. The cost depends on how many people you need checked and their level of detail.