How Did Van Gogh Become Famous

By Tiara

While most people agree that Vincent van Gogh was undeniably brilliant, there is one area where his talent seems to get overlooked – his influence. He has left an incredible legacy not just as an artist but also as a person who inspired many artists of today.

He painted some of the greatest works ever made, which have influenced countless other painters since then. His famous The Starry Night took inspiration from several earlier paintings, including those by Claude Monet. Artists such as Chaka Diop and Kehinde Wiley have even been quoted as saying they use The Starry Night as their favorite representation of heaven.

In fact, The Starry Night has even replaced the word ‘heaven’ in some languages when referring to infinite expanses of white light. It is quite the tribute!

But beyond these direct influences, his work holds another important lesson for anyone wishing to achieve success as an artist – keep experimenting with your mediums and styles. There are no rules about what colors or techniques are considered ‘good art��’, so why should you be limited to only doingodal watercolors or impressionist style painting?

You can create beautiful masterpieces in whatever style you choose, so try out new things! This will boost your artistic confidence, and help you express yourself more clearly. You may find your own unique style that appeals to others.

The art world in Paris

how did van gogh become famous

After Impressionist painting made waves throughout Europe, artists began to explore new styles and concepts. Some painted still life or nature scenes, while others focused on abstract designs or shapes that repeat themselves.

The next major shift came when French artist Paul Gaugin embraced both color and shape extensively. He used bright, bold colors and repeated patterns of lines and shaded areas to create works influenced by Japanese art.

When he traveled to Tahiti in 1880, he created many paintings inspired by native culture. These include his well-known “Tahitian Women with Flowers” and “Native Female Nude With Her Arms Over His Shoulder.”

After returning home, he experimented with different mediums and textures before creating what is now considered one of his most famous pieces — “Iris Enthroned Among Roses.”

That work features an elaborate background filled with flowers and leaves and an iris (a flower bulb) surrounded by roses. It was completed just two years after Gaugin moved back to France.

He later said it helped him deal with grief over the death of his brother. Many believe it expresses how beauty can lift our spirits even during difficult times.

Gaugin continued exploring new ideas for more than three decades until his suicide at age 37.

His artistic legacy includes both realistic and impressionistic works, along with sculptures and furniture design. Most are in very popular collections today.

His work is sold

how did van gogh become famous

Many consider Vincent van Gogh to be one of the most important artists in history. He was very prolific, creating over 2,000 pieces during his lifetime. Some of his works are collection items now worth many millions of dollars!

Most people know his famous painting The Starry Night which features bright streaks of color representing shooting stars as well as long streamers of paint flowing down the canvas.

But there were other styles he produced that have become recognizable symbols or even logos. These include The Irises, Wheat Fields with Harvested Crops and Reaping Machine, The Poppy Plant, and The Bedroom where he painted A Portrait of Doctor Gachet.

He also designed sets and costumes for various productions including Les Misérables and The Bafenia.

What isn’t known about him is how he managed to survive off food stamps and handouts while living in a small room in a poor area of Paris.

Van Gogh and the stars

how did van gogh become famous

After leaving his family in The Netherlands, artist Vincent van Gogh left for Paris to pursue art. He had been drawing since he was a child, but it wasn’t until he moved to France that he really began to develop his talent. There he met other artists who inspired him and helped push him towards becoming famous.
One of these people was Paul Gauguin.

A French painter, Gaugin is most well known for painting bright, bold landscapes with very strong colors. His style is considered very expressionistic, which means his paintings are mostly about how much you feel at this moment.

He once said, “I wanted to express what I felt in my heart.” This applies to his painted works as well as to his life.
Van Gogh admired Gaugin’s work so much that he copied several pieces. Many think these copies were because they looked cool or interesting, but there may be another reason why he did them.

His mental health deteriorated

how did van gogh become famous

During his lifetime, Vincent van Gogh was arguably one of the most famous artists in the world. He painted over 700 works, made significant contributions to modern art, and his work is worth an astounding $1 billion today.

But before he became well-known, he lived as a struggling artist in a small town outside Paris. It wasn’t until years after his death that people started talking about him seriously.

That’s when it became clear that something was wrong with the painter. He had problems controlling his temper, suffering from depression, and eventually killing himself.

It’s impossible to say what would have happened if someone hadn’t given him an opportunity to paint or if he didn’t choose to put his brush into action at this particular time, but there are some things we can learn about how he handled stress from his own paintings.

