How Did Xqcow Get Famous?

By Tiara

Many people have found success by creating their own products or services, and with good reason! Creating something that you know is of quality and will be loved by others can win you significant praise and recognition.

There are many ways to go about developing your business idea, but one of the most common routes is to create what’s called an ecommerce site. This is typically a platform where individuals or businesses sell their goods or services through it, making it accessible to anyone around the world with an internet connection.

Most people are familiar with sites like Amazon and eBay, so it makes sense that almost every entrepreneur would want to get his or her hands on that kind of market exposure at some point. And even if you aren’t planning to launch onto the big time just yet, having your product listed on an established website is a great way to spread the word and generate sales.

That’s why there are so many easy to use ecommerce platforms out there for virtually any type of business.

Influenced a popular YouTube channel

how did xqcow get famous

In May of 2018, Jordan Mays, better known as his online persona xQCOW (short for quantum computing operator), released an episode of his web show called “Xqcov2”.

On this new show, he hosted some guests who discussed different topics related to quantum technology and how it relates to society. One guest was Eli Vanacore, host of the YouTube channel Quantum Explained, which has over 1 million subscribers at present.

Vanacore explained why he thinks that investing in or studying quantum science is important not only because it could potentially change our understanding of physics, but also due to its potential use in making advanced computers faster and more efficient.

He mentioned several examples of applications such as finding newer ways to make mobile phones work, creating stronger medicines, and improving computer chips. When asked about whether there were dangers involved with developing quantum technologies, he said that we already have many examples of powerful technologies like nuclear weapons, so we know what happens when people are greedy and want wealth.

Founded a company

how did xqcow get famous

In May of 2016, Chris Hadfield, you probably know as Captain Canada from the space station, launched his own YouTube channel with his mission to inspire and motivate others through motivating videos.

His first video was titled ‘Chris Parody’ and it is an animated look at why people get distracted in the workplace. It is heavily inspired by Canadian astronaut and musician Chris Hadfield. He is famous for being part of NASA’s Space Shuttle program and currently works as an ambassador for international peace and space exploration.

He is also well known outside of the music industry as he became very popular after giving an impromptu speech during the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival while wearing a spacesuit and calling himself Commander Hadfield. You may have seen or heard him mention his book or album title An Astronomical Picture of our World as a Universe which can be found here.

Chris has done several other things since then such as talking about politics and life in general but always returns to his main theme which is inspiring and motivating others.

Adopted a pet

how did xqcow get famous

Many people gain inspiration from animals to help them get through life, whether it is as simple as giving someone else a smile or helping them feel better after a bad day, or something more substantial like learning how to cook or doing with cleaner recipes. Animals are a source of unconditional love for many and they learn about compassion and responsibility by observing others around them.

In December 2018, an anonymous person posted a picture online of what appeared to be two puppies in a car surrounded by gift bags and cards. The pictures had been put up as “candidate’s dogs” at a charity event, where donors could choose which dog to sponsor and receive updates on their health and wellness.

One visitor noticed that one of the dogs was looking very uncomfortable and asked if anyone knew anything about these dogs. They were informed that both dogs belonged to Patrick Murphy, who worked for Nestle and lived close to the venue where the event took place. He left his house late that night to pick up some food supplies for work and never returned home.

He later reported his vehicle stolen and said he found out soon afterwards that one of his dogs got into the back while he was gone and ate all of his snacks and drinks. His other dog did not eat any of the food because it smelled strange. Both dogs appeared healthy before this happened so no concerns were raised until days later when the second dog started showing similar symptoms.

Started a podcast

how did xqcow get famous

Many people have made a career off of podcasts, so why not you? You can make your own, get paid to listen to other people’s, and maybe even earn some income from advertising or merchandise. There are many ways to start listening to podcasts and getting exposure for yourself.

Some of the best ways to spread your voice and grow your audience include creating your own show, starting a group chat with friends, leaving comments on other people’s stories, and recording an interview or discussion with someone else.

Xqcow is a great example of how she built her media presence through blogs, YouTube videos, and now, a podcast!

Her main focus has been blogging, but as her readership grew, she realized that there was more than enough room in this medium for her to showcase her talent.

So, she started filming YouTube videos, expanding into vlogging and then moving onto doing live streams.

Became a famous YouTuber

how did xqcow get famous

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why people create their own channel is to earn money from it. With the rise in popularity of YouTube, creating your own channel has become an easy way to make some income.

By filming yourself or doing something you are already familiar with, like making videos about beauty or food, you have created your own content that other people can access.

This is important because even though you might not get paid much for your work, it helps you build your online presence. People who look at your channel will be able to see what you do and learn from it. This increases your social media followers and fans.

Your audience will also continue to watch you perform your tasks so they can imitate or learn how to do them themselves.

Brought fame to his brand

how did xqcow get famous

As seen with many new brands, XQCOW got famous for bringing attention to themselves. They made several low quality videos that were heavily sponsored or featured product advertisements.

Their editing styles are very distinctive as well. Many of their edits feature an overlay effect, heavy use of filters, and/or bright colors. All of these things make it hard to ignore how aesthetically pleasing the video looks!

These qualities helped them gain popularity quickly. Even though some of their videos are not fully professional, they have received large amounts of views due to the intrigue factor and eye-catching visuals.

Does not deserve the fame

This tool is definitely not for the average user! If you are looking to make quick, easy money or gain some viral spread exposure, this is not the tool for you.

Xqcw requires that you have access to an internet-connected computer or device (no way to use it as a mobile app). It also requires that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, which many people do not because of poor quality or cost.

This article will give you more information about why this software is terrible and how it got famous in the first place.

Goes by many different aliases

how did xqcow get famous

Most people know XQC (X-Clarity) as an impressive new video editing software that can create very flashy videos with rich features and settings. What few realize is that this powerful tool was originally designed to be used for something else!

The underbelly of the XQC product line has always been about making it possible to compress large files without using too much computer or internet memory. That’s why there are so many other products in the suite, some more well known than others.

Many of you may have heard of XQD before – it’s the name given to the compression format built into most modern computers. And if you haven’t then what are you waiting for?! Downloading and installing the free program will save you lots of bandwidth and money every time you want to download or upload a big file.