How Did Steve Harvey Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, comedian Steve Harvey is very popular. He has his own show that airs every Sunday night at 9 p.m. His popularity seems to grow by the day!

He got his big break in 2007 when he hosted the 47th Annual Grammy Awards. Since then, he has kept up his momentum as he receives many accolades for his work including two Emmy wins and six People’s Choice Award nominations.

His success comes from his ability to make people laugh so it makes sense that he would perfect his craft early on. According to, he started performing comedy routines while attending college where he studied business administration.

While studying, he would perform humorous skits for friends and family members which eventually led to more paid gigs. While trying to find his footing in the entertainment industry, he had little success landing regular positions until one fateful morning. That morning found him walking into an audition room with no idea what was about to happen.

After learning of this story, you will understand how important these experiences are in someone’s career. If nothing else, this article will help you learn from his mistakes!

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Launched his TV show

how did steve harvey get famous

You may have heard of comedian, actor, television host, and motivational speaker Steve Harvey. He is famous for telling jokes that touch on social issues such as racism, classism, and sexism. His witty remarks often make you laugh or at least give you some motivation to do something about those things.

Harvey’s comedic style has made him very popular and he consistently receives great reviews for his performances.

His success in the entertainment industry comes not only from his funny anecdotes and motivational speeches, but also his prolific writing career.

Steve began writing comedy material when he was twelve years old. At twenty-two, he published his first book which quickly became a bestseller. Since then, he has written over a dozen more books including ones related to relationships, money, and family.

He has even authored several cookbooks! Although he does not actively promote any products, people frequently donate copies of his books to charity fundraiser events.

These efforts help his charities raise much needed funds while promoting his literary works.

Sold millions of copies of his book

how did steve harvey get famous

After launching his television show, The Life Of A Housewife, in 2000, he received another opportunity to share his knowledge with the public when he published his first best-selling book, Act Like You Know What’s Up!

This how-to guide for adults is perfect for anyone who feels like they are not quite sure what their place in this world is or someone close to them has made it clear that they do not feel connected to others.

Harvey writes about important topics such as why people keep secrets, understanding jealousy, and how to be more assertive.

By reading through each chapter twice, you will have read enough to start applying these lessons in your own life.

Became a host

how did steve harvey get famous

After leaving his position as a weekend morning radio talk show host, comedian and TV personality Steve Harvey decided to try his hand at hosting for Disney Channel. He was not an easy hire, though!

He had no experience working in television or media production, so they gave him very little guidance as he took over The Funniest People of All Time season premiere taping.

It didn’t take long before people noticed how passionate he got when entertaining kids and adults alike, but how hard it seemed for him to contain himself while keeping up his cool.

A light went off in someone else’s head, and everyone started giving him more opportunities – which is what happened next.

Harvey landed several other hosting gigs including some that required extended time away from home. This allowed him to explore different areas outside of Chicago where he grew up, making this career transition easier. His success has been undeniable since then!

Steve now enjoys all types of entertainment, especially movie reviews, and teaches others about self-improvement via his books and speeches. He continues to share his knowledge by engaging with audiences across many platforms.

Appeared on Netflix

Many people know comedian, actor, television personality, and talk show host Steve Harvey as the fun loving father of a young child he shares with his wife. But less known is that before all of those things, he was quite famous!

He appeared in several TV shows back when he lived in Chicago. He made appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live to name just two. And even though he’s not well-known for it anymore, he actually hosted a morning radio show at one point!

What many people don’t realize is that aside from his career as a popular entertainer, he’s also very intelligent. In fact, he has an IQ test named after him called THE HARVEY INTELLIGENCE TEST.

That test isn’t given to students, but instead to adults who want to see how smart you are like Mr. Harvey. It doesn’t matter if you take the test once or twice, there’s always a correct answer!

So what makes this man so clever? It’s clearly not because he reads a lot, he boasts having over 200 books at his house. It’s definitely not due to his education, he dropped out of high school and didn’t go beyond earning his general equivalency diploma (GED).

And while some might think being funny would automatically make someone intelligent, I wouldn’t agree.

Became a comedian

how did steve harvey get famous

As we know, Oprah is one of TV’s greatest success stories. She spent years developing her career before really breaking through to the public eye. But not everyone can be like Oprah! Some people have to work much harder for their dreams than others do!

That’s why it’s so important to study your craft as hard as you possible could manage. For example, by now most anyone has heard of Ellen DeGeneres. It took her many years to get popular though.

She had to spend hours every day practicing her comedy routine in front of a mirror until she got very good at it. And even after she did get famous, she still practices her material daily!

Steve Harvey is a great comedian who made his name early in his career. He is very well-known and he built up his fan base quickly. Before he was famous, however, he needed to practice his jokes in front of a mirror just like Ellen does!

He practiced his material several times a week for many years before getting big and staying that way.

Won a Grammy

how did steve harvey get famous

While hosting an episode of his talk show, The Steve Harvey Show in 2006, he made a joke about how much money you need to make as a celebrity. Then he listed off some expensive items and asked if anyone had them or not.

He called it the “Materialistic Needs Test” and people have been talking about it ever since. Many say that his test is what got him famous and kept him popular for years.

Many find his test helpful because they can relate to at least one item on the list! Some even use it as a way to motivate themselves to go out and achieve their dreams.

His test has three parts

Part A: Does this person have this thing? If so, then they must be more motivated than someone who does not.

This doesn't necessarily mean that they should buy it, but they should be aware of it. It could influence their lifestyle or career choice somehow.

People with Part B often state that they would not have what she has without her knowledge of the materialist needs test.

In fact, many claim that she inspired them to work harder to meet these demands. They may also feel guilty when she doesn’t have something that she knows about the test.

Established a foundation

how did steve harvey get famous

As we know, comedian Steven Harvey is famous for his comedy bits and talk show appearances. But it’s not just because of that. He made himself known to audiences through his work as an actor in feature films and TV shows.

He also founded The Life Changing Experience (LCE) organization which helps people find motivation and self-confidence. This organization was well documented back in 2011 when he announced it during an episode of his radio show.

Since then, the LCE has helped thousands upon thousands of individuals achieve their dreams and help them live happier lives. Many have even gone onto successful careers after achieving their goal of changing their life.

Steve has always focused on helping others and creating opportunities for them to succeed. That’s why he needs your support to continue doing what he loves!

You can learn more about the Life Changing Experiences by visiting or contacting

Helped children in need

how did steve harvey get famous

Many people know comedian, talk show host, and TV personality Steve Harvey as the entertaining speaker who shares his life lessons through his various shows, but less known is that he has done some incredible things for other people. He got his big break when he lent his voice to help raise money for special needs kids.

In August of 2007, Harvey was traveling from Atlanta to Jacksonville, Florida for an event with his comedy team when his plane had engine trouble. They made an emergency landing at a small airport close by.

While waiting around for repairs, Harvey took time to do something he’s been doing since high school – he visited local food banks and given away all of his belongings so that others could enjoy them.

He didn’t just give away one or two items either, he gave away everything he owned. And not just any item, he donated expensive clothing and shoes that cost him a lot of money.

After dropping off his stuff at a nearby mall, Harvey went back to the airport where he waited some more before getting another flight. When he arrived at his destination, he realized what he had left behind and how much these donations meant to those in need.

More than 10 years later, this day continues to have an effect on those it helps. Since Harvey made these charitable moves, several organizations have created t-shirts and merchandise featuring pictures of Harvey after he made his donation and dropped his bag at their location.