How Did Simon Cowell Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, The X Factor has been an integral part of the Channel 4 lineup for over a decade now. It was originally designed to find new singing talent, but it soon became clear that some of these singers would make it big beyond just music!

Many people have made their career off of The X Factor, including British TV personality and producer Simon Cowel who is best known as the voice behind America’s Got Talent.

He began his television career in England where he worked at BBC Radio as a radio presenter. He later moved onto the ITV network where he hosted Britain’s got talent before creating The X-Factor.

In this article, we will be looking into five of his most important positions while working at The X-Factor and Beyond. We will discuss what position he held at each company, how he influenced others through his work, and why his career took off after leaving The X-Factor.

Created The X Factor

how did simon cowell get famous

Before The X-Factor, there was The Music TV Show! In 2002, British music producer and presenter Simon Fuller launched his new show with an interesting concept. He gathered some of the top singers in the business to compete against each other for your favorite singer status.

He gave them all a group or song that they needed to perform as a member of the band. Then he would give you, the viewer, get to choose which member is eliminated off of the team. This process would keep happening until only one person remained.

That final survivor will be given major exposure and hopefully win Youthe Song and The Team Award. That winner will then be announced at the end of the show.

This format worked because it allowed viewers to really invest themselves into the teams and artists. They were not just watching a show about people who are good at singing, but instead got to see if these individuals could form a band and capture someone’s heart.

The contestants’ performances often made listeners cry or question why such and such artist has lost their place on the radio. An example of this happened when One Direction broke up last year and fans couldn’t believe what they had to go through to realize Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson‘s dreams of being famous came true.

Helped launch the career of many famous singers

how did simon cowell get famous

After leaving school, he worked in several professions including as an estate agent and financial adviser before joining The X Factor as a producer. He was promoted as the show’s head judge from its second season onwards where his acerbic wit and no-nonsense approach to talent management made him one of TV’s most recognisable faces.

As well as launching the careers of some successful artists such as Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran, he has also left his mark by taking part in popular music contests himself.

He entered The British Grand Prix singing contest in 2007 and won it with a song about cars titled What Makes You Beautiful. Two years later he launched The I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! competition which includes a $1 million prize for charity.

In 2017 he joined US chat show The Talk as a panellist, helping make it one of the highest rated shows for NBC.

Was a producer for The Brit Awards

how did simon cowell get famous

After leaving school with no qualifications, he got his first job as a radio presenter at the age of twenty-one. He spent two years hosting shows including some music programs where he was in charge of choosing new songs to play.

He then moved onto working as a television producer which included producing The X Factor show before becoming head judge of The Voice UK.

Since joining The X Factor in 2004, he has seen many contestants achieve success both musically and career-wise. Some even went on to have their own TV show or album!

His influence extended beyond just helping artists develop their talent though. Many people now get involved in singing because they are influenced by him.

Many people know who he is but few realize how influential he actually is.

Was a host for The X Factor

how did simon cowell get famous

Before he was famous, British TV personality Simon Cowell had another career! He was a very popular radio DJ in England where he hosted his own show. His show gained him fame all over the world as well!

His infectious energy and fun style of hosting made his show very successful and helped it to win many awards.

He is still working today as a radio presenter and has even received some prestigious honors such as an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire).

Helped launch the career of many famous dancers

how did simon cowell get famous

Before he was creating music, television show judges or hosting TV shows, before he became one of the most powerful people in entertainment, Simon Cowen had another job — dancer!

He trained as a ballet dancer for five years before giving up to focus fully on his professional life.

As a teenager, he danced with The Royal Ballet and then joined Strictly Dance Professionals where he spent two seasons dancing professionally.

After leaving that company, he began teaching young children how to dance and later founded his own after-school dance class. He taught this class for eight years until it closed due to lack of students.

At twenty-one, he started studying choreography at London’s prestigious Central School of Ballet. Two years later, he received his Bachelor of Choreographic Arts degree from the school.

It wasn’t just his talent as a dancer that made him successful though; it was also his ability to teach others. Many artists have credited him with helping them improve their craft.

These include musicians, like Eric Clapton who said that working with him helped him develop his songwriting skills. And dancers, such as Joshua Bell, an award-winning violinist who studied under him.

He has even been known to use his knowledge of dance to inspire other creative types. For example, when he first met singer Katy Perry she wanted to be a rapper so he helped her learn some moves.

Was a producer for The Grammy Awards

how did simon cowell get famous

Before he was “The Music Guy”, before he became one of the most powerful people in music, before he made his name as an entertainment mogul, there were even times when he didn’t know what to do with his life.

In fact, it’s been described how at one stage he gave up working because he just couldn’t figure out how to get through his day without being in the workplace.

He had tried other jobs but nothing felt like it could satisfy him, so eventually he chose show business. And while that may sound crazy now, back then it wasn’t necessarily a bad choice.

He learned his craft as a TV producer and his talent is still very much appreciated today. In fact, many would say he paved the way for someone else to take over where he left off more than 10 years later.

His success can be linked directly to his ability to connect with people and create environments where they feel comfortable and confident. He understood human nature well and used this knowledge to help others succeed.

Was a judge on The U.K. version of The X Factor

Before he was crowned as one of Britain’s most famous faces, Simon Cowel spent eight years working in advertising. He worked his way up from receptionist to account executive before being given the chance to try out for The X-Factor!

He is now considered by many to be one of the biggest influencers in popular music and television.

As mentioned earlier, he rose to fame after creating and hosting The X-Factor – a show which has helped launch the careers of several well known artists including One Direction, Ariana Grande, Ella Henderson and Little Mix.

His talent management company Syco also represents some of the highest earning musicians in the world and includes acts such as Justin Bieber, Olly Murs and Flo Rida.

Was a judge on America’s Got Talent

how did simon cowell get famous

After his successful career as a singer, actor, producer and television personality, Simon Peter (Cowen) Cowel is now known for being one of the judges on America’s Got Talent, The X Factor and Britain’s Got More Talent.

His talent has always been marketing, he was never just singing or acting-he made himself famous by creating media darlings.

He is well-known for using public perception and psychology to strengthen relationships, promote products and services, and win arguments. This makes him very influential.

In fact, he once said that “being powerful is having an effect” which proves his success as a business person.

Many people are familiar with his work as a TV show host but less know about his earlier achievements. In this article, we will look at 10 ways in which Simon Cowell built his fame.