How Did Ruth B Get Famous

By Tiara

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She started a YouTube channel

how did ruth b get famous

After graduating with her degree in Human Development, Ruth decided to give another platform a chance. In May of 2016, she created her first YouTube channel!

On it, she shares her life as an adult living at home with your parents (“moving out” is still very uncommon for people our age), her experiences as a student, and what products she recently tried or loves.

She made a song and video

how did ruth b get famous

Many know of actress, singer, and entrepreneur Ruth B from her work in television, film, and music, but how did she get there? She spent her early years as an aspiring dancer and performer before deciding to go into acting.

After receiving some training, Ruth landed several small roles before being offered a job that would launch her career. Since then, she has starred in numerous TV shows and films, including The Wedding Singer, Confessions of A Shopaholic, Life Is Renting, and most recently, Inconvenient Hero.

Her singing talent was discovered when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent. After winning the competition in 2012, she launched a successful recording career with two singles and one album.

She is now known for both her stage performance skills and musical prowess.

Ruth always puts her energy into what she does and never stops working hard. Her success comes from her passion and dedication to what she loves.

She released a book

how did ruth b get famous

In May of 2018, Ruth published her first book titled The Year I Paid To Live Online. It is an easy read with very candid stories about her life as well as tips for anyone who wants to start investing in their online business or career.

Her biggest lesson? Don’t give up! Her story was full of setbacks but she never gave up trying to reach her dreams.

She shared her experiences marketing it through different channels and getting feedback from people all over the world. Many readers connected to her and her message and helped spread her brand.

Since then, Ruth has grown her digital income exponentially and she continues to inspire others to try new things. People find her helpful and motivational, which makes her happy.

This article will talk more about how you can get started writing a book and becoming famous like Ruth.

She appeared in a TV show

how did ruth b get famous

Many people know who Ruth B is, but few know how she got famous! Her appearance on The Office was what really put her onto the television screen. You may have seen the popular sitcom before, but you probably didn’t recognize Ruth as anyone special until now.

In an interview with Mashable, actress Melinda Garcia said that she was never actually allowed to use the name “Ruth B” while filming the series.

She explained why this is important:

The way we shot it, they would call me ‘Melinda’ or sometimes just my first name because I kept changing it. So for the audience, it wasn’t like they were watching me be myself — which is great! But at the same time, there are times when I am being myself and someone will say my real name or refer to me by another one. It kind of reminds us all of a little bit more than what people see on camera.

This isn’t very common practice, but it’s important to note here.

It seems likely that the producers wanted to avoid using Ruth’s full legal name (which includes the middle initial) for some reason, so they made up a new one instead.

She went on tour

how did ruth b get famous

After she gave her first talk at age 19, Ruth began giving public talks almost every week! Her speaking schedule quickly got out of control as people came to see this rising star.

She made enough money to survive for several months, but it wasn’t long before she needed more income. So, in 1922 she accepted an offer to give a 5-minute speech on nutrition for $50 per minute. It was her second professional speaking engagement and she earned just over $200!

Her success inspired other young women to start talking about health and wellness. Many have gone on to be very famous for their work in the field.

She released an album

how did ruth b get famous

After singing her first song at age 15, Ruth took time off to focus on school. But she didn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dreams! In 2002, Ruth signed with Universal Music Group and began taking music more seriously.

At this stage of her career, Ruth needed to find ways to get exposure. So in August of that year, she uploaded a five-song self-produced EP called “The Best is Yet To Come.”

She then got herself some media coverage by appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show as a featured guest. Since Ruth was already receiving significant attention for her talents, this helped promote her music even further.

Since then, Ruth has gone on to achieve great things. Her musical success has made her very rich, and she has been awarded several prestigious prizes and honors.

But all of this wouldn’t have happened without her initial passion for music. Now, she spends most of her time touring and recording songs about love and life.

She went on a podcast

how did ruth b get famous

Many people know of celebrity chef, television personality, and entrepreneur Ruth B from her show The Best Thing I Ever Made which features recipes made with or inspired by her favorite foods. But what many don’t realize is that it was her love for baking that helped her gain fame!

In fact, before she had The Best Thing I Ever Made, Ruth spent several years hosting in late night talk shows as well as filming food-making videos online.

She eventually transitioned into having her own show where she would showcase various types of baked goods in culinary settings. This format quickly caught on and now she has her show!

Her popularity continued to grow beyond the screen when she opened up a brick and mortar bakery in New York City called RBG Bakehouse.

She started a brand

how did ruth b get famous

Before she was famous, Ruth spent her time working in various marketing and advertising roles for different companies. In 2011, however, something clicked when it came to fashion.

Ruth noticed that many other fashionable people were wearing lacy white shirts with dark jeans or black leather pants. This look is now known as the casual dress shirt and leggings (or sweats).

She decided to combine this style with some new clothes of hers and take to social media to see if anyone wanted to buy them! And they did!

From there, her clothing line — called Lazy Day Lovelies — took off! Since then, she has launched several more lines and earned the title of Fashion Influencer.

Her followers continue to grow due to her fun and relatable posts. What most people notice about her looks is how well photographed she is. Her beautiful, natural looking photos always come together beautifully. You may have seen one of her pictures before, but here are 25 examples of why you should be inspired by her.