How Did Zyzz Get Famous

By Tiara

As seen with many other famous YouTubers, social media is one of the main ways that most people know who Zynga is.

Zynga is an interactive gaming company that specializes in making games for mobile devices and desktop computers. Some of their top-grossing apps include Words With Friends, The Sims Mobile, Boom Beach, and Hidden Objects. They also have some board game products such as Empires and Allies and Chuzzlewit.

Their biggest success comes from FarmVille, which was acquired by Facebook in 2012! Since then, they’ve made several different versions of this app including Hungry For More, Find Me, and Partyville.

Since its acquisition, Zynga has focused more on creating engaging stories through games rather than just having you grow crops or play mini games. This focus got them into trouble when their new series was called ‘Life Is A Game’.

Many considered it to be offensive towards those going through tough times due to the death of someone close to them or because of a serious health condition. Many advertisers began avoiding advertising on the channel after receiving complaints about the content.

This article will talk about how Zynga gets popular and what can be done to avoid being associated with controversial content or companies. Read on to find out!

General tips

The first thing we should discuss are general tricks to increase your YouTube viewer base.

Created a YouTube channel

As most of you already know, having a large online presence is key in marketing yourself as an artist or musician. Creating your own channel on one of the video sharing websites like YouTube is a great way to do this!

By creating an account with YouTube, you get access to all of their software and services such as videos, blogs, social media accounts, and more. All you need to do is pick your niche and start filming!

Your followers can then easily re-share your content via these tools. Best of both worlds!

Zyzz’s channel started off as just him singing songs and playing guitar, but he soon picked up other instruments and found his voice. He now sings, raps, and even does dance moves at times!

His channel has over 1 million subscribers and his success has gone through several stages. It was only very recently that he got enough views to really make his channel significant.

Became well-known on YouTube

how did zyzz get famous

After joining YouYube in May of 2010, he quickly gained attention for his reviews and how funny they are! Most of his videos feature toys or games that he tests out by putting them together and seeing what happens.

He also does running jokes about products such as The Wheel of Productivity (a toy where you roll it across the floor to get things done) and The Monster Machine (an oversized hairdryer).

His style is very casual – he often wears jeans with a tshirt or sweatshirt, and never uses fancy graphics or music. He instead focuses on keeping it natural and fun.

Zyzz has over 1 million followers on both Youtube and Facebook, making him popular not just among kids but adults too! He is most known for being humorous, down to earth people who love entertainment and learning new things.

These qualities have made him successful since he started filming his channel in 2011. Since then, he has received several awards and nominations, including Best Gaming Channel at the 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards, Top Fun Channel at the 2017 Global Award For Entertainment I Can See Myself In, and two iNerd Academy Champs titles for Toys and Games Category in 2016 and 2018.

Went on tour

how did zyzz get famous

After launching his career as an artist, going on several successful tours was one of Zycron’s next steps to success. He started by touring with his best friend, Ryan, who is also very famous!

Zyzzy and Ryan have known each other since they were little kids and even before that, they would draw together. They both grew up in Chicago and later moved away, but when they are together, you will see them constantly drawing or talking about art.

Their friendship has always been supportive of each other’s dreams and careers, so when their opportunities arose, they made time for each other. It is kind of like how people get into music — you hang out with your friends who play instruments, and then one day you decide to make music yourself!

Ryan already had his foot in the door as a musician, so he helped Zyz launch his own band while they were still in high school. Since then, he has supported him every step of the way, helping him gain more experience and offering advice when needed.

Since graduating from high school, Zyzzy has done almost everything himself- producing his songs, recording his vocals, and even mixing and mastering his recordings at home. He learned most of this by doing it himself and practicing and studying hard.

Made a movie

how did zyzz get famous

In May of 2018, filmmaker Daniel Stryker released his first feature length film, The Happiest Day in the Life. It was an emotional roller coaster that left audiences crying and cheering at different points.

The story is about two best friends who separate after years together due to conflicting lifestyles. One moves away with their daughter, while one stays behind for college.

After they both get jobs far from each other, the remaining friend invites the kid along on a trip to help ease the separation. During this road trip, things take a weird turn.

