How Did Rachel Zegler Get Famous

By Tiara

As you read this, Rachel is busy working to promote her new show! It was just announced that she will be hosting The Chipping Hour, a health-related talk show on Disney Channel!

Her first episode of The Chipping Hour drops in June and she’s sharing all the gory details with us here!

Rachel has made several TV appearances before, including as a contestant on Dance Moms and I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!, but this is her biggest role to date. She is also well known for starring in Nickelodeon shows like Drake & Josh and iCarly!

What many people don't know about Rachel is that she's very passionate about fitness. Her love for exercise started when she was little, so she had lots of opportunities to practice it. Since then, she has built up her strength by doing various sports (like dancing) and weight training (weight lifting).

She now wants to share these skills with other kids! So she created our topic for today - how did Rachel get famous because of her passion for fitness?

In this article, we'll look into some of Rachel's childhood experiences with fitness, and how they helped shape her life as an adult.

Other celebrities that know her

Many famous people know Rachel because of her work as a fashion designer, but she is also well known for being an outspoken person. She has many social media followers who enjoy listening to her talk about everything from diet tips to politics.

In May 2018, Rachel announced her retirement as a clothing designer due to health reasons. Since then, she has been focusing on promoting wellness through nutrition and exercise.

She now works as a full-time lifestyle blogger and speaker. Her main focus is on nutritional education and gut health.

Rachel’s way of eating is known for being very healthy. She doesn’t drink alcohol and eats mostly vegetables and fruits with some meat here and there.

She supplements her meals with probiotics to improve her overall digestive health.

She has a podcast

how did rachel zegler get famous

A few years ago, Rachel Ziegler left her job as an attorney to focus on raising her family. But she wasn’t quite ready to give up working completely, so she decided to start hosting live listening sessions via YouTube.

Her first broadcast was with her son who asked some very poignant questions about being a parent. Since then, her show has grown into a popular podcast that now boasts more than 1 million monthly listeners!

Rachel shares stories answers questions and breaks down hard lessons she learned along the way in her career and life. Her audience loves her no-nonsense approach and honest conversations peppered with humor and inspiration.

She also talks about what it takes to be successful – both professionally and personally – and how you can apply those skills to your own life.

So if you're struggling to find the motivation or feel like you're walking around with your head cut off, I recommend giving her show a listen. You'll learn something new.

She is a commentator

how did rachel zegler get famous

As mentioned earlier, Rachel has worked as an analyst for The X Factor Australia and This Morning as a member of their entertainment panels.

Her career took off in 2016 when she was hired by Channel 9 to be a panelist on The Talk Show with Ross Stevenson. Since then, she has been featured on many more TV shows such as Studio 2, Graham Kennedy’s Sunday Breakfast, The Circle, Have A Look Today, and The Midday Wrap.

Rachel is also very popular online. Her fun, witty style makes her seem like someone that people would want to talk to! She has over 1 million followers on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

She also has her podcast which you can find here on iTunes or at

She is a blogger

how did rachel zegler get famous

As mentioned earlier, Rachel started her career as an online writer for small business blogs. Her writing style was very motivational and inspirational, just like her personal life.

Her first big break into internet fame came when she wrote an article about how to be happier. The article got enough attention that it was picked up by a large website with millions of visitors every month. Since then, Rachel has mostly written about happiness and wellness, including health tips, diet ideas, and ways to motivate yourself.

She has also published some controversial pieces, such as one about why parents need to let their children fail so they can learn from those failures. Many people agree and many disagree, but either way, everyone knows who she is now!

Rachel’s success comes not only from her writing but also from her engaging personality and dedication to in-depth research and education. While she may write quickly, she takes her time editing his work and making sure everything is perfect.

She always credits her colleagues and other writers for helping inspire her to keep developing her craft. And while she may seem soft and friendly at times, she doesn’t show much leniency when it comes to things she feels are wrong or dishonest.

She is a celebrity chef

how did rachel zegler get famous

As we mentioned before, Rachel started her career as a business owner. She was so successful that she had to give up her apartment and start living in a hotel. Her restaurant, ROR! (pronounced ‘rock’), has since then gathered a large fan base and loyal followers.

Her success comes from being passionate about what she does. When you watch her cook show or eat at one of her restaurants, this passion is palpable.

She loves food and people talk about it A LOT. This helped her gain recognition and now she has her TV show where she teaches others how to make delicious meals.

You have likely watched one of her cooking shows or visited one of her restaurants at some point.