How Did Steve Harvey Get Famous

By Tiara

People love listening to his comedy because he says what they’re thinking, only better delivered and with more punch. He is very candid about relationships, life, and career tips for everyone from workplace poobahs to average Joes looking to improve their personal lives.

His success comes down to one thing: being yourself. He never pretends like he’s someone he’s not or puts up fake smiles when he’s in front of the camera. His humor comes from who he is as a person and if you have a sense of that, then you can apply some of his lessons to your own life.

He also doesn’t hesitate to share hard stories about himself or experiences he’s gone through. This helps other people feel comfortable sharing their own struggles and problems too.

His story is pretty interesting. While growing up in Florida, he was always interested in talking about money. He would tell jokes about how much he made or spent, and things like that. Then, around middle school, something changed.

Steve began to emphasize the importance of saving money instead of spending it. It took him awhile to get there, but once he did, everything opened up for him.

Now, he talks about this concept a lot.

Started a podcast

how did steve harvey get famous

In May of 2018, comedian and TV host Steve Harvey launched his new show, The Life You Wanting More With Money Talk Show. It is an entertaining listen that features conversations about money, motivation, and life changes.

The show’s premise is simple – Steve talks to different people with different levels and styles of income about how they made their money work for them, what worked in their lives, and what didn’t. He then uses his knowledge of psychology, economics, and philosophy to apply those lessons to help you make your money work for you.

His guests include wealthy entrepreneurs, financial experts, motivational speakers, and celebrities. They all have unique stories and insights that can help you get out of debt, save more money, live a happier, less stressed-out life, and achieve your dreams and goals.

Since its launch, The Life You Wanting More With Money Talk Show has quickly gathered a large audience who listens for hours every week. Many listeners watch or read reports about the show to learn something new or to see if anything applies to their own situation.

Many major media outlets like the BBC, NPR, and Business Insider mention The Life You Wanting More With Money Talk Show as one of the top personal finance podcasts. Forbes listed it as one of the most influential business podcasts several times. It was also featured on various talk show rounds tables, including Oprah’s.

Sold products

how did steve harvey get famous

As popular as he is, it’s important to remember that his career took off because of his product endorsements. He would go out and promote whatever product or service he was paid to be promoting in order to increase their sales.

He once famously said, “I always keep my word!” so when he says something like this today, you can trust him. People believe in his words and quality of his product so they purchase them from him with confidence.

That’s how he got famous. That’s what made his brand grow exponentially.

His legacy will live on forever due to these influencer marketing strategies. You can start building your own by offering reviews and opinions about different health and lifestyle products you use or have used before.

This article will talk more in depth about some ways you can make an income through online business models such as review sites and YouTube.

Recorded videos

how did steve harvey get famous

As we know, comedian Steven “Steve” Harvey is famous for his sense of humor and ability to make people laugh. He has hosted several talk shows as well as made appearances on other TV programs. However, it is his recorded comedy clips that have really helped him gain recognition.

He started recording jokes back in 1995 when he was still hosting The Life of Ryan Show. Since then, he has gathered quite a collection! Many people enjoy his funny sayings and stories so much that they create YouTube channels dedicated to just his material.

These fans are usually given credit for helping him become very popular. People who recognize his comedic talent pick up on his style and mimic it or use it as inspiration for their own jokes.

His most watched videos include introductions, testimonials, and fun games. These typically focus on humorous anecdotes or statements about life. Some examples are:

I’m telling you – never trust a squirrel with an apple stick shift

Never look a dog in the eye after it has wet itself

If someone offers to help you with your housework, accept their offer but do not pay them until the next day

All men love chocolate, especially rich dark chocolate which comes from cocoa beans. But what many don’t realize is that some varieties are too strong and contain too much sugar. That can lead to weight gain and heart disease.

Went on tour

how did steve harvey get famous

After leaving his home in Chicago, Illinois to begin his career as an actor, comedian, radio host, TV personality and writer, he took the next logical step — touring!

Harvey began performing stand-up comedy at just 21 years old. Since then, he has starred or co-starred in more than 30 films including The Best of Both Worlds, Grown Ups 2, Madea’s Big Happy Family, I'm Getting My Act Together and Flaws & Wounds. He also hosted Emmy Awards for six seasons before moving into hosting his own show, The Steve Harvey Show, which ran from 2009 to 2014.

He now hosts Loose Talk with Oprah, airing every Sunday night on OWN.

Became a celebrity

how did steve harvey get famous

As mentioned earlier, his comedic timing is second to none. He also has a way of incorporating stories into his jokes that people enjoy listening to. Many consider him to be one of the top talk show hosts in America today.

He began hosting The Life Stories with Steve Harvey in 2012. Since then he’s hosted over 150 episodes! During this time he shared life lessons drawn from his own experiences as well as those of others.

His entertaining style made the show very successful and it won him several awards for best host. People loved his ability to connect with his audience and tell funny, meaningful stories.

Many celebrities have made references to his shows after watching them. This includes Oprah, who once said “I love how he questions authority and doesn’t agree with what other people say” (source).

Harvey himself says that his mission is to help his viewers learn something every day and believe in yourself (source). These two points relate to his next topic- why you should before you give up on your dreams.

Created a charity

In early 2000, just as TV was becoming more popular, people would still go to movie theaters in large numbers. This is because technology at that time made it possible for most anyone to create their own home theater system at a low cost. Almost every movie you watch has an aftermarket of passionate fans who organize screenings or giveaways for them with all the money they earn from advertising while watching the film.

Many of these fan groups do not have enough money to purchase good quality snacks or drinks, so they usually coordinate free refreshments somewhere nearby. Some even provide blankets or other comfortable seating since many times before the show, someone had to drive back home after the movie.

This gave rise to what became known as “movie night” or “theater hangouts.” People would meet outside the theater during intermissions to chat and/or eat and drink together, creating an environment where everyone left feeling happy and relaxed. It is not only common practice but also profitable for the business owner to cater such events due to the high demand.

For this reason, several major chain restaurants have organized fundraising event nights designed exclusively for charities. Many of these events draw crowds of spectators which helps promote the fundraiser for the organization.

Opened a bookstore

how did steve harvey get famous

After leaving his hometown of Harvey, Louisiana to pursue his dreams in life, he opened up his own store. In fact, he built it from scratch! He started out selling children’s books and then eventually branched off into educational toys as well.

He gave away many free items while promoting literacy by buying expensive gifts for kids who read. Many people know him now for his popular “My Life Story” series, where he talks about how he grew up and what influenced his career and personal life.

His bestseller is probably his book _Life Changing Lessons I Learned From Dogs_, which has over 2 million copies sold and translated into twenty-five different languages.

By offering help and understanding to other dogs, he inspired his readers to be more compassionate humans. His success comes not only from being famous but also helping others succeed.

Started a family

how did steve harvey get famous

After his son’s death, he made it clear that he wanted to devote more time to his growing family. He married Claudette Robinson in 2003 and they welcomed three children together — Kalei, Sheldon, and Sierra. The couple separated in 2012 but reconciled later that year. They got divorced in May of 2016.

After their separation, Harvey focused much of his energy on being an involved dad and helping other parents through his role as co-host of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality TV Show.

He also hosted a talk show called Life With Stevie where he would offer advice to people who asked him questions. In addition to hosting these shows, he authored several bestsellers including My Story And I Am Not Making This Up! (2010) and Act Like A Winner (2013).

In August of 2017, he released his first novel titled Love You More Than Money which was inspired by his experiences as a parent. Since then, he has published two additional novels focusing on different themes, both of which have been New York Times Best Sellers.