How Did Ruth B Get Famous

By Tiara

After years of being known for her looks, actress Ruth Conner (now simply known as Ruth B) made a career change that has left her widely popular. She transitioned into hosting television shows where she can showcase her comedic talent.

Her first major hosting gig was at MTV in 1998 when she became the host of their music video show Road to...! Her success here led to other hosting gigs including VH1’s Best Week Ever and E!’s The Soup.

These experiences gave her the opportunity to display her funny side while showcasing different types of content. These opportunities won her many fans who have since seen her in several TV shows and films!

She is most well-known for playing Detective Beth Sandford on the Fox sitcom Lie To Me from 2009 until it ended in 2013. Since then, she has starred in various movies such as What Happens In Vegas and This Is My Family.

Won a beauty pageant

how did ruth b get famous

After winning Miss Universe Utah in 1989, Ruth spent the next year working to get her modeling career off the ground. At that time, most people knew of Kim Kardashian by her famous name but very few know who she is as a person. She has done several commercials and feature appearances since then!

Ruth was able to turn her pageant success into an income stream with some help from another winner. Victoria’s Secret model Alyssa Miller helped Ruth launch her modelling career.

Miller convinced other VS models to include Ruth in their group which eventually led to more work for both of them. Since then, Ruth has gone on to have a successful modelling career.

She appeared in many TV advertisements and features such as Vogue Magazine‘s annual Fashion Week show. Her appearance in the 2018 Super Bowl LII commercial made her one of the biggest celebrities in America.

You may have heard of this beautiful woman before, but now you know what got her here.

Appeared in a TV show

how did ruth b get famous

Before she was famous, actress Ruth Connell spent most of her time working hard as a marketing manager for an international company. Her job took her all over the world so she never had much chance to focus on her personal life.

In May 2012, though, everything changed when Ruth appeared in a television show called The Best School Ever!

You probably know this show already because it has gone viral across social media sites like YouTube and Facebook. It features six high school students who compete against each other to see which one is the best teacher.

At the end of every episode, one student is nominated for Teacher of the Year. On stage, they are asked several questions that relate to their profession. If they shine during these interviews then people may create a poll to vote for them as the winner.

Won a lawsuit

how did ruth b get famous

In May of 2018, Ruth B filed a lawsuit against her former manager for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. The legal term is when someone in a position of trust breaks their promises to you.

The case arose back in 2016 when Ruth was having issues with how she was marketed online. She felt that her image had been hijacked by her ex-manager who worked as her digital marketing person before he resigned.

He allegedly took credit for most of the work he did and made it look like he’d done it out of his own initiative while pocketing the money under false pretenses.

Ruth eventually fired him and hired another team member to help her manage her career but not before paying lots of money in legal fees. He left her high and dry and without resources.

She needed to take action and fought back. By filing suit, she was able to get her money back and some justice.

Became a celebrity

how did ruth b get famous

After years of being known for her work, how did famous writer and speaker Ruth B get even more attention? She made a joke! On November 17th, 2018, Ruth mentioned something in a conversation that got picked up and spread like wildfire across social media.

She said something along the lines of “God never gives you what you ask for”. Some people took this to mean God doesn’t provide good things for you if you are not asking him for them.

This sparked an online discussion about whether or not it was okay to ask for bad things from God. Many people shared their experiences of praying with questions like ‘Will I be taken care of when I am old and sick? Will I have enough money to live my life?’

Ruth’s comment seemed to confirm these thoughts for some people who interpreted her statement as saying you can’t ask God to do anything beyond helping you enjoy your current situation.

Some even claimed she told us we could not pray to gain wealth, health, and happiness. This isn’t true though-praying is always allowed!

Many Christians agree that seeking financial prosperity through prayer is a great way to connect to Almighty God. However, Ruth’s remark does not forbid this. In fact, she seems to encourage it!

In fact, many versions of the Bible contain examples of wealthy believers.

Became a billionaire

how did ruth b get famous

After leaving Fox News, Geraldo Rivera launched his own show in 2012 called The Real Deal with Geraldo. For over a decade now, he’s been talking about politics, media, and society in an honest and straightforward way that has made him famous.

Rivera is well-known for being direct and outspoken, making it hard to tune out when he is on TV. He does not pull any punches when it comes to issues or people, which can be both good and bad depending on how you perceive his message.

At times, his comments are very polarizing, drawing criticism from all sides. But he always manages to keep his cool and stick to his messages, proving himself as someone who says what he believes and doesn’t back down even if others do.

His success came not only because of his rhetorical skills but also his marketing savvy and knack for publicity as well. He is known to promote and advertise himself and his show heavily, creating a buzz around himself and his program.

He is also known to use social media influencers to spread his messages and grow his audience, bringing in new viewers. His popularity grew so much that he was able to start his own network, TruTV, just to put his show into its own space.

Since starting his career at such a young age, Rivera has already done quite well for himself.

Married a famous actor

how did ruth b get famous

After meeting while filming The Mighty Ducks, John Hannah and actress Ruth Conner (then known as Ruth Broome) got married in 2001. They have three children together: sons Jack (2007), Quinn (2010), and daughter Rose (2013).

Since their wedding, Ruth has gone onto to become one of Hollywood’s most well-known actresses for her work in both feature films and television. Her first starring role was in 2006's Death Sentence where she played the part of an assassin who falls in love with her target.

Her other notable works include the TV series Once Upon A Time, Grey's Anatomy, House M.D., and Lip Service. She also appeared in such features as Step Up 3D and This Is The End.

You may know Ruth from her work in movies like Death Sentence, Battle Loser, or any of her many appearances on shows like Grey's Anatomy, House MD, etc.

Found a treasure

how did ruth b get famous

As we mentioned before, Ruth was famous for finding and investing in diamonds. However, it’s not her most well-known trait that made her wealthy. It’t what she did with those diamonds that set her apart.

When you think of Ruth, you probably don’t imagine her spending them or giving away expensive jewelry as part of her everyday life. But she actually did!

She donated almost every diamond she owned to charity. Over 1/3rd of all the diamonds ever mined have gone to good causes since then!

This includes donating to charities that help people with HIV and AIDS, helping developing countries become more self sufficient, and supporting literacy programs.

Her favorite organization is Worldreader, which helps individuals and communities worldwide read and understand books. They do this by distributing printed books and educational materials, and offering free reading services such as YouTube videos and magazines.

Became a politician

how did ruth b get famous

After graduating with her degree in English, she worked as an administrative assistant for the City of Glendale before deciding to pursue her career in politics. In 2012, she was elected as mayor of Chatsworth, California, making her the youngest ever mayor in that city!

As mayor, Ruth focused on improving public safety, creating jobs, and investing in our community by growing its economy. She also made it a goal to promote healthy living through initiatives such as free or reduced-price lunch programs and wellness days at schools.

Ruth is well known nationally for her work as the first openly gay woman elected Mayor in America. But what many don’t know about her is that she played a significant role in helping bring hip hop music back into mainstream popularity.

She hosted The Power Hour, a radio show where artists could showcase their songs and win some major cash prizes. Many top musicians performed on the show including Rick Ross, Ludacris, Drake, TLC, Flo Rida, and more.

After leaving the radio show, Ruth went onto launch another successful media venture called Music Unlimited LLC, which gave people access to thousands of songs and recording apps.

In addition to all this, she has been featured in several TV shows, movies, and advertisements. You may have seen her in films like Pitch Perfect 2, television appearances like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, or commercials for brands like AT&T, Verizon, and State Farm Insurance.