How Did Zac Efron Get Famous

By Tiara

We all know that The Hangover was one of the biggest hits in movie history, but how did this funny movie get made? Who decided to make it? As you may have noticed, Mandy Moore is no longer with us, nor are Ed Helms or Justin Theroux. Luckily for us, they both left their careers as lawyers to pursue acting!

Ed Helms gave up his legal career completely after filming The Office. He had just finished shooting his last episode when he got the call about The Hangover, so he resigned immediately and has since starred in several other successful movies.

Justin Theroux also left the law behind him after filming The Office, but not because he wanted to be an actor. He received some good news while filming The Office when he learned that he would get a leading role in NBC’s hit show Gilmore Girls! Since then, he's been pretty busy juggling work and family life, but he always makes time to lend a hand at his old workplace.

Zachary Levi (Chuck) spent most of his childhood watching TV shows and films, dreaming of being part of the production team one day. Now that dream has come true - he is actively involved in film projects and has even scored a few small roles!

This article will talk more about these three actors and what else they were doing before becoming famous. But first, let us look back at why they chose to give up their professional lives to become entertainers.

Popularized movie poster

how did zac efron get famous

Many people credit actor/musician Zac Efron for helping him climb the ladder to stardom. He is most well known for his popularized movie poster pose, in which he covers his face with one hand while holding onto the edge of a table or countertop with the other.

This pose was first used in his 2007 romantic comedy film The Breakup Machine, in which he performs it several times throughout the movie. It became an iconic image that many artists have copied over and over again.

Zac has done this pose to promote various products including candy, beauty brands, and alcohol. He also does it for charity by raising money through sponsored versions of the pose where you can donate towards a cause instead of buying a bottle of wine!

His popularity grew even more after he incorporated the pose into his workout routine. He would do the pose during yoga workouts, working sets between the position and plank poses. His followers then adapted the pose to be at-home fitness routines like pajama pants squats and leg lifts.

Famous movie clips

how did zac efron get famous

Many of his most famous scenes can be found in various movies or TV shows. These include The Setup, More Than Friends, Awkward Reunion, Letting Go, and even His Movie!

The setup scene in Movies such as What Happens In Vegas and The Hangover features him kissing his girlfriend goodbye before she leaves for a big change in her life.

In The Wedding Singer, he kisses his fiancée goodbye just like you would expect someone who was marrying their soul mate to do.

His most memorable kiss comes in the movie The Bucket List where he gives one to Morgan Freeman after they both find out that the other has a terminal disease.

In the movie Room And Diner, he gives what some may call the best bear hug ever! He also kissed his co-star at the end.

In the movie Nailed it! which is about people trying to win an award, he gives a very passionate speech that gets many people inspired.

Became a famous model

As discussed earlier, before he became famous as an actor, Zac Efron made his name in fashion with his modeling career. He is still very popular to this day! As you can probably tell, Zac has done almost every kind of modeling there is- runways, magazines, commercials, and more.

He was even featured in a victoria's Secret ad back in 2014! That’s quite a feat for someone who didn’t dress or do makeup until well into their twenties.

Married to Vanessa Hudgens

how did zac efron get famous

While some may consider his current status as famous due to his marriage, Zac got here through acting! He is most well known for playing Brady Collins in the teen drama series The Scooby Gang. He also starred in another hit show at the time, High School Musical 2.

He was even nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on that show! His character Ryan Mathews quickly became one of the favorites of the audience.

His other notable appearances include starring alongside Blake Shelton in the movie Valentine’s Day and voicing Ricky in the animated film Pinocchio.

He has appeared in several other films since then as well, including Dork Diaries and Dirty Grandpa. These roles did not necessarily make him popular with everyone, but they were enough to earn him recognition.

Became a famous actor

how did zac efron get famous

As we know, The Desperate Housewives star has had quite the career since his introduction in 2005’s Save Me! He starred as virile muscleman Brooks DiCarlo on the CW show that would later be called The Bachelor and then as Jackson Merithew, Jr., on the CBS sitcom That 70′s Show.

He also famously played suave heartthrob Nick Viall on The Bachelorette and now he is starring in the upcoming Netflix romantic comedy series The Breakup Guru!

His rise to fame was not easy though, and it took some unexpected turns along the way.

Made a lot of money

how did zac efron get famous

As we all know, Zac Efron is one of the most famous people in America right now. He made his big break after starring in The Bachelor as himself! Since then, he has starred in many different films including some that have done very well at the box office.

He was also featured in several TV shows such as Fashionably Late with Maria Bellucci and On Demand with Eliza Jordan. All three of these programs received very high ratings which helped him get even more exposure.

His career as an actor seems to be going up in flames just like his hair. He has been married twice so far but neither relationship lasted longer than two years.

Started a fashion line

how did zac efron get famous

After his successful career as a model, actor Zac Efron decided to try his hand at something new – designing your clothing! He designed an entire collection of workout clothes under his brand ZENBA. The designer label is very popular now with fans and followers seeking his design in products or just wanting to show their support for his business idea.

Zac’s collection includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, and even underwear! All of his designs are inspired by beach attire but have some added fitness benefits such as wicking material and ventilation.

His company has also produced yoga mats and towels which are perfect additions to any beginner’s gear collection.

Became a big YouTube star

how did zac efron get famous

Many people know him now for his acting career, but before that, he was quite a popular YouTuber. He had over 2 million followers at one time! He made his screen debut in The Hard Boys, a 2007 comedy directed by Todd Straussler. Since then he has starred in several feature films including Dear God, where he played an atheist who is forced to give up religion after a miracle happens, Fand or A Good Cause, which tells the story of two young boys with terminal illnesses and how they connected through social media, and The Bucket List, in which he plays a guy who helps a friend track down his dreams.

His most famous role though may be that of Nia Vodiani, the very beautiful aspiring model protagonist of Desperately Seeking Susan, arguably one of the greatest movies ever made. As her name suggests, she is looking for Susan, or someone like her – more than anyone else, Nia believes that what’s missing from her life is not material things, it’s a goal that she doesn’t think she will find ‘in a place without windows.’

Zac got his start as a filmmaker on his computer back when he first started posting videos online. His style was mostly vlogging or personal blogging with interactive comments. His popularity eventually led to filming equipment being donated to students so they could make their own movie stories.