How Did Rihanna Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, music is a major source of entertainment for most people. It can be anything from listening to an album for the first time or hearing your favorite song for the millionth time.

Music has always been a powerful tool in getting others into a mood or giving someone inspiration for what they are doing with their lives.

It is very versatile and can appeal to any person, at any stage in life. There are many ways to use music in your daily life, including as workout music, study music, relaxation music, and more.

R&B/hip-hop is one genre of music that has remained popular since it was created over twenty years ago. Many musicians have made their career off of songs within this genre, which is why it is so rich in content.

This article will talk about two main artists who got famous due to their relationship with rap. They both had a few hit singles but it was the whole album that propelled them into fame. Let’s take a look!

Artist : Jay Z

Song : Ruff n Ready

Release Date : May 2002 (2002)

Duration : 3 minutes 39 seconds

Influence : Eminem covered part of this song on his 2004 mixtape Infinite Mixture.

Released her first album

how did rihanna get famous

As we know, before anyone can be considered famous they have to release an album and people must recognize them from that album. This is what made Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande very popular!
As of today, RiRi has released nine studio albums and one live album so she’s in pretty good position to say she's famous.

She started off as a singer/songwriter who didn't do too well until she got into music business by writing her own songs and recording them.

Her first big break was with a song called “Pour It On” which received a lot of attention back in 2004.

Had a big hit song

how did rihanna get famous

After singing her first solo song at the age of nine, it did not take long for people to recognize RiRi’s potential as a singer! Her infectious voice has allowed her to sing many songs, but she is most well known for her performance of “Bass Down Low.”

That song was written by Sean Combs (also know as P Diddy), one of the music industry’s biggest powerhouses. He produced it and included his own vocals towards the end, making him the second person to contribute to the song!

He also helped shape RiRi’s career after offering her a record deal when she was just sixteen years old. Since then, she has released five studio albums and won several awards for her musical talent.

She even collaborated with some of the top artists in the business, such as Drake, The Weeknd, Katy Perry, and more. All of these collaborations have helped make her famous, and they have all received great reviews from music critics.

Was in a video

how did rihanna get famous

Back in 2007, before she was famous, RiRi was in a music video for what would become her first major hit as a recording artist. The song is called “Diamonds” and it features Jay-Z.

The lyrics include references to putting your money where your mouth is and telling people how you really feel which makes sense because the next line is “Tell me something I don’t know about you.”

So clearly this song is about someone who doesn’t trust their significant other and wants to know everything there is to know about them. That person also wants to be able to tell if they are being lied to or not which can sometimes get tricky.

But the thing that made this particular music video special wasn’t just the lyrical content, it was the way Rihanna interacted with the camera while singing.

She put her whole face into the frame creating an intimate setting and showing off her beautiful, soft skin and pouty lips. At one point she even closed her eyes which gave the scene more intensity.

That kind of intimacy has been a staple of hers ever since then. It’s part of why so many people have grown attached to her and why she continues to succeed as a musician. She always puts herself out there and shows her true self to the world which is very attractive.

Became a fashion icon

how did rihanna get famous

Before she was known for her singing, before she was famous for her flashy style, before she became a worldwide ambassador for beauty products, there was RiRi. She had just finished high school when she made her first appearance in a music video as an artist.

Her performance caught the eye of recording executives who wanted to work with her. Since then, she has spent most of her time touring or recording songs. But aside from that, she has also designed many pieces of clothing and hit the runway herself!

She is one of the highest paid musicians in the world and consistently receives praise for her artistic talent. Her influence continues to grow every day!

I’m sure you have seen pictures, videos, and stories about how popular she has become. It seems like everyone knows at least one song by her, if not several!

But what people may not know is why she got so famous. What qualities helped her rise to such heights? This article will try to answer those questions!

Becoming Famous For Being You

As we mentioned earlier, Rihanna did not start out trying to be famous. She simply loved performing and enjoyed listening to music.

However, it wasn't until she recorded her own songs that people started paying attention. When she put her unique blend of styles into her tracks, they received lots of positive feedback.

Sold out shows

how did rihanna get famous

As mentioned earlier, before she was famous, Rihannah was busy developing her music career. Between singing and songwriting for other artists, recording your own songs, hosting YouTube videos and filming Vlogs, there wasn’t much time to focus on promoting herself as an artist.

But all that changed in 2009 when Rihanna released her self-produced album “Good Girl Gone Bad.” The album included hit singles like "Bass Bumpin'", "SOS" and "Umbrella".

Not only did the songs become popular hits themselves, but they also gave Rihanna the platform to showcase her talent as a singer and musician.

Since then, Ri has not slowed down any bit! She is constantly touring and releasing new albums and songs. Her most recent studio album is titled “Anti.

Made a movie

how did rihanna get famous

After moving to Los Angeles, California in her early twenties, Barbadian singer/songwriter and fashion icon RiRi (short for Rebah Nicole) Fazila made an unexpected splash onto the music scene with her first feature film role as Monica Geller, the tough but lovable mother of TV sitcom The Office.

The critically acclaimed comedy series premiered back in 2009 and ran through 2013. Since then, it’s enjoyed several successful reboots across various platforms including Netflix where it has since been renewed for a second season.

Monica is arguably one of the show’s most well-known characters thanks to her signature catchphrase “I am not fat!” which she spouts after any sort of weight gain or loss. Her self-belief in this mantra helped shape many young women’s perception of their own body shapes.

As such, RiRi’s choice to include this line in her 2019 song Why Can’t We Just Be Friends? is particularly poignant given that it references her relationship breakup with former fiancé Drake.

Since sharing the track last month, it has amassed over 1 million views along with around 200 comments ranging from praise to criticism. Some even went so far as to suggest that her inclusion of the phrase was damaging to overweight people’s self-esteem.

Became a superstar

how did rihanna get famous

As we know, before she was famous she had to go through a very long process of being discovered. She needed to build up her fan base and media presence with gushy interviews and videos before people took her seriously as an artist.

Her first big break came when Ne-Yo heard some of her songs and asked for her to be his feature on his album. After that he invited her onto his tour where she got even more attention!

She then landed two main songwriting credits in 2016, one for “Needed Me” which peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and another for “Diamonds” featuring DaBaby which also hit number three.

After those success stories, it wasn't too hard to see how popular she had become.

Started a fashion line

how did rihanna get famous

Before she was known for her singing, before she was famous for her bubbly personality and vibrant style, before she had over 1 billion followers on Instagram, Rihannah Fashions was another brand that people knew about. The word got out through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where many brands are given exposure.

In August 2010, just one year after launching her site, RihaNrah bought an orange dress at Kohl’s! She took several pictures in it and posted them to her then-two thousand followers on YouTube and Facebook. People loved it and soon she began designing more clothing.

Her first collection included white shirts with black ruffles and lace front dresses, all under the name “Rihannan” (no space) because she wanted to keep things simple. Since then, she has designed clothes for lots of different companies including Gap, Target, and Victoria’s Secret.

She is also very active on other platforms such as Snapchat and YouTube by adding herself or others as sponsors.