How Did The Kardashians Become Famous

By Tiara

The Kardashian clan is a famous family! They are known for their crazy, over-the top lifestyle and constant media exposure. But how did they all get here? What made them popular enough to have their own TV show, fashion line, and even movie?

The short answer is that they are very good at marketing themselves and being vocal about everything they do. More than anything, the Kardashians know what works in terms of publicity and so they use it to maximize their fame.

They also understand the power of word-of-mouth marketing so they constantly talk about themselves and promote other people’s work. Many times, these promotions are free so there is no cost to the person promoting the product or person. This is an important factor when thinking about why the Kardashians are famous.

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Kris Jenner

As mentioned earlier, it was Kim who made the fateful decision to add another member to the family. At that time, she had just moved into her current house with Khloe and Kylie, and she wanted more space for her growing clan.

So, she approached sister-in-law Caitlyn about becoming their new stepmom! And from there, everything took off — very quickly.

The media immediately latched onto this storyline, as it is rich in drama and controversy. But what most people don’t know is how much influence Kris actually has over the rest of The Kardashian Empire.

As such, she must be given some credit for helping shape these women into successful business owners today.

Not only does she work directly under them (Khloe is also one of her daughters), but she also acts as a sounding board and influencer when they are deciding which paths to take.

Bruce Jenner

how did the kardashians become famous

As mentioned earlier, Kim Kardashian is of Korean heritage and her family is not very famous. But she is definitely popular! She got into the business by accident when she filmed some episodes for an MTV show.

After filming was done, she received several requests to start doing fashion shows so she gave it a try. Her style was inspired by expensive clothes that she would compare herself to look like they were cheap or even free! This style worked and she has been going strong ever since.

Since then, she has branched out into other things such as television, movies, and more fashion lines. All of these get money through advertising or sales which makes her wealthy.

She is also very generous and donts’t keep much private information from the media. This helps make her image seem more authentic.

Brody Jenner

how did the kardashians become famous

As we know, The Kardashian/Jenner family started with Kim being photographed by her then-boyfriend Scott in 1996. At that time, she was known as “Kim Kardashian” and he was an Olympic ski trainer. They were married for two years before breaking up.

After their break-up, Kim continued to work in the media while keeping a low profile until 2013 when she revealed herself to be the face of her own clothing line. Since then, she has released several more lines and starred in many TV shows and films!

Scott got his start working at E! Entertainment Television (now just called Channel 101) where he met Kris who would later become his wife and business partner. He also worked at another channel at the same time which is how they first became acquaintances.

Kris began hosting a show soon after meeting him and now she runs her own show too! She is very popular especially among young girls and women all over the world. Many people refer to her as The Queen or The Empress because of how powerful she seems.

Brooke is probably best known for starring in VH1’s famous series about the rich and famous, Arianopolis & The Gang. However, she did not stay there long. After filming ended, she launched her own successful fashion company.

Kim Kardashian

how did the kardashians become famous

Born in South Africa, Khloé Kardashian was raised as Scottie Winston Foster. She is her family’s third child after Robert and Meredith, and she has one older brother named Rob.

Khloe went by “Kim” until she was 15 years old when she changed it to match her middle name, which is Kahlia. At that time, she received permission from her parents to use their last name.

She never uses his first name because he doesn’t like being referred to as Dr. Kanye West.

The Kardashian clan isn’t large (there are five children total) but they still made a big impression on America. Between them owning TV shows, having successful lines of clothing and jewelry, and going through various tabloid rumors and scandals, they have become media fixtures.

But how did all of this happen? What put the kibosh on the Fosters moving to Hawaii and what inspired the Kardashians to start trying on each other’s clothes and hair styles?

It began with an unflattering picture. In 2002, just before Christmas, Life & Style ran an article about Kylie Jenner claiming she had cut off half of Kendall’s dress at a party. The next day, the internet exploded over the pictures proving Kylie wrong.

Kanye West

how did the kardashians become famous

After launching her career as an aspiring model, Kylie Jenner appeared on season one of MTV’s The Best Life in 2010. Since then she has become one of the most famous people in the world by creating and promoting her own brand name-keep up with the kardashians!

The Kardashian family began when Caitlyn (now known simply as Kylie) met Khloe Kardashian at a house party where they both worked as models. As time went on, Kendall, Kim, Kourtney, and Kylie all became close friends and business partners. They now have their very own TV show, fashion lines, and even a book that features their life stories and tips for young women.

Kylie is often referred to as the mastermind behind the clan’s success because she always comes up with new ways to promote their products. She is also well-known for being protective and loyal towards the other members of the family. Many people consider them to be “powerhouses” who help each other succeed.

Scott Disick

how did the kardashians become famous

After filming her hit show, Kourtney Kardashian needed to quickly find new material as she was already famous due to being part of The Kims. Therefore, she offered herself as her character for an episode!

In the season two premiere of The Kris Jenner Show, we see that Caitlyn is having some issues at work so she asks if anyone has any job openings. Of course, everyone volunteers their services but no one gets hired.

This inspired Kris to offer her own service as a business mogul who can get people into shape. All she wants in return is your tired, old clothes and a way to spend time with you once a week.

The next day, you’ll be wearing expensive clothing and looking much better than you do now! This is where things get tricky though-you have to choose whether or not you want to accept her gift.

After deciding to take her up on her offer, you both feel relaxed and happier. Your friends will notice how different you are after this process, along with all the pictures and videos of you training together.

Budgeting becomes difficult because you don't wanna break your budget by buying new workout gear, so you buy used instead. You also enjoy spending money more since you're using it towards your fitness goal.

Kendall Jenner

how did the kardashians become famous

As mentioned earlier, it is Kylie who got the family into this situation. After filming her MTV show for several years, she began to gain popularity due to her famous family.

Kylie was known for being very fashionable and having large followings on social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat. She would update these pages with fashion pictures and sneak peaks of new products and styles.

This style was referred to as trendsetting or in-style posting which gave her fame and an audience. Many people now watch her videos and keep up with her so that they can look similar and be inspired by her style.

Since then, the Kardashian/Jenner family has made t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing brands very wealthy. They have also influenced many others through their representation of different types of people and settings in the media.

Kylie Jenner

how did the kardashians become famous

Before there was The Kardashian Empire, there was just another pretty young person with lots of followers on Instagram. Her fans loved her so much they created their own website dedicated to meeting her and getting her latest products!

Then she made an appearance on TV that most people had never seen before. She hosted a show called ‘The Kris’ where you could meet and talk to her about anything.

Her style quickly became popular and she launched her own clothing line and makeup collection. More celebrities started copying what she did and now it is impossible to have fun at any event without seeing at least one famous face in a Kardashian shirt or coat.

Heck, even the President has been spotted wearing some kind of Kylie product!

Boring, right? Luckily for us, this isn't a case of once-upon-a-time events anymore.