How Did Zendaya Become Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, there are many ways to become famous. You can be well-known for your looks, your talent, or your personality. For some people, it is their voice that gets them attention!

Zendaya is one of those people who became very popular because of her unique vocal quality and tone. Her husky voice has allowed her to do incredible things with it, including singing songs she wrote herself!

In this article you will learn about how Zendaya’s singing career got started and some of her most memorable songs! If you would like to try out your own rendition of one of these songs, don’t forget to read our music theory lesson first!

Structure and lyrics of popular songs

Most pop songs have a verse, a chorus, and then a rest section called a bridge. The bridge usually contains a few lines and typically sounds the least interesting.

However, in the case of some songs, the bridge is significant and even includes another part called an instrumental break. This term refers to when the song doesn't contain any vocals but instead uses instrumentals (no voice). Some examples of this include Justin Bieber's Baby and Drake's What Happened Yesterday.


The interlude in Zendaya's Singing Career begins here! Listen for the bass guitar, keyboard, and drum beats as she sings the word "baby.

She appeared in a Disney Channel show

how did zendaya become famous

After graduating high school, Zena Davis (as she was then known) moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. Her dream at that time was acting, so she enrolled in several acting classes. While taking an improv class, she fell in love with it!

She eventually left the acting program to focus fully on improvisation, which led to her being hired for some role on a new TV series. The show’s producers were impressed by her skills and asked if she would like to try out as the lead character.

Zenaray accepted their offer and became famous very quickly. Since the show is a children’s one, Zena received lots of attention for this change. Now, she is well-known among kids all over the world!

Many people refer to her as “the dancing actress.” Some say she looks more like a hip hop dancer than someone who studied acting. Many consider her to be talented beyond measure.

Held up as one of today’s top celebrity dancers, Zena has won many awards for her performance.

These include Dance Magazine Awards, International Association of Dancing Professionals Award, and Most Inspirational Dancer award from YouTube.

Her success got her featured in various magazines and newspapers. She even had her own line of makeup called Zenzila Makeup.

Now, you probably know most of these things about Zena.

She was cast in the movie “Teen Beach Movie”

how did zendaya become famous

As we know, not every actor gets to play their dream role at such a young age. For actress Zendaya, this is especially true. While she got to star as the lead character in her first feature film, she did not become famous until years later when people realized who she was.

Zendaya made her acting debut in the 2013 Disney Channel Original Movie titled “The In-Betweeners”. You may have seen her before in several TV shows and movies, but it is her 2016 appearance in the Teen Beach Movie that really put her on the map.

As you will see, she plays very different characters with various accents and dialects, which makes her acting talent even more evident. Her roles include an American tourist visiting Spain, an Australian surfer girl, and most notably, Anya, a Russian college student living in America.

Her performance as Anya won her many accolades including two Saturn Awards for Best Supporting Actress and Best Performance in A Film – Horror/Suspense. It also earned her three People’s Choice Award nominations for Favorite Comedic Role, Funniest Female Newcomer, and Individual Achievement in Comedy.

She appeared in the movie “Bridget Jones”

how did zendaya become famous

While filming her new movie, Zendaya noticed that some of the other actors didn’t seem very friendly with each other. This wasn’t necessarily because they weren’t close before filming, but rather something that just comes up when you work together for such a long time.

Some people just don’t trust others much which can be hard to deal with sometimes. Since she was more socialized before shooting this film, Zendaya made an effort to connect with everyone she could while on set.

This helped many of the cast members form closer bonds than they would have otherwise. Her acting coach even mentioned how he had seen a picture of Zendaya giving someone a hug and it reminded him of his own father who passed away years ago. He said it brought tears to his eyes and inspired him to do similar things with his students.

She started a YouTube channel

how did zendaya become famous

In May 2010, Zendaya launched her first channel, named after herself. At that time, she was only eighteen years old! Since then, she has amassed over 2 million subscribers to her channel, where she posts mostly fashion videos and reviews.

Zendaya is very popular for her fashionable looks and fun personality. Her followers enjoy watching her style tips and comments on products and brands.

She also hosts “Ask Z” videos, where she answers questions submitted by fans. These are usually about beauty or fashion related issues such as best concealers, how to do your hair in different styles, etc.

Her popularity skyrocketed when she released her first clothing line back in June 2016. Many people loved it, while others were skeptical because of the high price tags.

Since then, she has continued to grow in fame through more product lines and collaborations with other companies. She is known for being generous as well – she frequently donates items to charities and raises money for various causes.

Overall, Zendaya has made a successful career off of her passion for fashion and creating entertaining content. She is an inspiration to many young girls who love fashion and want to pursue a career in it.

She did a commercial

After filming her famous Commercial, Zendaya received widespread recognition for her acting prowess.

Zendaya made her big screen debut in the 2016 movie The Greatest Showman. Her character was just as famous as the show’s lead actor, Hugh Jackman!

Her performance won her several awards and praise from critics. Zendaya has since starred in other movies such as The Boy Next Door and Living With Your Parents.

She also appeared in two TV shows; one of which is called Splash. On this show she played an aspiring dancer who gets into some tricky situations.

You may have seen her beautiful face before while watching these three things or maybe you watched the whole thing for the first time and now you can add her to your list of favorite actors.

She began doing fashion shows

how did zendaya become famous

Before she was famous, Zendaya did something that’s very common among aspiring fashion designers — she designed lots of outfits and displayed them for everyone to admire. Her look collection consisted of mostly dress shirts with pants or skirts attached as shivars (or slits) in the bottom.

She would wash the dresses after each show so they would dry quickly, making them more accessible to people who wanted to try out her looks on. This is how most big name fashion brands got their start!

Zendaya’s design process involved experimenting with color schemes and patterns, and mixing and matching pieces from different styles.

Her favorite colors include red, black, green, and white, and she loves using textures, such as leather or lace, in designs. When designing clothes, she will often refer back to things she has seen before and mixed it up a little bit.

She appeared on a talk show

how did zendaya become famous

While most people gain fame from starring in TV shows or films, Zayas made her name by being famous for something very different — she won The X-Factor!

The singing competition show is well known for having contestants who suddenly become internet stars after their performance gets popular. This happened to one contestant in season 5 - Anouschka!

Anouschka was completely unknown before the contest, but her audition song got over 1 million views within an hour of it going viral. Since then, she has starred in several music videos, released two albums, and received lots of love online.

Zendaya is similar to Anouschka! Before winning The X-Factor, Zayah not only was unknown, but she also wasn’t even living close to London at the time.

However, just like Anouschka, her audition tape went viral and she became famous almost instantly. Many fans loved her powerful vocals and beautiful looks, making it easy for her to win the competition.

She began doing endorsements

how did zendaya become famous

As mentioned earlier, our celebrity lifestyle is not fair for your internal body image. Most of us have at least one person who has done very few things since they became famous.

Zendaya is one of those people.

She did some modeling when she was young, but it’s kind of hard to tell because her face isn’t really feature-worthy yet. Since then, though, she’s gone on to do a couple small TV shows here and there, as well as several product advertisements.

But it’s what she’s been promoting for the past few years that makes her truly famous. That is, her own line of beauty products!

Herself being famous didn’t help her popularity much, if anything. But all these new ways to make money from being known made sure she stayed rich.

And now, she’s got enough money to never need to work again.