How Did Rosie O'donnell Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, The Oprah Winfrey Show is one of the biggest talk shows in television history. It’s also arguably one of the most influential talk shows ever created. But before there was The Oprah Winfrey Show, there were talks about how people got famous.

Oprah herself has done several episodes dedicated to this very topic. She even made a book out of it! So why not give her own tips once again?

In this article I will be talking about some of the things that helped Rosie O’Donnell get popular as well. These are things like what blogs are, how she started writing online content, and more.

I will also include some stories and anecdotes from around the web. You can read them and see if they relate to you or your career.

Appeared in a movie

how did rosie o'donnell get famous

After graduating from college, actress Rosanna Orsi decided to pursue her dream of being an entertainment professional by trying out for various TV shows as a contestant. Her strategy was straightforward – she would put forth her best effort and be honest with herself and others about how she performed throughout the process.

This approach worked when she auditioned for The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1990. Since then, it has paid off tremendously for Orsini, who is now one of America’s most well-known celebrities.

She made her feature film debut in 1993′s Talk To Me, which is considered to be one of the top ten biggest moneymakers of that year. You may have seen some of her work before or after this small role, but nothing significant until now.

In 2002, Orsini portrayed media personality Elisabeth “Beth” Taylor on the sitcom Reba, which ran for eight seasons and currently boasts over 100 million views on YouTube! She also received two Emmy nominations for her performance as Beth during its run.

Her rise to fame as an actor was definitely not easy, however. It took years of training and dedication, but she always kept her focus and never gave up.

Was a correspondent

how did rosie o'donnell get famous

Before she was famous, Rosie O’Donnell did not have much of a career. She made her first appearance on TV in 1996 as a co-host for The Oprah Winfrey Show. Since then, she has had several other talk show stints and even tried her hand at stand up comedy!

But before all that, she was quite the popular television personality. Between 1994 and 1997, O’Donnell hosted The Morning Radio Show, which aired from 6 am to 9 am every morning.

She is also well known for being one of the original hosts of The View, where she sat with Whoopi Goldberg, Raven Symone, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. As of today, she remains a panel member along with Aisha Stinson, Ana Garcia-Smith, Sunny Bauchanschaert, and Paula Faro.

Her fame didn’t come overnight though. It took years for her to build an audience.

Was a commentator

how did rosie o'donnell get famous

Born in New York, she was raised as a Catholic and spent her early years trying to be a professional dancer before giving up due to persistent knee injuries. She then moved onto acting by taking classes at several universities and landing small roles.

It was her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show that really got her famous, however. In 1995, she joined the talk show as a panellist and never stopped talking since!

She is now one of America’s most well-known celebrities and has appeared in many TV shows and films.

Was a actress

how did rosie o'donnell get famous

As many of you know, Rosie is famous for being very outspoken about everything. She doesn’t seem to hold her tongue when it comes to politics or media either. Many people consider her excessive rhetoric to be annoying, but some admire her passion.

If you take a look back through her career, you’ll see that she has never been shy when it came to sharing her opinion.

She made her name as a television actress with shows like ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ and then later 'Rosie', before landing one of TV’s most coveted roles – Eliza Montgomery on The Goldbergs.

As we all know now, however, her run ended in early 2017 when reports surfaced alleging physical domestic violence against her former partner. Since then, she has mostly kept quiet about what happened, only posting occasional comments supporting those who have been victimized by an abusive relationship.

Was a singer

As a child, Rosie was very passionate about music. She would often perform her songs in front of family members or for other people. When she was eight years old, she sang her first song, which was “Happy Birthday”. Since then, she has been singing ever since!

She began taking voice lessons at age nine and received training from several teachers. Over time, she learned how to sing with confidence and volume.

Rosie loved performing as a kid and always had an audience. At times, she would even get paid to be a performer!

In high school, she performed in talent shows all around New York City. This gave her the opportunity to meet many talented individuals and inspire them to pursue their dreams.

After graduating college, she continued pursuing her dream of becoming a famous musician. Unfortunately, it took longer than expected because she didn’t have much money saved up.

Luckily, though, she was able to start working in the entertainment industry.

Was a comedian

how did rosie o'donnell get famous

As a child, Rosie loved to make people laugh. She would constantly get laughs at school events and during class presentations. This gave her an edge in social situations as she enjoyed making others chuckle.

Her favorite way to start of a comedy set is by telling a joke. At this stage, she will try to mimic someone else’s humor so that you can tell who their special guest was. For example, if Brad Pitt walked into the room, then Rosie would try to do a funny speech about how much he looks like his father.

This style of joking comes from being very good at telling stories yourself. Since jokes are a storytelling form, learning how to tell your own story well is a great way to hone your comic skills.

Was a writer

how did rosie o'donnell get famous

Before she was famous, Rosie O’Donnell was a well-known television writer. She made her writing debut in 1995 with an episode of The Simpsons titled “Lisa Goes Global.” Since then, she has penned several hit TV shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Chelsea Lately, and The Morning Show.

As hard as it is to believe now, back when O’Donnell first got into show business, she didn’t always plan on being rich and famous. In fact, she almost gave up on her dreams before they were even realized.

She started out working part time at Disney Channel while she pursued acting studies at Fordham University in New York City. It wasn't until years later that she decided to make the shift from student to professional actor.

It seems like every story about how O’Donnell became successful begins with her quitting or being fired. But instead of giving up, she picked herself off the ground and kept trying new things until she found success.

Was a painter

how did rosie o'donnell get famous

Born in New Jersey, Rosie first became well known for her painting skills. She received her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Temple University before moving to California. While studying art at UCLA she was scouted by an agent who got her several freelance design jobs. These designs were later published as merchandise or show decorations.

Her career took off when she designed a t-shirt with no neckline and model Lais Ribeiro wore it while doing a photoshoot. The media called it a “lewk” which is slang for fashion look. People loved it so much that they coined its own term — tank top. You can find many of Rosies paintings online and some pieces are sold officially through her website.


After her successful tank top, Rosie began designing clothing lines and eventually launched her very own collection. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoyed her clothes and style and she had to take most of them back. But she kept trying new styles and ideas and now has lots of fans and followers.