How Did Zeinab Harake Became Famous

By Tiara

Zeina Harake is an Egyptian YouTuber with over 1 million followers who have seen her take humorous, candid, in-depth looks into her life as a Muslim. She also happens to be very outspoken about Islam!

Zeina’s channel features her talking about everything from how she grew up and what it was like being raised by parents of different religions, to how Muslims are portrayed in media and popular culture.

Her videos often include some kind of moral or religious lesson that she will apply to herself or others, but they are not only that — she always strives for social justice and equality. Her most-watched video has almost 2 million views at this time and it goes more in-depth about why it is important to believe in yourself and never let society tell you who you should be.

She is well known for educating people about Islam and the importance of religion in general, but she does so while keeping things lighthearted and fun. This makes her channel unique because she isn’t just teaching people something academic, she is showing them how to apply the lessons in their daily lives.

Zeina doesn’t use too much sugar in her diet which gives her content interesting colors to work with, and it draws attention. Her content comes across as authentic and honest, making her seem trustworthy. Her large fan base trusts her judgment and input, and that makes her influential.

She began making videos

how did zeinab harake became famous

Starting at 19 years old, Zeinab Harake has always been passionate about creating her content. Her love for filming extended to posting YouTube videos where she would create entertaining, fun stories and clips.

Zeina started uploading her first video in May of 2016. Since then, she’s racked up over 5 million views and 2.5 million likes on all of her main accounts!

Her biggest success came when she launched her channel in March of this year. At that time she rebranded it as “The Re-Brand Channel” or TRC for short.

Since then, her numbers have skyrocketed! To date, she averages around 1–2 million total viewings per month across all channels.

She also receives an average of 80–100 thousand social media interactions (likes and comments) per week across all platforms.

Zeina is well known for being funny and casual. Even though she’s got millions watching her, you won’t find her flashy or overly dramatic.

What makes her special comes from how down-to-earth she is. People seem to like that they get a sense of who Zeina is through her behavior and personality.

She published a book

how did zeinab harake became famous

In May 2018, Zeinab Harake published her first novel, The Year I Was Not Born. It is an Egyptian romance story that garnered quite a bit of attention due to its controversial content and representation of women.

Zeinab wrote the book when she was twenty-five years old and it revolves around two young adults who fall in love while attending the same college.

The problem? He does not acknowledge their relationship as legitimate because he feels they are both too mature for such things. This makes it very difficult to move forward with the relationship and romantic feelings grow colder quickly.

It is hard to believe someone so educated can make this argument but his reasons get more absurd with every passing day. You would have to read the book to find out what happens next!

Her success came after she made headlines for being one of the few Muslim authors who write stories about relationships between people of different religions or cultures. Many people praise her work and how it sparks conversations about religion, cultural differences, and love.

Many consider her writing to be an inspiration and motivation to open up about issues related to these topics. Her books also help promote self-confidence and trust in yourself and others.

She went on a media tour

how did zeinab harake became famous

After her initial appearance, Zeinab became famous for doing several TV interviews. Her candid conversations with hosts made her an internet sensation and she has since built up a large fan base.

Zeinab is very comfortable in front of the camera. You can tell that by watching some of her interviews. She comes across as down-to-earth and approachable which makes it easy for viewers to connect with her.

She is also known for asking thoughtful questions and getting deep answers from her interviewees. This element of her television show helps make them feel more open and honest about their experiences and career goals.

She appeared in a TV show

how did zeinab harake became famous

In May 2017, Zeinab Harake made her acting debut as “Tina” on an NBC sitcom called The Good Place. As you may have noticed, she became famous very quickly!

Zeinab is of Egyptian descent and was born in Canada to parents who moved back and forth between Egypt and Canada for several years. Her father eventually settled down in Cairo, making it his second home.

She has one brother whom he adores more than anyone else in the world and two sisters that are just like him. When asked about what kind of person she wanted to be when she grew up, Zeinab said that she would want to make people feel good around her.

In addition to being well-liked, Zeinab also wants to inspire other young girls to follow their dreams and believe in themselves. She says that if you never give up, everything will work out in your favor.

