How Did Simon Cowell Get Famous

By Tiara

In 1985, at the age of 24, British music mogul Simon Fuller got his first big break as a TV producer when he was hired to work with American singer Tiffany Taylor on her show! He quickly rose through the ranks and now has over 30 years experience producing television shows including The X Factor (the most recent incarnation), America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and more.

As much as people praise him for creating some of today’s biggest singing talent, there are also rumors about his less ethical practices while working. These include allegations of bullying, discrimination against certain candidates, and unethical use of studio resources and/or money.

In this article we will discuss the truth about these rumors along with some interesting anecdotes from those who have worked with or know him. We will then talk about why all of this is so important and what you can do if you are ever discriminated against by someone like this.

Truth about the rumors
We will address the rumors that have been circulating about Simon since he started in the entertainment business. It is very hard to determine the exact validity of every claim made because things get exaggerated online but here are our thoughts on the ones that seem the most credible.

1) He makes life difficult for young talented people

Many believe that Simon creates an environment where only “his type” of artist gets success thus limiting opportunities for others.

Created a record label

how did simon cowell get famous

After leaving The X Factor, Cowell launched his own music production company in London, Syco Music. He formed this business with long-time friend and collaborator Louis Jones. Since then, they have both had success as artists, songwriters, and producers.

Cowell is well known for creating and developing successful singing talent. This includes creating bands that are now famous, producing their first solo albums, and helping them succeed in the music industry.

He has also written songs himself and collaborated with other writers to create songs he has recorded as an artist. These collaborations include songs such as “Diamonds” by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, “Say Something” by Christina Aguilera, and My Favorite Song” by Taylor Swift.

He is also very popular because of his work as a TV judge. Many people know him from The X Factor where he was the show’s main vocalist and producer. However, he has gone onto be more recognizable than just being part of the franchise he created.

Started a TV show

how did simon cowell get famous

After graduating with honors from Harvard University, television producer-creator Paul Michael Glaser decided to create his own show. He called it The Untitled CBS Comedy Series; he then took out the word “Series” and made it into an Emmy nominated show titled Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

He pitched the show as a game where people played for money by asking each other questions. People would win or lose according to whether they could answer a question correctly!

Since its debut in May 2000, the show has featured several contestants who have gone onto become famous, including Grammy Award winner Katy Perry and actor/comedian Nick Swardson (aka Bambu).

Glaser is still hosting the show today. In fact, he recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of the show’s launch at Radio City Music Hall, receiving a standing ovation.

Helped create a TV show

how did simon cowell get famous

After leaving school with no job, training or experience, British television personality and music producer Simon Cowell made his way to the top as a singer-songwriter. He then transitioned into working in radio before moving onto producing new songs for other artists and creating his own.

His knack for finding successful talent led him to produce The X Factor, which has helped launch many famous careers including that of Beyoncé. His style of interviewing contestants has also become very popular, setting up what some call the “Cowell Effect” where he creates a friendly work environment.

He is now one of the most well known people in the media industry, having appeared on numerous talk shows and documentaries.

Started a record label

how did simon cowell get famous

After leaving The X Factor as head judge in 2013, British music mogul Simon Cowell started his own record label. In May of 2014 he announced that he would launch it with Syco Records, which is owned by his former employer The Chime Group.

The company’s first signing was twenty-one year old singer Ella Mai, who has since gone onto have five number ones including “Like A Boy” and “Falling For You.” Since her debut she has had eight more top ten songs including two Number Ones.

Singer Miley Cyrus also signed to Sycamore after appearing on The X Factor. She too has had several hit singles such as “See See Saw” and “Wrecking Ball.” Both artists continue to thrive today.

Since then, Sycô Records has released over thirty new albums across various genres every six months.

Sold a lot of albums

how did simon cowell get famous

Before he was crowned as The X Factor’s ultimate winner, music mogul Simon Cowel had another successful career in entertainment. He is best known for creating and developing some of the most well-known singing competition shows like The Voice.

The Voice is now in its fifth season with NBC and has seen many famous singers come together to battle it out. Some have even gone onto bigger things such as being awarded recording contracts!

One singer who came from The Voice is Katy Perry. She made her name fronting Team Christina under Cowell during Season 1 of The Voice. Since then she has gone on to win several awards including two Grammy Awards.

Another artist who got their start on The Voice is Adele. She won Pop Vocalist of the Year at this year’s Grammys after winning The X Factor back in 2012. Both Katy and Adele went on to achieve success outside of The Voice, but they both still keep close tabs on what’s going on inside the studio.

Fired contestants

how did simon cowell get famous

After leaving The X Factor as one of its judges, Simon took his talents to America as the host of The American Idol! He has been hosting this singing competition show since it premiered in 2004 until 2018 when he announced that he would be retiring from the show at the end of the current season.

But before that, he made some major headlines for something very different – firing several contestants through no fault of their own. This article will discuss these incidents, what people involved said about him afterwards and how he responded to all of them.

Most famously, he fired winner Carrie under controversial circumstances back in 2007. She accused him of being homophobic and racist which is definitely not good if you’re looking to win The X Factor!

She also claimed that he wanted Jennifer Lopez to mentor her instead because she was famous. That seems like an odd reason to choose but hey, we can’t argue with success so maybe there’s truth to that? Either way, he never mentored anyone after that and the two were barely on speaking terms ever since.

Another contestant who received similar treatment during his time working on The X Factor was Louis Walsh. He left in 2017 just months after announcing himself as the new head judge for The Voice UK.

He too got kicked off the show and almost nobody heard his side of the story until now.

Became a mentor

how did simon cowell get famous

After leaving The X Factor as a host in 2015, Cowell has since focused his career on being a mentor. He now coaches aspiring singers or “producers” on TV shows such as The Voice and Rising.

He also offers guidance to artists via social media and private messages. Most notably, he helped Ariana Grande break through with her hit song "Break Up With Your Boyfriend".

Cowell is not the only famous person to do this — music producers have been sharing tips and tricks for years — but it's his style that makes him special.

He doesn't sugarcoat anything and never takes himself too seriously. This can be fun to watch, especially when he gets passionate about something.

Helped create a brand

how did simon cowell get famous

After leaving The X Factor as head judge in 2015, he founded his own production company -- Sycamore Films. Since then, he has produced, directed or executive-produced several TV shows, including America’s Got Talent (his first show), The Greatest Dancer, Britain’s Got More Talent and The Mask You Lost.

He is also well known for creating and developing brands that become recognizable to both people and animals beyond just promoting them. He once said of himself, “I like to think I'm someone who creates products out of passion and conviction.