How Did Rachel Zegler Get Famous

By Tiara

As mentioned before, Rachel is most famous for her dance moves she incorporated into YouTube videos. These include her popular style called The Robot, as well as her own unique dances that have garnered her many fans.

One of these new dances was inspired by an animated movie she saw where there’s this character in the film who does this really cool move when they put their hands together. So, she modified it to make it easier to do and added some funky beats to it!

Her new dance has been coined The Wave by her and other YouTubers since then. It has also received several different names such as Hand-Together Dance or just Handy (no official name yet!).

Rachel now has over 1 million subscribers on her channel, which is pretty impressive! She makes beautiful dancing look so easy, which is what truly inspires others to try out new things.

She is very passionate about dance and loves to share her passion with others. Since starting her career online as a dancer, she has appeared on TV shows, done live performances, and even competed in various dance competitions.

Overall, she feels like she found her voice as an artist through social media and music, and she is still growing as an artist.

Appeared in a TV commercial

how did rachel zegler get famous

After filming her first ad, where she used liquid soap instead of powder, Zeglars was asked to do an additional round of commercials. She agreed, and got even more exposure for her product!

Her second advertisement featured her doing a braid with shampoo in it. Her long blonde hair quickly became very popular as people shared their braids on social media sites.

Zeglors now has over 2 million followers on Instagram alone! She also enjoys sharing fun pictures and videos of herself via her personal account.

Her success comes from being passionate about what you are trying to accomplish and investing time into your craft.

Became a YouTube sensation

how did rachel zegler get famous

After posting her first video, ‘Why Men Love Dogs’, in May 2017, Rachel received over 1 million views within 24 hours! Her channel now has more than 2.8 million followers and 250+ videos with around 5-10k likes per clip.

Rachel didn’t do anything special to get popular – she simply posted fun, entertaining dog content that people wanted to see!

Her style is very casual, so you will often find her shooting dogs while wearing jeans or sweatshirt dress up clothes. She also does some creative editing which makes her clips interesting to watch.

Since starting her career as a YouTuber, Rachel has collaborated with brands such as Petsmart and Vevo to create new videos, launched her own line of products, and landed several influencer positions.

She is currently an ambassador for Pawzitively, a company that raises money for animal shelters through pet contests, and hosts a podcast where she interviews other dog professionals.

Appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

how did rachel zegler get famous

Many people know comedian, writer, actress, and singer Rachel Zeldin as the witty girl with lots of smiles. But not many know her secret weapon — she is in fact, very talented at singing!

Rachel has performed solo songs like “Baby I’m A Vamp” and “I Will Never Let You Down (Never)” and duets such as Adele‘s “Mamma Mia” and Beyoncé‘s “Single Girl Money.”

She also sang the song you may have heard during TV show episodes when contestants perform a favorite song or if they win the competition. That song is called “Tomorrow” and it is sung by Beck.

It was actually made into an episode for The Voice of America where Team Blake picked Rachel to be their winner. It aired in May 2016 and was entitled “The Winner Is…”

After winning The Voice, Rachel released her first album titled Just Listen which featured some of her songs along with covers and new compositions. Since then, she has continued to release more music including collaborations with other artists and recording cover songs.

Overall, this artist knows how to work a crowd and loves to sing so she makes for a perfect performer.

Released a book

how did rachel zegler get famous

After she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in journalism, Rachel started working as an editorial writer for The Star Press, a weekly newspaper located just outside of Chicago. It was here where her career really took off.

Rachel wrote her first article at The Star Press when she was twenty-two years old — about how to prepare vegetables. She later published her first article while still a student at Northern Illinois University — it discussed why reading books is important.

Since then, Rachel has written over one hundred articles and spent several hours per week writing for different newspapers and magazines.

She now works as a staff journalist at Business Insider, where she writes business news stories and features. Her work has been featured by The New York Times, USA Today, and NPR, among others.

Her passion for storytelling makes her especially good at investigative reporting, which she has done several times for Business Insider. In one such piece, she investigated whether big corporations are incentivizing their top executives to promote wasteful products.

In another project, she uncovered whether certain popular foods are actually necessary for health.

Became a meme

how did rachel zegler get famous

People have made fun of her for years now, but it’s because she marketed herself well. When people make fun of you, it is because they perceive you to be too self-focused and obsessed with your own success.

Rachel has always focused on what makes her successful, and that can sometimes come across as very arrogant. But it’s not necessarily bad at all!

By having an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, you will know how to improve in the areas where you need help. You will also be aware of your blind spots so you can focus on learning about those fields instead.

That way, you don’t waste your time studying things that aren’t a strong point for you, which can save you a lot of money and effort. The same goes if you are already familiar with something, great!
But if you're not, why would you spend your hard earned cash educating yourself when you could just as easily buy a product that does the same thing? Or better yet, teach someone else how to use it!

The more you expose yourself to different ideas and concepts, the wider your horizons become. That's a good thing. It helps you feel less limited in terms of knowledge and potential applications for life. - Daniel Gartner

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Was in the Netflix documentary series, The House of Cards

how did rachel zegler get famous

As mentioned earlier, she was featured in an episode of The Office as being ruthlessly efficient when it came to workplace efficiency. This did not go unnoticed, especially after her famous line “I will hunt you down and kill you!”

Her appearance in the show made her popular all over again. People loved her dramatic performance as she portrayed someone who would go above and beyond for those she cared about.

She has also appeared in other TV shows such as Bates Motel, NCIS: Los Angeles, Psych, Mr. Robot, Suits, Alias, and more recently In the Heartbeat. She has also lent her voice to several animated films and video games.

Zest is known for his energetic performances and charisma he brings to every role he takes on. He has been described as having a fun personality that people find interesting to be around.

Made a cameo in the movie, The Nut Job

how did rachel zegler get famous

In an effort to gain more attention for her acting career, Rachel made a brief appearance as herself in the 2017 film The Nut Job. She plays the character of Assistant Director, which is the second highest position at the zoo where main characters Hazel and Eustace spend most of their time trying to save animals.

The scene comes right after one of the main protagonists (Hazel) rescues what she thinks is a bear but is actually just a very large squirrel. When they realize it’s not a bear but rather a rhinoceros, the two zoologists are left with no choice but to take the creature home.

Rachel appears briefly towards the end of the clip dressed in a black dress with white stripes and sunglasses, walking out of the house onto a beach. You can tell she was having fun while filming this small part because she kept cracking jokes and laughing.

Was cast as Veronica Mars in a TV show revival

how did rachel zegler get famous

While filming her final season of The Office, actress Kristen Bell asked if there was any chance we could get another season of Veronica Mars. Since then, she has made it happen! In fact, she got so passionate about the potential return that she even pitched the project to creator Bryan Genelle himself.

He loved it, and now he’s helping bring the show back via an online series called VMWORLD!, which will be adapted by Jason Head and Chris Dokey for Netflix.

Veronica Mars is such a well-known character with both fans and media members that bringing back the detective franchise isn’t quite the big deal some might think. It would almost be easier to launch a new mystery series starring someone who hasn’t been famous before!

So why should you care? Because you are probably already a fan!

Many people know Kristen Bell from her work on television and film, but she also enjoys singing and dancing. She took up dance after being inspired by watching Dance Moms.

Her favorite style of music includes anything from hip hop to rock to R&B, and she loves listening to all types of artists. Her favorite bands include No Doubt, Paramore, One Direction, and Taylor Swift.

As far as she knows, she is never done talking or shouting, and she is always willing to try something new.