You can learn a lot from watching how Zeinab behaves every day so go watch some of her videos to see.

She became a symbol of freedom in Egypt

In June 2013, just two months after Mohamed Morsi was voted into power as Egypt’s president, his supporters stormed the presidential palace demanding he is reinstated.

Security forces opened fire to disperse them and killed at least twenty people — including children. Many more were injured or arrested. It is estimated that over one thousand were wounded during this massacre.

Zeinab Harake witnessed the violence first-hand. As she recounted in her now-famous Facebook status update, “I saw many martyrs who gave their lives protecting our beloved President. I will not forget these precious souls! God bless them! They are heroes!”

Her comment struck a chord with many Egyptians because it expressed how most had felt for weeks. Even before the clashes erupted, there was an undercurrent of anger boiling away just waiting to explode.

After all, what happened at the presidential palace was a massacre. But instead of calling out the perpetrators by name and shaming them, politicians and media figures blamed the victims — the Muslim Brotherhood and its followers.

Many even went so far as to justify the killings and call those who died terrorists. This only served to fuel already intense anti-Muslim sentiment across the country.

It wasn’t until later that Zeinab realized how much her words would echo years down the line. Her comments helped create the modern-day Sidney (symbol) of Egyptian Freedom – The Girl With The Key.

She died in a shooting

how did zeinab harake became famous

On March 9, 2018, Zeinab Harake, 24, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and advocate for social justice, died after she was shot while sitting outside a cafe in Chicago’s West Side neighborhood.

Zeinab had just left a community meeting where she talked about police violence and racism when someone opened fire on her. A witness told reporters that he heard at least five gunshots before seeing Zeinab fall to the ground.

She later died from her injuries.

Investigators believe that Zeinab knew the shooter, but they have not identified him or anyone connected to him. They are looking into whether this was a criminal act or if it was due to something else.

Since learning of Zeinab’s death, people all over the world have been paying tribute to her by sharing stories and messages on social media. Many also donated money to help survivors deal with grief and other costs related to Zeinab's murder.

It is very important to acknowledge the loss that others feel because of Zeinab’s passing. This can be done through posting pictures and notes, writing tributes, and doing what you can to help those affected by her death.

She inspired many people to start a revolution

how did zeinab harake became famous

As more and more people became aware of her existence, she started receiving messages telling her about all the changes that needed to be made in this world. People told her things like how our society is completely broken and needs an overhaul, but most of them were just looking to make a quick name for themselves.

Some wanted to take control over other people’s money, while others wished to put forward their brand of false hope or fear to contribute to greed. There are always people who want power, and Zeinab was a very willing target.

She never really cared what anyone had to say until it affected someone close to her. Once she realized that something mattered to you, then she would try to win your trust by showing compassion and understanding.

Her famous quote “We will not see peace as long as we continue to see violence as more powerful than truth” sums up her philosophy well.

She is remembered for her bravery

how did zeinab harake became famous

In December 2019, social media users noticed something strange about Zeenat Sultan, also known as ‘Ze’ or ‘Z-Bomb’. Her Twitter profile picture featured an elaborate hairstyle with what appeared to be blood spatters all over it.

The caption beneath read: “Ayyy ze you have made me like this haaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!” It was accompanied by a second photo of her in a similar pose but without the dyed hair.

This isn’t the first time she has gone viral. Back in May 2018, Sultan posted a photograph of herself sitting next to Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain. The two were pictured together at his inauguration, making it seem normal that she would include him in her status updates.

However, one small detail stood out - he wasn’t alone! There was another man sat sitting to them, grinning ear to ear while looking directly into the camera.

Sultan then proceeded to caption the image: “I don't know who this gentleman is, but I love him so much!!!”

She later deleted both pictures due to the criticism they received. Some people thought it was too promotional for Pakistani politics and that she should not use her account for such purposes.

But aside from that, many praised her candid nature and how she expressed her feelings towards the president. Many considered her photos clever photoshopped images or funny memes.