How Did Zach Bryan Get Famous

By Tiara

Believe it or not, you are reading this article right now because famous YouTuber Zachary “Zach” Bryan got his start via YouTube. In fact, he started making videos back in 2012! Since then, he has garnered more than 7 million followers, with over 1.7 billion views to his credit.

He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Jamie Foxx, Ryan Seacrest, Chris Pratt, and Oprah Winfrey. He even appeared as himself in an episode of TV show The Office!

Not only is he well-known for being entertaining to watch, but he also uses his channel to spread messages that emphasize self-confidence, health, and fitness.

His channel features fun, humorous challenge videos where he asks people if they know how to do something before showing them. If someone actually does know how to perform the feat, he/she gets credited and praised, whereas if they don't, they get ridiculed and made to look very silly.

This style of humor was what really propelled him into fame, as many people have noticed his success and wanted to be part of it.

He made a video about his fitness goals

how did zach bryan get famous

Many people know him now for making fun, motivational videos to help you get into shape. But before all that, he did something very unexpected: He revealed how he lost weight!

In an online chat with friends in May 2016, he mentioned that he had started running and yogaing twice a week. His peers asked if anyone else was trying this out, and he gave them all the details of what worked for him and why it helped him feel better about himself.

He also talked about some expensive workout clothes that fit really well and make you look good – and they are cheap!

His followers were fascinated, so they began asking questions about getting their own workouts in gear. And soon, his health and wellness channel grew beyond its natural boundaries.

The video went viral

how did zach bryan get famous

On October 24, 2018, YouTube user Zach Bryan uploaded a short clip titled “I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt! (And You Know It)". In this humorous music video, he takes off his shirt to show off his incredible physique, making bold statements like, "You can tell I work out" and "This arm is bigger than my whole body."

At the one-minute mark, he removes his white V-neck t-shirt to reveal an ink sleeve on his left bicep that reads “BE GAY", along with a heart shape pattern in between the letters. He then covers up the tattoo with his other hand and says, "Why are you so gay?"

He continues dancing and singing while pulling off more shirts until he is only wearing a pair of black shorts. At this point, the lyrics turn darker as he sings about how much money he makes due to his fitness lifestyle.

The song ends with him taking off his pants and shoes before sitting down with his feet drawn up and his head back. He laughs as his skin turns bright red from all the activity.

Bryan's dramatic final pose has garnered over 8 million views and 160k likes at the time of writing. His followers continue to praise his artistic expression and self-confidence. Some even say his tattoos inspire them to get their own.

Many people have also mentioned his beautiful hair and eyelashes during the video.

The video made him famous

how did zach bryan get famous

For those who may not know, YouTube is a website where people can create content and then other users can watch that content to gain knowledge or entertainment. Content can be anything from answering questions, creating reviews, making fun of things, and even songs and videos!

A user named Zachary (Zach) Bryan has done something very interesting. He filmed himself while he was brushing his teeth and took extra long to brush his mouth – up to eight minutes!

He also licked and swallowed all of the toothpaste off the brush after using it. His reason for doing this was because he thought the next person would find it funny and start performing the same action.

This experiment worked and now he has a million followers on his channel!

His new fan base loves him for sticking their nose in a bottle and seeing what will come out. Some people say his actions are disgusting but most agree that it’s pretty entertaining to see someone do such a thing.

He appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

how did zach bryan get famous

While performing as an acrobat, he was asked if anyone had ever told him he looked like Spider-Man. His answer took off!

He began doing his own unique version of spider-man’s theme song, which quickly caught on with fans. Many people have made their way to YouTube by re-creating Zack’s tune and changing it to fit their style or situation.

His success has since allowed him to create other “Spider-Man songs” for different situations. Like when someone gets into an argument and needs calming down, or if you need some inspiration after reading about a depressing topic.

His music is very versatile and fun to listen to.

He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

how did zach bryan get famous

In May of 2018, comedian Zach Bryan made his television debut on late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. While talking about famous people who cannot live without their phones, he revealed that he is in fact one of them.

He explained how he would spend hours every day looking through pictures and videos on his phone before deleting the app so he could have some time to himself.

Bryan then mentioned how much money he has spent on apps such as YouTube, which most users already know are free. This inspired him to make his own channel where he uploads content related to smartphone tips and tricks.

His popularity quickly grew from there, with over 2 million followers on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Many fans expressed how his channel helped them learn new skills or find helpful applications for their smartphones and tablets.

He also received many messages thanking him for making this life changing device more accessible to everyone. Some even said it gave them an opportunity to start spending more time with their families due to the ease of keeping in touch.

Since his TV appearance, Zach has spoken at several tech events, hosted his own podcast, and released two books focused mostly on helping individuals save money by learning how to use your smartphone efficiently.

He appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience

how did zach bryan get famous

In July of 2018, comedian Zach Bryan made his appearance on the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience with host Joe Rogan. On that episode, he revealed himself to be transgender and took off his shirt to show off his newly visible chest. His audience gave him a thunderous ovation as he received several comments telling him how beautiful he was and offering their support.

Many people noticed his new appearance and started sharing his story online. People spread his name and social media platforms quickly picked up steam for his career. Since then, he has shared his experience openly and even discussed what it is like being trans in the comedy community.

He also opened up about some struggles he’s faced such as not having many close friends due to his job and other commitments. However, his family has been supportive throughout everything and helping him keep focus on his dreams.

He appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show

how did zach bryan get famous

In March 2016, TV show host Jeremy Kyle asked his audience if anyone in their group was able to do some basic chores for someone else who could not. After receiving many responses, he invited two people to come forward and help each other.

One of these individuals was twenty-four year old Zachary Bryant from Warrington, Cheshire. Zack had just lost his job as an assistant manager at a fish and chip shop and needed money to pay bills. His friend Daniel, also 24 years old, offered to let him use his house as a base while looking for new employment.

Zach agreed to this plan and spent several days cleaning and washing Daniel’s clothes before going out to look for work himself. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any so he returned home empty handed. When he walked into his friend’s house, however, he found something strange.

While doing the dishes, Daniel took off his shirt and hung it up next to the sink. This is when things got weird — and very funny — for Zack.

As you can probably imagine, Daniel wasn’t too happy about having his naked torso displayed for all to see. He yelled, threatened, and even kicked Zach out of his house, but that only made him laugh harder.

When he finally stopped laughing, he called the police and told them what happened. They arrested Daniel and charged him with one count of exposure of private body part without consent.

He appeared on the podcast Happy Talk

how did zach bryan get famous

In May of 2018, host Aamir Dhanna invited his friend Ryan (who goes by “The King”) onto his show to talk about relationships. During their chat, The King mentioned that he was in a relationship but they were having trouble deciding on how to have a kid together.

He discussed various options including IVF and adoption, both of which can be expensive. Since Ryan is not very rich at this time due to his job as an accountant, he asked if anyone knew any good fertility doctors or clinics where he could get some help with cost-effective family planning.

A listener named Zack volunteered to send The King and Ryan her doctor’s name and info because she had just gone through the same thing themselves. After all, she said, she made her fabulous son Samuel almost entirely online!

After the two men thanked her for the offer, Zack revealed something rather shocking: she doesn’t actually know who paid for her infertility treatments.

She told them that someone sent her a gift certificate to a local clinic and promised to pay for it later. It may have been a while since then, though — she never saw a confirmation email from the person who gave her the voucher and no one has contacted her to confirm that they will eventually pay.

It's important to note here that although the donor was kind enough to include a gift card for medical expenses, they did not cover the actual costs of treatment.