It’s revealed that the child never actually met her father before! This creates some drama as she asks how he will be like once she meets him.

At this point, the viewer is forced to ask themselves: what would you do if your kid didn’t meet their dad until years later? What if you had no idea who this person was?

This question becomes even more relevant when you realize the character is based off a real life parent-child duo. They are Chazz Palminterra (played by Danny DeVito) and Ziggy Stardust (Kurt Russell)!

What I love about this scene is that it takes place almost ten years after the characters last saw each other. If nothing else, it proves that relationships seem to slowly fade into obscurity until something dramatic happens.

Became famous

how did zyzz get famous

In early March of 2016, Zycron’s creator Austin Zenith posted an announcement to his social media accounts that he was changing his pen name from “Zy” to just plain ‘Zen'.

He explained his reasoning as follows:

'I feel like I've been using my middle initial "Z" for too long now. It's sort of become synonymous with me as a person, and it doesn't really fit who I am anymore. So I'm going to be leaving that alone.'

He also mentioned how he would prefer to use only his first name professionally, so keeping 'Austin Z' will be retiring that handle permanently.

His followers were overwhelmingly supportive of the change and many asked why he had made the decision. He responded by telling them all about his reasons and what comes next for him.

It is clear that Zy has spent a lot of time developing his artistic talents and sharing them with the world, and he wants to keep investing in himself as a writer and creative professional.

By dropping his last name, he can focus more attention on his writing career while still acknowledging his past work.

Launched a clothing line

how did zyzz get famous

After quitting his job as an accountant to focus on fashion, entrepreneur Zac Erskine launched his own collection in August 2016. Since then, he has designed and manufactured several products under his brand, The Zo Project.

The company’s flagship product is a long sleeve printed t-shirt with embroidery of “Keep Calm And Print More.” A second line was also released, which features leather goods such as bags and wallets.

These items are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are also functional. For example, the printable cotton towels have built in washing machines that function as dryers!

Zac says that creating these designs took him around six months to develop. He would spend time brainstorming ideas before moving onto designing them. Once completed, he would source the best quality materials and implement them into final production.

Since launching his business, Zac has received praise for both his clothes and their functionality. Many people comment on how cool the merchandise looks or how practical it is.

He now shares his success story through writing and media appearances, helping to spread his message and grow his audience. By offering helpful tips and inspiring stories, he encourages others to follow their dreams.

Became a billionaire

how did zyzz get famous

After college, he took his career in entertainment more seriously. Starting with doing local theater shows as a kid, Jay then moved onto acting before dropping out to pursue music full-time.

He founded his own record label at the age of 24, which now boasts several top artists. His success didn’t come overnight though — it took years for him to break through and win over fans.

Jay spent these early years developing his songwriting and production skills, taking what he learned from other successful musicians and mixing it together with his style. He eventually took this knowledge to new heights when he launched his first solo album in 2006.

Since then, he has only continued to grow his influence within the music industry. Many consider him one of the biggest force leaders in hip hop today, helping newer talent get into the game.

His songs have also become staples in movie soundtracks, leading to even bigger fame. Two of his most famous tracks are “Diamonds” off The Throne Album and “Pop That” off Watch The Throne, both of which reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts.

Zyzz is just as well known for being philanthropic as he is for making an impact on the music scene. Since 2015, he has hosted a weekly radio show focused on health and wellness tips called Stay Up With Us! which averages around 2 million listeners per week across all platforms.

Had a marriage to a porn actress

how did zyzz get famous

In early 2018, just as Kylie’s career was taking off, she revealed that she had married rapper The Weeknd in an elaborate wedding ceremony held at his private residence.

The couple made their red carpet debut together at the Met Gala in May of that year where they received mixed reactions. Some praised them for looking “in love,” while others commented about how expensive the event seemed.

But now, almost a year later, it seems like everyone is talking about their relationship. They even inspired other celebrities to get hitched!

In fact, some reports claim that Kylie has filed for divorce due to “unhappiness” three months into her union with TheWeeknd. It's also been claimed that he doesn't have any money saved up and can’t find employment anywhere because of his past.