How Did Woah Vicky Get Famous

By Tiara

A few years back, Vicky Neale (known to her fans as Woo Ha Lee) had an unexpected hit with her song “Boom Boom”. The catchy tune quickly went viral and has since been covered by other artists many times over.

Since then, she has designed fashion lines, launched a beauty line, and is currently in production of her first book! Her career has gone beyond music ever since that fateful day when someone heard her singing and asked for her email address…

She shared her story in a podcast called My Life In Technicolor. You can find it here on youtuber networks or directly at While not strictly focused on her music career, it does include some insights into how she got where she is today and some fun stories from her childhood.

I wanted to share this episode with you all because it includes something very important. Listen for yourself why I recommend giving more exposure to people outside your community.

There are so many opportunities out there for you if you are willing to look for them. Don’t limit yourself to what things only others around you are doing, but instead explore new ways to promote your business and brand.

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She began making videos

how did woah vicky get famous

Starting with just your hands is an excellent way to test your creativity! If you are more creative hand-drawn, do it! If you are very artistic, create art using only textures, shapes, and colors of your own design.

Many people begin drawing by creating stick figures or simple cartoons. These are great ways to start if you want to learn how to draw comics! But if you’d like to explore other styles, then go beyond that!

Vicky was not always known for her dancing abilities, but she has taught many others how to dance via YouTube.

She made a meme

how did woah vicky get famous

Many people make memes every day, but not everyone is famous for it. However, internet celebrity Vicki MccCloudy was able to take her craft very seriously and she left her mark. In fact, she broke into what many consider to be the highest level of meme-making by creating an iconic image.

In May 2018, McCcloudy posted an edited picture of herself with one eye closed and another eyebrow raised. The caption read “woah vicky” along with a crying emoticon.

McCcloudy’s witty joke quickly went viral, accumulating over 2 million likes within just hours. Since then, she has maintained her fame through more clever captions and entertaining posts.

Her popularity even led to appearances on TV! In July 2019, McCcloudy appeared as a contestant on Nickelodeon's game show Kids Pick the President!, where she discussed who would make the best president.

She sold merchandise

how did woah vicky get famous

Before she had her Instagram account, Vicky did something else that got her many followers – she marketed herself as a fitness trainer. You can tell it was successful because she now makes a full living off of it!

Vicky would list all of the products on her website or store and they’d be sponsored by hers or someone elses. This is called affiliate marketing.

She made enough money to live on from this alone!

Her first sponsor was Musclemania, a protein powder company. Since then, she has over 1 million followers due to her health tips and diet recommendations.

You could also do what she does and use your influence to help promote products for companies.

She appeared on TV shows

how did woah vicky get famous

Many people know her now for appearing as herself in various podcasts, including us! Her show The Re-Awakened Podcast is a really entertaining listen that has listeners laughing and crying at the same time.

She also hosts another podcast called What’s The Story With V? where she interviews famous YouTubers and bloggers about their stories.

Her YouTube channel almost didn’t happen though. In fact, it was nearly deleted because she only had 990 views back then!

But after some encouragement, she decided to invest in her love of making videos by filming tutorials and reviews. And thus, her YouTube channel was born!

Since then, she has over 1 million subscribers and her videos are watched hundreds of millions of times every month.

She made a movie

how did woah vicky get famous

Many people know her as the famous YouTuber with over 5 million followers, but how did she get there? What is her story?

Her first big break came when she made a film called My Drunk Kitchen. It was filmed in front of a live audience and featured several other YouTube stars who acted like they were in a restaurant or bar.

She then proceeded to drink alcohol while cooking under difficult conditions. The movie got lots of reactions because it showed off her skills as a cook and she gained a lot of fans.

After that success, she continued making more films about different types of food and alcohol! Her style is very casual and she always looks cool and fashionable.

Many experts consider her to be one of the top culinary YouTubers due to her passion for experimenting with recipes and having fun during filming.

She is a comedian

how did woah vicky get famous

A lot of people know her as the social media personality, movie critic, and comedian with over 1 million followers on Instagram and YouTube. But how did she get there?

Vicky has always been funny since childhood. Her early humor was making things out of nothing and telling jokes that made you laugh until you cried.

At age 11, she started doing comedy gigs in front of small crowds where she would tell stories and do tricks like juggling or singing!

It was not easy for her at first but she kept practicing and developing her craft. It took years to get here, but now she’s here. And she loves it!

She also enjoys writing so she began creating blogs and sharing her experiences and tips with all of you to help you achieve your dreams.

Now she brings all these skills together by promoting self-care and wellness through education, entertainment, and business strategies.

She is a singer

how did woah vicky get famous

As we mentioned before, she started singing when she was little. When she grew up, she began posting her songs online where people could listen to them and give feedback. This sparked an audience for her music as more and more people wanted to hear what she had to offer!

Her voice has been described as having a natural quality that resonates with other people. This makes it easy to connect with her music and help you feel some sort of feeling or connection with her lyrics.

She has written several popular songs such as “The Way That I Love You” and “Good Morning America.” These two songs alone have received over one hundred million views each!

She has also collaborated with famous artists such as Miley Cyrus and Shawn Mendes. Her collaborations have helped promote both herself and their artist career.

She is a blogger

how did woah vicky get famous

A lot of people know Vicky as the author of her popular baking website, But she’s much more than that!

She started blogging back in 2012, when she created a food diary site called TheBakingTraits. Then she branched off into doing recipe reviews for different brands, which helped her to find employment at some of the biggest companies you have ever heard of!

Her job was to test new products and give your personal opinion – it’s not like they picked any old product and said ‘test this for us!’

Vicky has worked with everything from chocolate bars to shampoos, so her expertise is very diverse. And now she shares all of these recipes and tips online, too!

Since starting her career in journalism, she has made herself known as an influencer through her culinary skills and vast knowledge. People are drawn to her because she makes sure to emphasize healthiness and nutritional value in most recipes.

That’s why many users visit her site to try out her recipes or learn how to make them better! It's great motivation for people who love to eat but want something healthier.