How Did Sphokuhle N Get Famous

By Tiara

Many people have heard of or seen Sophie’s name, but how did she get here? What made her famous? Why do so many people look up to her?

It is true that Sophie has done some remarkable things in your life, but it is what you can learn from her actions as they relate to you that makes her significant.

Her story teaches us about being brave, believing in yourself, and keeping an eye on the goal. All these apply to you if you want to know how to be successful.

She also taught us about asking questions and seeking input from others. This is important because we are not always given clear answers, and even looking into other options can help you find the solution.

We will talk more about this when we discuss influence in future lessons.

She released a book

how did sphokuhle n get famous

In May 2018, South African YouTuber Sphokuhle N published her first book, titled The Power of Positive Thinking. This is not your average self-help book!

Sphokuhle’s approach to positive thinking isn’t about believing in or wishing for something to happen — it’s about doing something that makes you feel good about yourself.

By this definition, she says there’s no such thing as “positive thinking” because whatever you think is just a repetition of thoughts.

Instead, she calls it “self-affirming thought.” And while most people use this technique to think about how much they want something to happen, she says it can be used for anything — from changing what you do to make yourself happier, to changing who you are to make yourself likelier to believe in yourself.

She also covers ways to strengthen your mental muscles by tapping into the power of negative thoughts and learning how to let go and accept things that cannot be changed.

She did a TV show

Many people know of South African YouTuber sphokuhle n via her channel, but few know how she got there. In May 2018, she launched a new weekly series called The Baking Diaries where every week, she would make or find a recipe and then bake it to perfection!

Her baking diaries have over 1 million views per video and her recipes are very well received – they’ve even won several awards.

Sphokohle is known for using high quality ingredients and staying within budget, but never saying too much about money while in the process of making the food. Her audience loves her and follows her culinary adventures closely!

She has also done many collaborations such as doing a Christmas gift basket with another famous YouTube channel and hosting a wedding shower for another couple.

She went on a tour

how did sphokuhle n get famous

In March of 2018, I got a call from a close friend that she needed my help in figuring out how to manage her career as a YouTuber. At first, I was confused because she’s been doing this for over two years now! But then she explained more about it and I was totally onboard.

Her channel at the time had around 2,000 followers and she wanted to know if she could do something similar to what I did — launch a new channel with me as a mentor and then invite people onto her newly created channel.

I thought it was a great idea so we designed together. It is an online platform where anyone can create their own YouTube channel and connect with other content creators to get tips and advice. As you can probably tell, I really believe in the power of social media to grow your business and inspire others.

Sphokuhle, however, took things one step further by actively creating conversations and debates around why following these rules is important to succeed as a YouTuber. Her style is fun and casual, but also educational and motivational which makes her videos interesting to watch.

She has grown her audience through giving away freebies, offering paid services, and asking questions to get deeper insights into the lives of her viewers.

She made a movie

how did sphokuhle n get famous

In 2016, an aspiring filmmaker named Sahil Gupta decided to make his first feature film. He called it What About Moms? And he needed some help with marketing it. So he launched a Kickstarter campaign and asked for money.

The movie was set in India, so he chose to market it through Amazon’s Indiegogo platform because it already has a large audience there. On both sites you can ask people if they know anyone who might be interested in the movie, or you can offer them rewards like tickets or merchandise as incentives to spread the word.

Gupta also put up a second goal: to hire someone to edit the movie for him.

He got lots of donations, but not enough to meet his goals. However, one person did give him just enough to cover editing costs — $5,000 from entrepreneur Anand Kumar. That gave him the push he needed to start shooting!

Now that the movie is almost finished, he’s back at it again trying to get more funding. But this time he’s going all-in, asking for only $15,000 instead of the initial $25,000.

If you would like to see his movie and support his efforts to bring it to audiences across India, you can donate here.

She bought a mansion

how did sphokuhle n get famous

In May 2018, twenty-three year old millionaire entrepreneur and businesswoman Sophia Makhuba purchased her dream house in an up-and-coming area of Johannesburg called Melkbosstrand. With a price tag of over 1 million rand (just under $650k), she paid in cash to make it even more prestigious.

Her new home has sweeping ocean views and boasts its own private beach! It is also just minutes away from some of the best schools for your children.

Sophia’s lifestyle choice was not only cost effective but practical as well. Not having to find monthly rentals or invest in additional education costs makes this easier.

Furthermore, owning a house comes with tax benefits that renters usually don’t have.

She bought a beach house

how did sphokuhle n get famous

In May 2017, social media star Sphokuhle N purchased her very first home! With an impressive price tag of $500 000, she made headlines with it. This was not your average beach house either – this 5-bedroom mansion is located in Umhlabatshwane, a city known as The Gateway to the Great Rift Valley.

Sphohkule’s new home boasts over 1 500 square meters (16 450 sq ft) of living space, which includes 6 bathrooms and a swimming pool. It also features its own sauna and cinema room.

The house comes fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities you could want including a basketball court, a tennis court, a gym, and even their own vineyard!

Since buying her home, many have speculated about whether or not Sphokuhle paid using her famous name or if she has always been rich.

She bought an island

how did sphokuhle n get famous

In May of 2018, social media personality Spooky got her big break when she paid a whopping $9 million to buy a private Caribbean island in St. Thomas.

Her followers started referring to this new acquisition as ‘Sphinx Island’ because it resembles the shape of the word sphinx (the ancient Egyptian protective spirit).

The seller was none other than billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post newspaper. He had listed his home at Tahoe with Paradise Real Estate Group, which is run by marketing expert Robert Young.

Sophie doesn’t just talk about living a minimalist lifestyle though – she actively teaches others how to do it too. Since buying Sphinx Island, Sophie has opened up more about her life, sharing pictures and videos that show off the beautiful surroundings.

She even shared a video showing herself swimming in one of the many bays on the beach and practicing yoga on the rocks while looking out over the ocean. When you add all these together, it gives you an idea of what kind of person she is.

She opened a luxury spa

how did sphokuhle n get famous

When she was in high school, Spence invested her money into an expensive bath and body product line that she manufactured. Her products were well-received and she quickly learned how to market them.

Her marketing strategies included creating social media accounts, responding to comments under their YouTube videos, and hosting giveaways via various channels.

At age 19, she took time off from working with skincare due to personal reasons. But soon after, she started filming beauty reviews of all of her products using her own camera!

This is where it all really picked up for Spence. People loved seeing herself use and try out each item, so she eventually left her job to focus full-time on selling her products and posting about them online.