Van Gogh's The Ile de Re

There’s an interesting painting called “The Ile De Re” (or "Island Of Reeds") by Vincent van Gogh. In it, you can see a body floating out onto the water. A few reed plants grow along the edge of the shore next to the water.

In addition to being beautiful, this picture also makes me think about loss.

What does the plant symbolize? Perhaps the reminder of nature’s cycle of life or maybe even death.

Suicidal thoughts

how did van gogh become famous

In his early twenties, Vincent was not doing well. He had health issues that prevented him from working, and he was struggling to pay bills. His savings were running low so he decided to do something he’d wanted to do for some time-buy a knife and cut off his own ear.

He carried out this plan in late 1888. At the hospital where he gave himself the wound, they didn't have enough money to treat it properly so they just wrapped a bandage around it to stop dirt getting in. This is what allowed the infection to start.

After the surgery, he left the hospital with the intention of taking his life by jumping into the Seine river. But then he got scared and went home instead. Two days later, however, he returned to the same spot to throw himself under a train but was stopped at the last second.

Instead he bought a paintbrush and a can of oil and set about painting a series of still lifes. These are pictures containing only food or drink along with another object such as a bottle or pipe.

His aim was to create an interesting composition using the foods or liquids he could find at local grocery stores and gas stations. Only when these were finished did he begin to add colour to his paints.

Vincent considered these paintings to be failures because they weren’t very good and he had wasted all his resources buying expensive oils and canvas. So he started copying other artists' work.

Van Gogh and the earrings

how did van gogh become famous

In 1886, Vincent van Gogh left his native Netherlands to live in Paris. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend of one month, so he was alone and looking for a new place to settle down.

He took a cheap room at an expensive hotel that gave him access to the city. The hotel overlooked the river Seine, making it easy to take pictures or strolls outside.

It also housed many other guests — most were wealthy people who spent money on extravagant things like paintings. Some even paid extra to have their picture taken next to a painting by artist Pablo Picasso.

Van Gogh bought some supplies and set to work creating his latest piece — a still life portrait of a vase, a pot and some flowers. It is called “The Vase” because of how closely the viewer must look to make out all the details.

His friends later said that he seemed unusually happy while working on this painting. When they asked why, he told them that he needed these experiences as preparation for his own death.

After completing it, he submitted it for exhibition at a prestigious art show in Amsterdam where it received very positive reviews. This led to it being accepted into a larger show, which then got organized and distributed through galleries across Europe and America.

This helped spread his name beyond just his home country. Many people admired his talent and creativity, and others simply wanted to spend time with him and learn more about him.

His earlobes were pierced

how did van gogh become famous

In 1888, Vincent van Gogh left his home in The Netherlands to visit Paris. He had just broken up with his girlfriend of one month, and she made him promise he would take good care of himself while he was away.

He packed only what he needed for the trip and set off alone. While traveling by train, he painted several pictures that show an intense expression on his face. These paintings are now considered some of the most famous works in art history.

They all feature at least one brightly colored ear lobe or part of the ear that has been sliced off. This is called “cutting into” the ear lobe.

The artist used strong colors and textures to create the effect that this slicing cut very deeply. It is clear that these wounds bothered him and hurt him emotionally. At times he seems angry or frustrated, but mostly he looks sad.

This painting is often referred to as The Ear Cutout because it features a long vertical slice through both lobes of the right ear. There is also a thin line going across the top of the ear like a neckline.

Van Gogh died less than two years later from mental illness and self-harm. But his suicide did not go unnoticed. Many people talk about how striking his paintings are and why they are so powerful.

The Sun

how did van gogh become famous

It is said that Vincent van Gogh lived his life in cycles, going through periods of intense creativity followed by times where he would struggle to produce anything at all. This was not only due to lack of inspiration, but also money as he could not afford to create enough materials to fulfill his needs.

It has been suggested that this cycle lasted around one year for every major work of art he produced. During these times, he would devote himself completely to other activities like reading or walking. He would also avoid people, even friends who tried to bring him out of this state of depression.

When he did sit down to paint, he would spend long hours creating a single image, sometimes up to twelve hours per day. He would often start with an outline then add layers upon layer of color until he was able to call it done.

He would usually complete between four and eight paintings during a given period before starting again on another piece. While some are thought to be very skillful, many now consider them masterpieces since they show the true artist within him/her. Some say his ability to focus and use restraint make his works more powerful than if he had used heavier colors or larger brushes.

His most famous pieces include “The Potato Vine” and “I will Never Paint Like That Again.” Many believe that after completing either of those two works, he entered into a prolonged creative slump before returning to producing new artwork.