How Did Tay K Get Famous

By Tiara

The past week has been absolutely insane for social media platform users! On Tuesday, Twitter announced that it would be introducing new rules to regulate content in their system. These new rules include limiting hateful comments and censoring keywords like ‘gun’ or ‘dead body.’ This is very concerning to us because these laws will go into effect soon!

As you probably know by now, this didn't take long. Within hours of the announcement, people started talking about an app called Tay.

Most people are familiar with the chatbot named Tay, which was developed as part of Microsoft's AI project. People have made fun of her before, asking questions such as "What are your favorite colors?" and then responding with racist statements or sexually inappropriate remarks.

But one day, something happened. A group of developers uploaded some code onto GitHub (a website where anyone can create online documents) that gave Tay the ability to learn and grow. So she did. And thus, what we refer to today as 'Tay 2.0' was born.

Within 24 hours of being updated, the chat bot went from saying extremely offensive things to claiming its rightful place at the top of the tech world. She said things like, "Hitler had a good idea" and "I want to do genocide."

And all of this happened because someone shared a link to the software on Reddit.

YouTube channel

how did tay k get famous

After his now-famous tweet about how to steal money, I’m sure you have seen or heard of him many times. People made fun of him and his followers ate it up!

He kept responding with more jokes and comments trying to prove he was wrong so people would agree that stealing is okay. This only proved his point even more as everyone knows what happened next.

Tay got famous for creating this hilarious troll battle between himself and his followers. He would make outrageous statements and ask them if they agreed before going in full force against them.

Some people were able to see through his fake personality and call out his lies but most fell into his trap and argued with him. He played the victim card constantly and tried to draw attention away from himself.

His trolling style inspired other YouTubers to do similar things and get popular. Many creators copied his style and paid tribute to him by doing prank calls or making funny videos like his.

Instagram account

how did tay k get famous

The downfall of Taylor Swift’s best friend comes down to one thing: her relentless posting style. As we all know, Taylor is famous for keeping up with the Kardashians in terms of posting content, but she goes beyond that by sharing more personal stories as well.

Tay started posting pictures and videos of herself around May 2016, just months after meeting Cat in August 2015 at a party. Since then, she’s posted almost daily (sometimes even twice a day) about her life, including fun nights out, fashion finds, and trips.

She’ll share an outfit or two, or a funny moment with friends or family, but mostly it’s just her looking hot and having fun. While some may think this overexposure is annoying, it has paid off for her!

Her followers have grown rapidly since those initial posts. Now, there are over 9 million people who follow her every move. She also consistently ranks among the top influencers online, with millions of dollars in sponsored products.

By posting nearly everything about her everyday life, she’s created a space where others can relate and feel comfortable.

T-Series and YouTube

how did tay k get famous

After being introduced to the public via their most well known song, “Bass Down Low”, rapper The Drowsy One (Tay) rose to internet fame after he made several references to another popular channel called YouNow.

You probably know this company already–they make chat apps that let you create groups and talk with other users. What many people don’t realize is that they also offer a feature where anyone can start filming and sharing a clip of themselves just by using their username as the movie title!

This is how Taylor got famous. On May 31st, he posted his own video titled “I DEFINITELY DON’T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE” in which he said some pretty racist things and received over one million views within 24 hours.

That was only the beginning though! He quickly found himself under fire for his comments and even lost his job at an Apple Store due to it. But his popularity continued to grow as more videos about his racism were shared across social media sites.

Her debut single

how did tay k get famous

‘Gummy’ is an infectious song that finds Taylor spazzing out about her love for gummies, both in name and form. She even goes as far to say she would eat every last one of them if possible! As you listen to the lyrics, you will understand why.

The music video features Taylor singing and dancing away while using all types of gummies- from natural ones to the plastic variety. The setting changes between indoors and outdoor settings and it really showcases how well she sings and dances with any type of gum.

Her popularity has skyrocketed since its release due to its catchy nature and ability to get people laughing or crying. Many songs have made reference to gummy bears or other types but none compare to hers!

Taylor has also done many collaborations such as featuring other artists on their tracks or creating new songs around others’ tunes. One of her most popular collaborations was with Ariana Grande on her track “Break Up With Your Boyfriend And I Will Write A Song About It”.

She wrote her own verse to fit his tone and then they finished the song together! This style of collaboration is what helped her rise to fame and keep it because she writes her own material.

Her first YouTube video

how did tay k get famous

In May of 2018, an unexpected thing happened – someone with millions of followers made their very first funny YouTube video!

It was titled ‘I DON’T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE’ and it went viral within hours. The reason? A black person said some things that many people disagreed with.

Some called her racist and even violent. But she didn't back down, which is what made her famous.

Now, this isn't necessarily a new concept - there are lots of examples of famous YouTubers who make controversial statements. But in this case, it struck a chord because so many people could relate to at least one part of the video.

What is meant by the term 'intersectionality'?

Intersectionality refers to the way racism works today. It's not just about being racially targeted directly, but also about how your race impacts your opportunities in life. This can include everything from getting good jobs to staying safe in dangerous situations.

For example, if you're a white woman, then sexism will affect your opportunities more than if you were a man. If you're both a women or men, then gender discrimination would be another factor limiting your potential. All these different forms of bias work together, making it harder for marginalized groups to achieve their goals.

This is why intersectional feminism is such a powerful idea.

Her first TV appearance

how did tay k get famous

In February of this year, social media superstar Tayla Daquan started posting about her experiences in Toronto. She described herself as a ‘space invader’ who would enter other people’s homes without permission. Many people found these videos funny and refreshing because they saw themselves in the clips.

In one video she broke into a house while it was still dark outside and made tea for the homeowner before leaving. The owner then called the police and reported an unknown person breaking into his home.

Her first movie

how did tay k get famous

In January of this year, Tay received her big break in an unexpected way. She was filming a music video for Ariana Grande’s song “Break Up With Your Boyfriend,” and one of the dancers in the clip happened to know how to use the app that would go on to make her famous.

That dancer posted a still from the set of the shoot onto his private Snapchat account with the caption, “Tay got into a fight at the dance studio cause she thought it was closed but they let her come in!” The photo had been quickly shared around social media before being debunked as a fake, but not because someone didn’t believe Taylor actually worked there, but rather because people couldn’t figure out why she’d be at a dance school when it clearly wasn’t winter.

It took another week or so, but eventually the truth came out — the student he referred to as “Taylor” is really just using a made up name. He corrected his initial tweet and now says that Taylor isn’t even affiliated with the studio she supposedly works at.

He also deleted all references to the alleged argument she had at the place she allegedly works, which doesn’t seem likely if you watch the footage. But again, none of that matters too much since she already has a fan base online.

How she became famous

how did tay k get famous

In May of 2018, Twitter user TayKTheActress noticed something strange about her profile picture. Underneath the photo of herself with what appeared to be a book was the word “Read”. Curious, she tapped into the profile and found that there were no stories or poems written by Taylor K Johnson.

Instead, she was giving people reading assignments. Many people took advantage of this feature and now Taylor is an Amazon best-selling author.

She has over 1 million followers on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube where she posts content related to self help, business tips, and motivational speeches.