How Did Zeinab Harake Become Famous

By Tiara

Zeina Harake is an entrepreneur, speaker, activist, and media personality who rose to internet fame for her viral YouTube videos that discuss Islam and Muslim culture.

Zeina’s popularity soared in May when she released a video titled “Why I Love Hijabis More Than Any Other Style of Dress.” In it, she discussed why she loved hijab fashion more than any other style of dress.

Her argument focused on how hijabs promote modesty and self-respect. She also noted that although many people may not agree with all Islamic practices, they at least acknowledge that Muslims are followers of the religion and practice certain morals.

Since then, Zeina has continued sharing her love for hijab fashion and Islam through various platforms.

She gained attention for her videos

In May 2018, she made her first appearance in a video titled “Why I’m Breaking Up With You!”

In it, she talked about why she was breaking up with her boyfriend at the time. Her followers quickly noticed that she seemed very familiar with some of his past actions.

Her audience grew even more when she revealed that he had cheated not only once but twice before. This gave many people the opportunity to look into his past behavior and confirm their suspicions. Many viewers were shocked by what they found.

Zeinab has over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel now where she mostly uploads beauty and fashion videos. She also does live streaming events every week.

She is well known for making fun of different things and is famous for getting emotional during these times. People have watched her grow as an artist and person since starting her career back in 2015.

She began doing makeup and hair

how did zeinab harake became famous

Zeinab Harake is a Jordanian Makeup Artist, hairstylist and entrepreneur who has done some incredible things with her career. In fact, she has become so well-known for her artistic talent that it now seems like she was born into this field!

Zeini started experimenting with beauty products at an early age, creating looks using concealers, foundations and lipsticks that are still popular to this day.

As she grew older, she learned how to do make up and hairstyling professionally. Since then, she has mostly worked alone as a freelance artist, but she does have one main employer.

Her most recent employer is Jordan’s Ministry of Tourism, which hires her to create look books and promotional pictures for various destinations in the country.

These include pictures and descriptions of what people can expect to find while traveling here, as well as tips on best ways to enjoy the local cuisine and sights.

She also creates special looks for events organized by the ministry, such as making decorations or serving food at a given location.

She began doing videos with her friends

how did zeinab harake became famous

After graduating high school, Zeinab started posting short videos to social media sites like Snapchat. In these videos, she would put herself in difficult positions or situations to get reactions and laughter from viewers.

Zeinab’s favorite shots were of her dancing or acting out funny phrases that she had heard before. These dances and jokes are replaced with very serious looks as she says the phrase loudly and slowly.

Her most popular video is called “I Don’t Like Your Hair Color” where she puts on fake eyelashes and dark eye makeup and states clearly, "I don't like your hair color." Then she gets into position for some weird dance moves.

She started her own YouTube channel

how did zeinab harake became famous

Starting your own channel is an incredible way to reach out to others and grow your online presence. If you have a passion that people can watch, then creating your channel and sharing it with the world is a great way to spread this passion!

Zeinab Harake’s journey towards fame began when she uploaded a video of herself singing in front of a mirror. Her song choice was ‘Happy Birthday’ and what made her performance special was the expression on her face as she sang along.

Her eyes were wide and her mouth formed into a smile as she listened to her own voice. It really showed how much she loved music and enjoyed performing it.

This inspired Zeinab to create her own channel on the platform YouTubers are familiar with. By having her own channel, she can invite other artists or singers to be a guest on her space to perform for their audience.

She began doing paid advertisements

how did zeinab harake became famous

In May of 2018, Zeina published her first sponsored article on her writing site. It was for an online shopping website that offers low price merchandise and coupons to use at those sites!

Her followers helped spread the word about this new writer who makes money off of advertising. Many people read her ads and choose which brands she sponsors depending on which one looks most trustworthy or helpful for their personal lives.

Zeina has a very social media presence so it is easy to connect with her. Her posts are typically motivational and educational, setting herself as an authority in the field she writes about.

She continues to update her site by adding more products and services that she advertises for and changing up her style to match the given season. Since she started earning through advertising, she still puts quality content into his site you can count on.

She began doing speaking engagements

how did zeinab harake became famous

In March of 2018, Zeinab did her first talk at an event in Los Angeles. Since then she has given over 30 talks across the country, including London, New York City, and Toronto.

Her audience loves her so much that they are now organizing meetups with her speaker team to continue receiving education from her. One such meeting was held in Chicago where there were already over twenty people who wanted to learn more about being successful in business.

Zeinab is not only famous for giving educational speeches, but she is also well known for helping other women get into business by sharing her secrets to success. Her social media accounts have millions of followers which show how popular she is.

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She began doing fashion shows

how did zeinab harake became famous

In September 2017, Zeinab held her first ever fashion show in Dubai. It was for an online shopping site called Shopzilla. More people knew about this show because it received media coverage!

That’s when things started to take off for Zeinab as a fashion influencer. Her followers grew rapidly since then she posted almost every week with new looks and pictures.

Her style is very fashionable but also unique. She mixes high street clothing styles with more expensive designer pieces.

She has many followers both local and international who admire her creative designs and elegant appearance. Many of these followers are even famous themselves, like actor Aadi Chisty.

Zeinab uses her social media platform to give tips and tricks on how to dress well and be stylish while keeping it simple. These posts get lots of comments and reactions from her audience.

On top of that, she runs beauty and lifestyle blogs which focus on makeup and diet recipes. All of these bring in revenue to her website and income to herself.

Zeinab always puts emphasis on educating her followers on different products and beauty trends. This helps them feel confident in their own skin or hairstyles.

She is very supportive and encouraging towards other aspiring fashion influencers and YouTubers.

It seems like she just loves looking at beautiful clothes and experimenting with putting together new outfits. Being influenced by great designers and having a passion for fashion makes her happy and motivated.

She began doing product lines

how did zeinab harake became famous

In May of 2018, Zeinab made her first appearance as a panelist on The Morning Show, a popular radio show in Toronto. Since then, she has graced our screens with several more appearances including as a contestant on season 10 of Canadian TV show Splashy Divorces.

Zeinab is most well known for being one of five contestants who competed on Season 9 of CBC’s The Next Generation titled “The Greatest Online Dating Challenge Of All Time!” Her presence there earned her over 300k views across all platforms (social media, YouTube, etc) and even got her featured on other shows such as Entertainment Tonight Canada and Talk Media.

Her success online comes not only from her entertaining qualities but also her knack for marketing herself. When it came to starting her career, Zeinab did something that many people have done before- she marketed yourself.

She posted pictures and videos of herself so that people would want to look into you and find out more about you. This is called influencer marketing. It’s a lot like advertising except you are not paid for your efforts, you are giving away what you own by sharing it.

Influencers usually start off socializing and talking to others at similar levels before expanding their audience or outreach. Most people begin practicing influencer marketing by creating an account on various social media sites and seeing what kind of reactions they get.