How Did Rihanna Get Famous?

By Tiara

As we all know, music is a huge part of our lives. It shapes how we listen to and perceive sounds, it helps us connect with others, and it can even influence how we feel about ourselves.

Music has always been an integral part of popular culture, but it was not until the 1980s that music truly took over society as we know it today. Technology made it possible for people to access and create music on their own at home, so they did!

Since then, artists have poured out heart and soul into creating new songs, experimenting with different genres, and connecting with other musicians. Music has become one of the biggest tools in shaping social identities, and it’s only getting more powerful.

In this article you will learn some fun ways to use music in your life, and see just how influential it can be.

Released her first album

how did rihanna get famous

As we know, music artists spend their lives in the studio recording songs and performing them live. It is an extremely hard job that requires lots of effort to succeed. They must constantly write new songs, find appropriate producers or writers for these songs, record all of this content, and then go back and edit and revamp the recordings until they are perfect.

It is very difficult to get through this process without making many mistakes. When you do make a mistake however, you have to start over! This can be quite expensive as most musicians are not paid much per song they produce.

By being popular, I mean having a large number of followers or fans who listen to your music regularly. A lot of people may already know what you like to put out so they will use your material when you are not able to create your own songs. This is why it is important to develop your craft and self-produce some of your materials if you want to remain relevant.

Rihana was famous before she even released her first album! She has been featured on TV shows and awarded prizes for her singing and dancing talent since she was a child. Her stage performance skills were remarkable, which helped her become famous later in life.

Her early success came from posting videos and songs online. Many people noticed how good she is at singing and asked her to share those talents with the world.

Sold out concerts

how did rihanna get famous

After joining Instagram in 2010, it took only a few months for RiRi to start picking up followers. Her eye-catching pictures had people flocking, and soon she was receiving several million likes per photo!

Her impressive following made her feel that there were things she could do with her music career by offering exclusive content or ‘behind the scenes’ photos and videos. This is what made her popular back then and still does now – she is an influencer!

Influencers are people who have a large social media audience due to their clever use of technology and marketing skills.

Appeared in the film Fenty

how did rihanna get famous

Before she was famous, there was RiRi. A 17-year-old Barbadian beauty with dreams of being an entertainer, Rihanna made her acting debut in 2007’s Jay Z movie No More Drama. She played VJ Jasmine, one of several characters that feature into the story about a struggling rapper trying to win back his ex-wife.

Videos and pictures of Rihanna from this time show someone who is shy but passionate about performing. It isn’t until you see her onstage self-possessed body language and fluid movements that you get a sense of how naturally she would become a professional actor.

After filming ended, however, it took months for people to realize just how popular Rihana had become. Even now, nine years later, many don’t understand the magnitude of her success.

But if you look at the numbers, it’s hard to ignore them. Her most successful songs are all within the past five years, which means they’ve been getting radio play and sales momentum for barely half of her career so far!

So why has she stayed so popular? Partly because she consistently puts out quality music, and partly because she uses her influence to help other artists.

Sold over 1 million copies of her album

how did rihanna get famous

When ‘Diamonds’ was released in September 2004, it became one of the biggest selling albums ever! The track that got people dancing and singing is actually called “Bass (You Got Me)”. It features music producer Jay-Z and lyrics about how his bass tone has you stuck.

That line also makes reference to a well known rap phrase which means if someone else does something great, you should give them praise.

Has won many awards

how did rihanna get famous

After launching her singing career as an 18-year-old with her first single “Diamonds,” in 1999, Rihannah has gone on to win several music awards, including three Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording for songs such as “Pour It Up” and “Stay!” She was also nominated eight times for Album of The Year, winning once for A Woman Mastered Her Heart.

Her other accolades include six Billboard Music Award nominations (including one for Top Artist) and two MTV Video Music Awards. In April 2016 she tied Michael Jackson by becoming only the second artist ever to be awarded both the Icon and Legends status at the VMA ceremony.

She is also the recipient of ten Guinness World Records for her achievements in music, fashion and technology.

Became a billionaire

how did rihanna get famous

After leaving her home in Barbados to pursue a career as an singer, music mogul RiRi took time to hone her craft before hitting it big. She spent around five years developing her singing voice and learning how to dance, choreograph, and film songs.

In 2007, just two years into her professional career, Rihannah landed a recording contract with Def Jam Records. Since then she has gone on to achieve iconic status as one of the most successful artists of all-time!

With more than 100 million records sold worldwide, Rihanna is among the top 10 best selling musicians ever. Her biggest hits include “Diamonds”, “Stay”, and her monster smash, “Umbrella”.

Her success also includes eight Grammy Awards and eleven Billboard Music Award nominations. The latter honor her for Best Pop Vocal Album for Anti and Breakthe Record For which she won.

She currently hosts MTV Live every Saturday night at 9pm EST and recently released her first book, titled Savage Love.

Married Chris Brown

how did rihanna get famous

After years of being in relationships with different people, it was clear that Chris needed to find himself and love again. He had been through so many break-ups and hurtful experiences, he could not keep doing this.

He wanted to start his life over once and for all, finding true happiness along the way. He hoped to meet someone who would accept him for who he is and work hard to make him happy.

He made an effort by changing his lifestyle, giving up drinking and smoking, and dedicating more time to his fitness. This gave him more energy for other things such as working and spending time with friends and family.

His social media accounts show us how much he has loved music his whole life, always sharing songs and artists. It seems like he put in a lot of effort into building his profile before launching into more professional ways to do business.

By creating his own brand, he made sure everything was consistent and set in place! His stage presence, lyrics, and videos tell you what kind of person he is and what type of artist he wants to be known as.

Chris’s success comes from his hard work and dedication to his career. He spent hours studying marketing and promoting his products online. He paid for courses and tutorials to learn about making a fan base and keeping them engaged with posts and messages.

He knows what types of content their peers liked and influenced them to check out.

Had a daughter

As we know, fame is never easy to achieve. It takes hard work and dedication for your life to really take off — and it can easily be lost just like that. For some, however, a young child or family member comes along and things seem to explode in success.

It’s always interesting to look back at these instances and see what factors played a part in their rise to stardom. In the case of pop singer/songwriter Rihanna, her son Kingston now has his own fan-following due to his father being famous before him!

Kingston was only three years old when he first met his parents in Barbados. Since then, he has seen them grow into one of the most well-known celebrity pairs in America. He also enjoys an impressive career of his own with music achievements too.

As fans of RiRi and Kingston will tell you, they both make for a very entertaining couple. They are constantly sharing sweet moments and pictures on social media which help win over new followers.

Since meeting each other, Rihanna and Chris Martin have been married twice and shares two sons together. While she may not technically have ‘parented’ Kingston as such, she definitely gives off the appearance of it!

In this article, we will discuss the many ways in which Rihana got where she is today – and how she managed to craft her successful career while parenting a small kid at a time.