How Did Rupaul Get Famous

By Tiara

As mentioned earlier, Ru is probably one of the most famous people in the world due to his music and fashion career as well as his TV show. He’s also very popular for helping other people gain popularity by passing him along as “Superstars.”

He got his start performing at raves where he would get others to perform their songs or dance moves. This eventually led to him creating his own stage name and musical style that stuck!

His first big break was appearing on MTV's Dance Contest series, Breakdance. Since then, he has hosted several more dancing shows including The Best Day Of My Life (which made its return this past September) and Vogue Kids Fashion Show which just ended its run last month.

Ru has always done things his way and it seems like he’ll keep succeeding with that approach.

Sold her own albums

how did rupaul get famous

As we know, RuPaul is famous for his fashion styles, makeup tips, and vocal performances. But aside from all of those things, he is also known for being candid about life and business. He has shared stories about past relationships, struggles with self-confidence, and more!

His ability to be real comes from growing up as the son of immigrants in Queens, New York. His father was Italian and his mother was Filipino, which makes him both ethnically mixed race and racially ambiguous.

This identity crisis led to some interesting developments in his early years. He would put on different accents and try out new shades of skin color to see what worked best to make himself feel better about who he was. It’s an inspiration for people who are struggling with their identities.

He is really good at telling funny, authentic stories, so when he decided to retire from performing while still in his twenties, he began hosting TV shows focused on entertaining and educating others through conversations and challenges.

These talks were mostly related to LGBT topics, but they also featured guests that included no one else than himself! He called this show The VJ Talk Show because it had only two rules: 1) No topic is off limit and 2) Only you can play listener (or viewer).

Since then, he has built an impressive career by creating entertainment content designed to connect with other people and have fun.

Appeared on TV

how did rupaul get famous

You may have seen Drag Race before, but you probably didn’t know who most of the contestants were. Most people recognize Ru as she is famous for her signature lip-syncing style and fashion choices. But how did this beautiful woman get here? She appeared in an episode of VH1’s Best Week Ever in 2012 where she sang “Toxic” by Britney Spears!

After singing her song, Ru changed into some very short shorts and a crop top and posed with one leg up while shaking her other foot. This kind of dancing was later coined drag and it has since become popular. People all over the world now perform what they call drag, or doing drag to express themselves.

Many people gain inspiration from watching Ru do her thing on television and practicing his or her own version of the art form.

Sold out venues

how did rupaul get famous

As mentioned earlier, with Drag Race, Ru has her own TV show that airs every month. This is what made her famous! She also hosts large-scale events like The VMA’s (Music Awards) for music festivals and New Year’s Eve parties at various locations around the world.

Not only does she have her television show, but she also makes enough money to pay off student loans! Her net worth is over $20 million dollars.

She is an inspiration to other people who love drag. Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of hers, watching her TV show or attending one of her events is still fun and entertaining.

Her success comes from her hard work and dedication to being in this business since it was first conceptualized. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the drag community, then start by looking into how to be a drag queen.

Became a celebrity

As mentioned earlier, with Drag Race, RuPaul is creating his own legacy as a television personality. He is also famous for his fashion looks and drag styles he creates. His look style has been described as “glitter assault” and includes lots of rhinestones and glitzy clothing and makeup.

He was not always known for being in the entertainment industry. Before Drag Race, he did some music and performed as Mimi Cat. Then he made an appearance on The VJ Competition where he won and now he is famous!

You may have seen him before on the show or heard his voice if you watch it or listened to one of his albums. Many people know who RuPaul is and what he does now, but how he got there is interesting to consider.

Made a movie

how did rupaul get famous

You may have heard of drag queen RuPaul, but how did she get there? She made her big screen debut in 2012’s The WB series VH1 Drag Race!

The show follows twelve aspiring drag queens as they compete to be crowned America’s next great drag superstar. Each week, one contestant is sent home due to poor performance or behavior.

But it's not just because of their lack luster performances that people lose faith in them, it’s usually for something completely unrelated — like when one contestant complained about being hungry and was told “You should always be hungry. That’s your state of mind.” Or when another said he wanted to stab someone after being rejected, and later received his wish when he tried to kill himself.

It seems these contestants are no longer invested in their success, which makes us want to pull our hair out.

Has a perfume

how did rupaul get famous

A few people know it, but not many, that is until now! Most of you have probably heard of her famous name before, but how did she get here? What made her famous? Why do we care about her so much?

It all started back in 1983 when she was seen dancing with The Real World’s Simon Best as they performed their rendition of “The Time Warp Dance.” She took off her shirt to reveal an underwire bra which set the stage for what would become one of the most recognizable celebrity brands today.

Her signature scent, Just Give Me This, hit the market in 2004 and has since sold over 5 million units worldwide. Many perceive this scent as being overly marketed, however, some find it very attractive and irresistible.

She also has several other products such as lipsticks, body lotions, and bath bombs, making her quite wealthy.

Has a book

how did rupaul get famous

In 1988, she launched her first solo tour as The Real People, performing as part of the name. She later changed it to Drag Race in 1997. Since then, Ru has built an empire off of her famous lip-syncing competition show!

Ru is well known for her signature look – long fake nails painted in matching colors with a lusciously thick coat of black mascara that almost looks like eyeliner! This is called “mascara drag” or just “drag makeup.” It is definitely a style that other drag queens have since copied!

Her second trademark are oversized feathered dresses designed to emphasize sexiness and divas flair. These are typically referred to as ‘lingerie’ dresses because they often do not have sleeves nor does it fully cover the arms.

She is also very well know for using bright, flashy jewelry such as rhinestones, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc.

Has a tattoo

how did rupaul get famous

Drag queen RuPaul is known for his flashy wardrobe, elaborate makeup looks, and of course, his famous lip-sync performances. But aside from all that, he has something even more impressive – a very well done black and white tattoo across his left bicep.

He got this tat in 1999 when he was just twenty years old. At the time it didn’t mean too much to him, but now it really does!

Ru got the tat at a Los Angeles shop called Ink For The People. He says they were talking about how hip hop artists get tattoos as decorations or fashion statements and she said you can do it too if you wanted to. So he did!

It took her around two hours to complete because there are so many layers to it. It takes around eight months to fully heal which is why people don’t usually have them after they're twenty year olds. When she's finished, she'll probably put up some pictures of it on social media.