How Did The Kardashians Become Famous?

By Tiara

Before there was The Kim Kardashian Show, there were barely any famous celebrities. It wasn’t until the early 2000s when people really began to recognize some of the individuals who play in the big football stadium that is called Hollywood.

It took place back then during an era where media exposure was much more limited. People didn't have as many ways to be exposed to their favorite celebrity idols.

With the explosion of technology though, this has changed dramatically. Now anyone with an internet connection can watch your TV show or visit your website!

Not only that but you are now able to read all about them and get their take on everything from their personal life to what products they use.

Their stories and experiences become even more powerful because they come directly from them. This helps us connect with them and gain new insights into who they are.

There are several reasons why we should care about the private lives of these popular personalities, but one of the most important ones is that it tells us something about ourselves.

We're not so different than they are, which makes it easier to relate to them. This also gives us the opportunity to admire them for being human and making mistakes just like everyone else.

In fact, according to recent studies, being aware of our weaknesses and sharing our own struggles can help motivate us to improve and achieve our goals.

Kylie Jenner

how did the kardashians become famous

Before there were Kardashian and Khloe klaxons, before there was even an internet, the Kardashian family did not exist! Sure, Bruce and Kris had their famous families, but only Kim came close to having her own TV show today.

Kim started posting pictures and videos of herself online back in 2007. At first, she focused mostly on yoga and fitness classes, but as time went on her followers began to notice some very visible curves.

She would eventually launch a website called KUWTK (Keeping Up With The Kardashians) in July 2010 where she would share more intimate photos and footage.

Since then, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has grown into one of the biggest entertainment brands in the world!

The five women have their own talk shows, best selling books, fashion lines, and almost constant media appearances. They also all enjoy enormous followings across social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Many people admire the family for how wealthy they are, but what makes them special is that they promote a positive body image and love affair with beauty products.

Kim Kardashian

how did the kardashians become famous

With their show, The Real Housewives of Orange County, the Kardashians have become one of the biggest names in television. They made this big splash by being very public with your average every day life.

The first housewife to really break through was Kim Kardashian. She started her career as an actress before she got into the fashion business.

She appeared in several TV shows such as Runaway, Life at Dawn, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. You may also know her from Vogue or Paris Fashion Week where she is featured modelling designer clothes.

These appearances make her famous for showing off what a person can achieve if they work hard and believe in themselves. Her style always looks fabulous and she is known for matching outfits.

Kendall Jenner

how did the kardashians become famous

As we know, the Kardashian-Jenner family is a franchise! With every new TV show or movie that they release, their family tree gets bigger and bigger. But how did it begin?

The first time people heard of The Kim Kards was when media outlet E! aired a made-for-TV movie called Keeping Up with the Kardashies in January 2007.

In this movie, three sisters live together after graduating college. They are all very close, but one sister (the middle child) feels left out because she doesn’t have any siblings her own age.

So she creates an online profile to look like she is already famous and recruits two other “famous” sisters to be her assistants. These fake assistant profiles spread quickly through social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace.

This story received lots of attention because it focused not only on the success of creating your own successful brand, but also the influence of popular culture.

Kanye West

In 2005, Kim Kardashian met her current husband in an unexpected way. While filming a segment for a TV show, she found herself sitting next to rapper Kanye West at a party. They made eye contact and exchanged numbers before he left to go back home to Chicago.

Three years later, they married in a ceremony filled with over 1,000 guests that was broadcast live across social media. Since then, the couple has starred in their own reality shows as well as creating their own line of fashion products.

The most famous member of this family is probably not you guessed it; Kylie Jenner! She’s best known for being the youngest child of Kris and Robert Kardashian, but she didn’t stick around long enough to win our admiration.

Kylie now has her own house and her own fame, so it’s kind of hard to imagine what would happen if she decided to stop paying her bills. It’s like what happened when Theon Greyjoy stopped doing his job as Lord Commander of the Iron Islands- things fell apart quickly!

So how did these five take away all of our money? By staying out of the way and letting people do things because they’re good at them. This article will talk about some ways the Kardashians built up their brands and how you can use it to your advantage.

Scott Disick

how did the kardashians become famous

After filming her hit show, KUWTK, for two seasons, Kylie Jenner decided to launch her own clothing line. Her first collection consisted of only one item- tights! She took advantage of this new found fame by marketing herself as having huge legs that she would showcase in these tights.

She marketed them as being fashionable and cool. People loved her leg design so much that it quickly caught on with other brands. Now, you can find many brands making similar looking tights.

Since then, Kylie has designed more clothes for her line, including some very popular products such as ‘Keepsake’ bras and lacy shirts and sweatshirts.

Her fashion lines have all but made her famous. Since she is known mostly for her personal life now, most people know her as Kylie or even just Kris. But before she was fully embraced, she went by another name- Scott.

He still hasn’t been able to escape his past though; he was famously dumped by Kim after finding out about their affair while they were married. He later cheated on both Khloe and Rob which caused him to be kicked off of the family's TV show.

Kourtney Kardashian

how did the kardashians become famous

As mentioned earlier, it was Kylie who first got the family into fame with her signature lip-filling trick that has now been copied by many other beauty brands. But how did she get there?
As a child, Kylie didn’t do much beyond play sports and hang out with friends. She was very shy and socially awkward at times.

It wasn't until high school when things really changed for the better. Kylie started to attend more social events and meet new people. Her beautiful smile helped win over some of those people, which is why she later opened her own makeup line!

Kylie's knack for putting together looks and decorating houses also helped her gain popularity. On season 10 of The House of Kylie, she renovated and decorated two different homes in just one week!

After finishing high school, Kylie went straight onto studying business before deciding to pursue a career in fashion. It seems like a natural fit since she learned basic design concepts from watching YouTube videos and doing research and comparisons.

Nowadays, you'll most likely see Kylie supporting various products through sponsored posts or advertisements. She makes an excellent endorsement as she loves what companies have to offer and always speaks highly of their products.

Since launching her eponymous makeup brand back in 2010, Kylie has received several awards and recognitions. Not only does she enjoy sharing her knowledge and expertise on making cosmetic products, but she also enjoys promoting them via social media.