How Did Ray J Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, A-listers are always in Vogue! They are constantly sharing their fashion styles, diets, and new ventures with the world via various media outlets. In fact, most of us look up to these famous people and can learn something from their style, diet, and lifestyle choices.

Raymond Joseph “Basketball” Jackson is one such celebrity who seems to have an endless supply of energy. He has graced our screens for over two decades now as a popular singer, actor, entrepreneur, and sports analyst.

His rise to fame happened rather quickly but he still maintains his high level of popularity. Why? Because he keeps himself in shape at all times by working out and staying busy.

In this article, you will find out some fun ways to work out with no equipment needed! These workouts can be done anywhere or even outside if desired. Some may call him ‘The Gym Teacher’ but he would probably deny that nickname. Read on to discover more about his workout routine and how you can apply it to your own life.

Transition Run/Walk

This exercise could be called a short walk followed by a quick run or a fast jog immediately after the walk. This way you do not need any equipment to perform this activity. You can also do it outdoors if necessary.

Many fitness experts recommend doing this exercise twice a week and maybe even more depending on what day it is.

Ray J became famous through his stage shows

how did ray j get famous

As we mentioned earlier, he started performing at large raves where there were many people and lots of drinks. He would always be seen hanging out with the crowd, interacting and singing along to songs.

He would also do some pretty crazy things like dancing in his underwear or shaving his legs! These performances are what made him popular as people filmed them and posted it online for everyone to see.

His first big break was from doing an Instagram Live video that got over half a million views. This is when more people began to recognize his talent and influence. He has since then done several other IG live videos which have gathered even more attention.

He started a record label

how did ray j get famous

After his initial success as a recording artist, actor, and producer, he decided to start his own music company. In 2002, Ray signed several artists under his label, Rottman Music Group. Artists that received major exposure from this company include singer-songwriter Mario Jones and rapper Trae.

Ray eventually left his job at MTV to focus completely on his music career. His first album with the company was called The Real You. Since then, he has recorded five more albums and launched two successful singles.

His most famous song is probably “Betcha Can’t Take This Outta Me.” It was featured in the movie Confessions of A Dangerous Mind and won him an Academy Award for Best Song in 2003.

He started dating Kim Kardashian

how did ray j get famous

After years of being in the public eye, he now has his own show! And you can’t take away his fame for being famous- that was made way back when he first became popular.

In fact, it wasn’t until he met and began to date reality TV star Kim Karsonah in 2007 that things really took off for him.

He is still very well known today, even though she never finished her degree or found work other than as a part time yoga instructor. But he is no longer the same person since then!

Now he has his own talk show which he hosts with comedian Jeff Ross. The show is called The Reunion Tour and it features guests who have broken up and are trying to get back together again.

It is interesting to watch people try to patch up their relationships and see what works and doesn’t work during these talks. It's also great watching them chat about why they broke down before and how to fix things in the future.

He married Kim Kardashian

how did ray j get famous

After six years of dating, in May 2013, the couple got engaged. The wedding took place at Trump Towers in Miami on November 15th, with over 1 million viewers watching via YouTube as well as TV!

The newlyweds started their marriage with very little money but have now lived lavishly since then. They bought a house together in Beverly Hills for $4.5 million and spent another $2.8 million to renovate it.

They also paid $3 million for a boat and renovated that too. All three properties are listed by Zillow as worth less than $5 million.

Not only do they enjoy living in expensive houses, but they also make a lot of money from being famous. Both of them have featured on several hit shows including Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Marriage And Kids, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kim has her own show, Life In A Day, which she filmed while pregnant with North. That ended up going national and is seen by tens or even hundreds of millions of people every week.

Ray has his own podcast where he interviews other celebrities and has raised around half a million dollars for charity.

He filed for bankruptcy

how did ray j get famous

In May of 2011, just two months after his engagement to Kim Kardashian broke up, he announced that he had filed for bankruptcy! At the time, he listed his assets at $3 million and over half a million in debt.

He owed more than $2.5 million in loans from various creditors including credit cards, business lines of credit, and personal loans. As part of his settlement with these lenders, he agreed to be branded as “impaired” or “under-qualified” for certain loan products.

This means he will not be able to get some types of credit for life. But he can still pay normal monthly bills like utilities and house payments – he just won’t receive any extra rewards points or lower interest rate offers.

It is important to note that while it may look like Ray was avoiding paying off his debts, this is actually the opposite. By filing for bankruptcy, he eliminated most of his liabilities so they no longer appear on his credit report. This makes it easier for him to borrow money in the future!

His biggest creditor was an auto lender who took full ownership of his car due to unpaid fees and expenses. Since then, he has been paying down the remaining balance slowly but surely.

He was arrested

how did ray j get famous

In June of 2016, actor/singer/business man Ray J was arrested for battery after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend at her apartment in Atlanta. The alleged victim called police to report that she had been physically assaulted by him.

According to TMZ, surveillance footage shows Ray entering the building with his then-girlfriend before they left together in his car. A few minutes later, however, he returned alone and walked up to her door. Once inside, the two began arguing and things got physical.

It is unclear what started the argument but according to eyewitnesses, it appeared as though Ray was trying to hit his ex-partner. When she blocked him, he punched her several times and broke one of her front teeth.

He was eventually able to make his way into his vehicle where he grabbed some belongings. Before leaving, he backed over part of her bed which sent pieces flying everywhere.

Ray fled the scene but was tracked down soon afterwards when another witness called 911. He was subsequently placed under arrest. It is unknown whether or not he has retained legal representation at this time.

In an interview with AllHipHop, his current partner said that the altercation was due to their relationship breaking down and that Ray acted violently towards her because he wanted revenge. She also stated that he does have issues with anger management.

While most people would think that being arrested for assault would be met with sympathy, hers wasn’t quite the case.

He sued his ex-wife

how did ray j get famous

In May of 2017, just over a year after he filed for divorce, Ray announced that he would be suing his estranged wife, Janay.

He claimed she had fabricated an incident in which she hit him with their two-year old son, Future. The police were called to the house but they didn’t press charges so it never went into court.

The lawsuit claims that this was part of a ‘scheme’ designed to get publicity and help her gain sympathy from other people. It also says that she made up another story about how he choked and threatened to kill their son.

This is very serious matter as domestic violence can lead to death or long term health problems for your children.

It’s important to know what laws exist to protect yourself against domestic abuse.

He has a daughter

how did ray j get famous

As many of you know, Ray J is in the midst of his very successful marriage right now with Kia. They have a beautiful 9-year-old girl named Royalty.

He’s also got another little one on the way! According to reports, he and Kia are expecting their second child any day now! She would be their first baby born after 10 years together.

She already shares a bond with her big sister as they share an incredible relationship. When she isn’t spending time with her parents, she can usually be found watching movies or playing games on her phone.

Her favorite movie at this age was The Grinch. And her favorite game was Candy Crush. But she doesn’t play it like most people do.

She makes her moves fast and quickly before pausing for a while to make sure everything seems okay before moving onto the next level.

Not only does she love to watch movies and play games, but she loves to learn new things as well. Her current favorites include learning how to bake and studying psychology.

When she grows up, she wants to help other people by teaching them about different theories such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and social skills training.

Overall, Ray’s not too flashy, nor is he always talking about how famous he is. However, he definitely shows his passion and dedication towards his family all the time.