How Did Theo Von Get Famous

By Tiara

After graduating with honors from Harvard, Theo von Karmasin decided to pursue acting as his career. He is now known for playing Dr. Nolan Ross in the hit show Riverdale.

He has appeared in several other TV shows including The Good Place, This Is Us, and Suits. His movie credits include Nightcrawler and All The Girls Love Jack.

Theo’s talent was first noticed when he starred opposite Bette Midler in For Your Consideration. Since then, he has racked up many accolades and awards.

His list of achievements includes two Screen Actor Guild Awards, three Teen Choice Award nominations, and one Best Supporting Actor Emmy nomination. He also won an Imagen Award for his work in television.

It seems like there isn’t a job category that doesn’t feature at least one award on his resume. But how did this talented actor earn such a loyal fan base?

In this article you will find out just that! So stay tuned and read on to learn more about how to be famous even without having any major credentials.

Appeared in a movie

how did theo von get famous

Theo von Richter is most famous for his work as Jimmy Brooks, a struggling musician who finds success after writing an upbeat song that goes viral. His music quickly takes off and he becomes very popular!

His breakthrough film appearance comes in the form of a short video where he has to convince skeptical security guards at a mall that someone else stole a cell phone.

The main character in the movie is you, the viewer. You have to decide if Jimmy is being overly-dramatic or not before deciding whether to help him or not. It’s really up to how much you sympathize with his situation.

After watching the movie, many people recognize Jimmy and his catchy tune. Many websites feature articles about his career as a successful artist and more opportunities coming his way.

He even writes his own book about his life as a rising pop star. This is possible because he capitalized on his sudden fame by using it to promote himself and his career.

Was cast in a TV show

how did theo von get famous

Theo was introduced to us as an actor when he appeared in a one-off special titled The Inevitable You, which aired in May 2017. He played Jesse, a romantic movie theater waiter who has a secret crush on his employer, the film’s leading lady.

Theo made such an impression that the producers decided to create a pilot for the series. It is called Opposite Day and it follows two strangers who are stranded together with no way home after a botched job led them onto opposite sides of the highway.

Their bond is so strong though that they begin spending time together and working on their relationship. But there is a problem — this guy can’t stand this girl!

He must therefore pretend to like her so that she will like him back and vice versa. This goes on for several days until they reach their destination and either have to separate or stay together.

Started a podcast

how did theo von get famous

In May of 2016, actor/writer/director Theo von did something rather unexpected. He started his own podcast! While most people start their podcasts with an idea or topic to talk about, he decided to do something different. His first episode was titled “Theo Vs. The World” and it focused on his personal life.

He talked about how he grew up in a very religious family, what kind of experiences shaped him as a person, and some stories from his childhood.

His followers listened for several episodes before he released the bombshell that he is gay. Since then, he has discussed other topics such as politics and religion.

Von now hosts the show The Re-Launch alongside fellow comedian Alex Iversen. They both began working together in 2017 when Iversen asked if he would be interested in hosting a radio show. The two have since built a loyal audience who enjoy listening to them speak about various things.

Von has also appeared in television shows such as Supernatural, Wayward Pines, and Deadbeat Dad. He plays Jared, one of the main characters in Wayward Pines. He received an Emmy nomination for this role.

Became a Twitter star

how did theo von get famous

As we already mentioned, Theo is more than just his famous face. He has cultivated an impressive social media presence that features him in various modes: You can find him posting pictures and videos of himself, interacting with fans, giving tips to other users, and even hosting YouTube contests or giveaways for brands he believes will help their business!

His followers love him for his funny jokes and witty comments about everything from politics to fashion to life lessons. Many people admire his work as an actor and designer so it makes sense that he’d share interesting things related to those fields as well.

He also hosts a podcast called The Inner Circle where he interviews different professionals in the entertainment industry. His style and charisma make him very entertaining to listen to, and he usually asks great questions.

It's truly inspiring watching him grow his career through hard work and lots of dedication. He doesn't take part in online feuds nor does he promote only popular products, instead sharing insights and stories that are at least somewhat connected to what he was asked to talk about.

By leaving time to chat with each individual audience member, he creates a community around his content and this benefits his popularity greatly.

Published a book

how did theo von get famous

A few years ago, writer and actor Theo von Authorship got popular when he published his first work of fiction — a young adult novel titled The Boy On The Bridge. Since then, he’s written several more books including one that is currently in the process of being adapted into a TV show!

Theo wrote his debut book at an early age while he was still studying psychology. He later graduated with honors and began writing for various publications before taking his career as a novelist seriously.

Since then, he has consistently put out quality novels that have received great reviews from readers all over the world. His talent as a storyteller is undeniable – he always delivers fast-paced plotlines that keep you turning pages to find out what happens next.

Von now lives in Los Angeles where he works as a screenwriter. When he isn’t working or spending time with family, he enjoys traveling, reading, and listening to music.

Was nominated for an Oscar

how did theo von get famous

The best way to describe how actor Theo von Bulow got famous is by saying that he is in the entertainment business. He has worked as a writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor, and musician in both commercial and non-commercial settings. His career took off when he starred in the Netflix show, House of Cards.

His character was named Frank Underwood and he received several Emmy award nominations for his performance. Following this success, he landed other acting roles such as Day One and This Is Us.

Was nominated for a Golden Globe

how did theo von get famous

In May of 2019, actor Theo von (of “Bojack Horseman” fame) received some major attention when he was nominated for a prestigious Golden Globes Award for his performance in Netflix’s new comedy series, The Schooled Grown Man.

The show follows four 30-something year olds who work as teachers at an elite private high school. When one of them learns that his job is going to be replaced by technology, he brings together his colleagues to create and launch their own online education platform.

Von plays Kevin, one of the main characters. He shares screen time with two other famous actors — Logan Davis (played by Jason Jones) and Josh Johnson (played by Alan Powell).

After winning the award, von took to Instagram to share his win with some fan art and then posted a short video talking about how he prepared for the event.

Became a famous actor

As we all know, Theodoros "Theo" von Monat (his full name is Theodora Elizabeth Victoria Maria Antonia Pauline Gräfin von Montfort) grew up in Germany as Theo von Monach. He then moved to London where he attended college before deciding to pursue acting professionally.

He has since starred in several notable films such as Captain America: Civil War, Bad Samaritan, All Systems Go! and most recently Ingrid Goes West. You may have seen him before in movies like Divergent or Beat That!, both of which were successful at the box office.

His work can be described as eccentric and quirky, making it easy to pick up on his charisma. His comedic timing also does not disappoint when needed. Many people recognize him now for his portrayal of Dirk Benedict in the Netflix show, The Ranch.

His rise to fame was definitely unexpected, but seems to make sense once you watch some of his videos and listen to some of his songs.