How Did The D'amelio Family Get Famous

By Tiara

The D’Amelios are not your average family! They make it known that they live an adventurous life, full of experiences. Having five children has allowed them to create an extended family in their own right.

Not only do the kids have each other for support, but also many cousins all across the globe! All of these relationships help keep everyone close as well.

The parents now have a running joke about how much attention they get from the media and public due to their large family size. But they wouldn't be where they are today if they didn't believe wholeheartedly in education as one of the most important things in a person's development.

Education isn’t just something people talk about, it is something that truly changes who you are as a human being. Not only does it give you knowledge, it teaches you skills like reading, writing, and arithmetic-all fundamental tools needed to function in this world.

This article will discuss some interesting facts about the D’Amelios and their mission to spread educational awareness.

Sophia d'Amelio

how did the d'amelio family get famous

Born in Italy, Sophia was raised in Switzerland and France before moving to America when she was twelve years old. She graduated high school at eighteen and immediately began studying business administration at University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA).

Sophia worked various jobs after college including pizza chef, barista, receptionist, and administrative assistant before deciding to take her career more seriously and pursue a degree in marketing.

She enrolled at UCLA and earned her bachelor’s degree in three years with honors. While attending university, Sophia continued working as an admin assistant which allowed her to pay off some student loans.

Her hard work paid off as she received several scholarships and awards including Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Graduate.

Sophia now uses her education and training to help others succeed through motivational speaking and leadership workshops. Her success comes from helping other people learn how to motivate themselves and lead successful lives.

Marco d'Amelio

As we learned in our article about the top 10 Italian foods, pasta is an integral part of what it means to be Italian. Pasta was probably the most popular food in Italy at some point in their history. Since Italians have such an obsession with pasta, many companies make products that are completely designed around the shape or style of pasta.

Many of these brands advertise by using pastas as models for their product. For example, they may use regular shaped penne pasta as a model to show off how their sauce will look when dried and fried. Or, they may use spaghetti as a model to show off its stick-like consistency.

Marco d’Amelio is one such company. He designs his noodles so that they resemble different types of seafood. His noodles are called “spaghetti squid” because they look like little strands of cooked squid. These noodles are marketed primarily as a low calorie option due to them being almost half water.

Roc d'Amelio

how did the d'amelio family get famous

As mentioned earlier, Roc d’Amelio is one of the most famous faces in fashion today. He got his start as an intern at Gucci where he was given more and higher responsibilities. Since then, he has built up quite the reputation for himself!

He started designing his own collection and eventually left Gucci to launch his own line. His style is very classic and elegant, making him a popular pick.

D’Amelio now designs for major brands such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Champs Sports, and Kohl’s. Not only that, but he also works with other designers to create new lines.

His success comes from being hardworking and creative, just like you need to be to succeed in fashion.

Angela d'Amelio

how did the d'amelio family get famous

As mentioned earlier, Mark is the father of The Blockbuster Channel with his now-famous channel called MTV. He got into the media business early by creating VJ (or video artist) positions at other networks. His first position was as creative director for MUTV, an internal cable station that broadcast music videos to employees at Nickelodeon and Universal Studios.

From there he moved onto hosting game shows such as Best Week Ever and Totally Wildehearts before landing the VJ position at M2XTV in 2005. It was here where he met his future wife, TV host Angie d’Amelio.

Angela had already built up a fan base when she left her job as a reporter at Local News 8 in San Diego to join M2X as their new weekend night entertainment anchor. She quickly proved herself worthy of being next to him with her knowledge of television and impressive interviewing skills.

After just over one year together, the couple decided they wanted to start a family so they broke up but remained close friends. They still share a house together today along with two dogs and a cat!

Mark eventually returned to work full time while raising his kids and growing his career, and then some. He received several awards and acknowledgements for his achievements including winning an Emmy Award and becoming the youngest person ever inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame.

Michael d'Amelio

how did the d'amelio family get famous

Born in Italy, to an Italian father and French mother, young Michael spent his childhood traveling across Europe. He lived with his family in France for several years before they settled down in California.

D’Amelio grew up watching football (soccer) games very close-up and he was always drawn to the action. When he was younger, he would stand outside of stadiums holding a flag or sign that said ‘Go Team!'. This is where it all started.

He began coaching little boys' soccer teams at the age of 16 and never looked back. By the time he was 19, he had already accepted a position as the head coach of the U10 Republic FC team in Irvine, CA.

It wasn't long until people took notice of him. His talent quickly set him apart from other coaches and he was soon being called a pioneer of the game. He designed many new strategies which are now used by most youth academy programs throughout America.

In 2002, when D'Amelio was only 24 years old, he became the youngest ever Coach of The Year winner by the American Soccer Coaches Association. Since then he has won three more titles and been nominated for the national title five times.

He also received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2013 in recognition of his achievements and humanitarian work. In 2014, he was awarded the National Humanitarian Award by AYSO - The Youth Organization.

Giuseppe d'Amelio

how did the d'amelio family get famous

Born in Italy, Giuseppe d’Amelio moved to America at a young age. He grew up speaking Italian as his first language before switching over to English.

D’Amelio was an avid soccer player who played professionally for several years. In 2002 he joined the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer (MLS). While with the Galaxy, he won two MLS Championships and three Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cups.

In 2009, D’Amelio left professional soccer to pursue other opportunities. Since then he has made many appearances on TV and film including hosting MTV's The Rap Game and starring in Showtime's series Ballers.

He also owns a restaurant called Bocca Tacos where he prepares Mexican cuisine.

Francesca d'Amelio

how did the d'amelio family get famous

Born in Italy, Francesca studied art at The Art Institute of California before moving to Canada to pursue her career as an artist. While studying there, she was introduced to the fashion industry through frequent collaborations with clothing brands.

Her artistic style is very distinctive — she uses bright, bold colors and patterns that are reminiscent of 1970s and 1980s aesthetics.

She has designed for major fashion brands such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, and her work can be found in museum collections worldwide. In addition to creating looks you can shop directly from her website where you can also find merchandise.

In 2016, she left the fashion world to focus on her artwork full time.

Anthony d'Amelio

how did the d'amelio family get famous

As mentioned earlier, Anthony was not your average kid. He did not follow typical routes of education or career paths. At only 19 years old he left his job as an assistant manager at Starbucks to pursue a mission that he had always wanted to do.

He started making large paper m–lion sculptures out of cardboard and plastic water bottles. His first creations were animals such as lions, tigers, wolves, etc.

His next project consisted of human figure pieces such as people with hands up in prayer, angels, and Buddha statues.

After creating his initial figures, he experimented by adding hats and/or feathers which gave him the idea to create his own character series.

So he made Miin (short for Mii-No) characters! The miin characters are mostly dinosaurs but some include dragons, aliens, and robots. They are all designed to fit into different settings and environments.

Since then, he has continued designing more miin characters and developing their personalities. Many kids know him now for his dinosaur miins but he also designs other types like robot, alien, dragon, and ghostmiins!

He has even created his own line of merchandise including t‑shirts, sweatshirts, and action figures.