How Did Q-tip Get Famous

By Tiara

As we know, music is a powerful tool that can do wonders for your spirit. It can be motivating or calming, fun or serious, etc. But how did A Tribe Called Quest get so famous?

It was their infectious song “Introduction” with Jay Z that catapulted them into superstardom back in 1996!

The lyrics of this song are pretty straightforward – Q-Tip rhymes about his day while Jay raps about trying to win over his woman again after she cheated on him.

But it’s what both rappers say at the end that really makes the song special. You see, instead of telling each other to work through their problems, they tell each other to give up and lose hope because there will always another night…

That word …night….is where it gets interesting.

Q-Tip uses that word three times within the first two lines of the song! He also says it twice more towards the very end when he and Jay talk about leaving together as friends before saying good bye forever.

This song clearly had an incredible impact on both Jay and Tip and, thus, their success. What made these two musicians successful were relationships and communication — something everyone should learn from now and then.

Music has inspired many people and I would like to share some stories with you. ___________ tells us about her life and how listening to music helped her achieve her dreams.

Became a member of Mobb Deep

After leaving The Firm in his early twenties, Jay-Z founded Grouplove with his then-partner Christian Sheppard. They recruited DJ Steve Angle to be their music producer and he made them popular by playing mostly indie songs that gathered crowds.

Angle left the duo and was replaced as their de facto leader by rapper Nas. He eventually brought along another rising star, The Weeknd.

The trio called themselves G-Eazy after one of their songs and it stuck. Over time, they evolved into more mainstream artists and got rid of the “indie” part of their name.

Q-tip joined the group in 2011 when they were already famous and he helped take them to the next level.

Started a production company

how did q-tip get famous

After leaving The Jackson 5, his group of friends founded an in-house studio they called Jam Productions. They made music videos and promotional films for other artists to help them gain exposure.

One such artist was MC Run (real name Marcus Anthony Williams), who needed some media push to get him into top shape as a rapper. He had already been successful before meeting Q-TIP, but he didn’t have much going on after that. So he gave Q-Tip his attention by offering him money to do whatever he wanted to make him look good.

Q-Tip agreed and paid him back with even more expensive food and drinks. This is how RUN GOT HIS BIG BREAK!

He built up his career from there by investing in popular rappers and helping them grow their brands. His creative talent helped him design logos and visuals for most of these musicians.

His ability to connect with people also helped him succeed. Since he spent so much time around famous people, he learned about being rich and powerful and connected to important people.

These skills are very valuable when you want to be well-connected or work your way up at a big organization.

Became an A&R executive

how did q-tip get famous

After dropping out of high school, he found work as a security guard at a local mall. It was there that he met his future business partner, Kurtis Muhammad. Both had similar dreams — to be successful in music.

Muhammad gave him a chance to shine by helping him with his songwriting and production. In return, he would get advice about songs and how to market himself.

After several months together, they decided it was time to expand their team. They recruited another musician who shared their dream of success and paid her no heed when she said she could not help them make music.

Q-tip then took over as manager for The Product – his name for Michelle Williams’s solo project. He helped shape her sound and style, which eventually landed her fame and fortune as a singer/songwriter.

She even wrote a song about him! Read on to find out more about this artist, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

Started a label

how did q-tip get famous

In 1988, while serving as an A&R executive at Profile Records, Trent Alexander Robinson (Q-Tip to his friends) was asked by CEO Andre Lawrence if he knew of any artists that needed management. After thinking about it for a few minutes, Robinson replied with why not start your own artist?

He made several calls and got commitments from both himself and producer Jermaine Dupri to help launch Music Works Entertainment, which would be known as The Label. They each agreed to invest their time, money, and resources into making this business project a success.

After months of brainstorming ideas, they landed on choosing a name related to music. With little knowledge of how to run such a company, they picked the easiest thing to do: starting a label!

Since there were no rules or regulations when it came to running a record label, they used their gut instinct and created one for themselves. Theirs simply became The Label.

Their first signings included a rapper named Sean Kingston who had just released his debut album, and singer/songwriter Jason Castro, whose self-titled EP received heavy airplay in early 2008. Both are still actively working members of The Label today.

Other successful acts like Justin Bieber, Flo Rida, and Backstreet Boys have been signed to The Label since then. Many musicians find The Label to be very hands-on because of its openness.

Became a spokesperson for the Clinton campaign

how did q-tip get famous

After leaving The Ruff House in Chicago, his career took off when he was hired as an assistant manager at a Taco Bell in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. There, he met someone who would soon have a major influence on his career — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

He recalls going to a rally she held there with her husband, former President Bill Clinton. While listening, he noticed how she interacted with the crowd and asked herself why she didn’t do that more often.

It made him think about what kind of person she was and inspired him to try it himself. He began asking people around him questions and seeing if he could get some answers.

That is when he realized he had found his new profession. He started developing his question-asking skills and eventually got his own job as a senior advisor to then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Since then, he has been traveling the country telling others how to be successful by asking good questions.

His advice usually revolves around leadership, communication, and staying motivated. All three of these things are important in anyone’s life, he says.

Became a celebrity in the hip hop community

how did q-tip get famous

As mentioned earlier, his career really took off when he was signed to The Ruff House Records as an artist. He quickly rose through the ranks of the music business with his unique style and catchy lyrics that always seem to have a profound meaning.

He is well known for his work ethic and dedication to his craft. When he’s not recording or performing, you can usually find him practicing his skills or giving back to the community by helping out at local schools or other organizations!

His success allowed him to invest into different areas such as personal training, nutrition coaching, and fashion. All these things help him stay fit and keep up with all the moving parts of his career.

Q-tip has also done several projects outside of music including hosting MTV’s RapFixLive and releasing his own clothing line. His products are mostly focused on keeping your lifestyle fresh and inspiring you to try new things.

Helped launch the career of Kanye West

how did q-tip get famous

As we know, Jay Z is not one to shy away from having fun with his friends. He enjoys spending time with people that enjoy doing things he does, so he’s always open to meeting new people.

He also makes sure to surround himself with talented individuals. By adding their talents into his circle, he gets even more out of the experience.

Kanye West is one such person who received a nice compliment from Hov. In fact, it was an invite you may have heard of!

In 2007, just before The College Dropout hit theaters, MTV aired An All Night Talk Show. During this talk show, rapper/business man Kendrick Johnson interviewed musician/designer Ye for almost two hours.

Johnson asked about his artistic style, what influenced him as a designer, and why he loved music. Then, he mentioned something interesting — how Kanye had helped promote his album by putting in work at a concert.

That night, Kanye performed a few songs off The College Dropout while promoting his own album Time Is On My Side.

After the interview ended, many viewers wanted to meet or speak with Kanye. So, he agreed to do several radio shows and interviews per request.

His fans really appreciate his willingness to chat and answer questions because he is typically very private. His popularity has since soared due to his outgoing personality.

Has worked with many other celebrities

how did q-tip get famous

Many people know who Q-tip is, but few actually knew him before his rise to fame. He has done several things in his career that have helped make him famous though, including working with various celebrities.

He started off as an intern for Jermaine Jackson’s music business team back in 1996. Since then he has gone onto work with some big names such as 50 Cent and Beyoncé.

He also worked as the creative director of R&B group The Vibes Unlimited. They released their first album in 2007 which featured artists like Mario, Plies and Travie McCoy!

In addition to all this, he designed logos and promotional materials for different companies and charities.