How Did Polo G Become Famous

By Tiara

As seen with many others before him, he rose to internet fame for being very entertaining and witty. His wit covers a wide range of topics, including politics, religion, and of course, celebrities! He has also done some pretty shocking things like releasing his full album online or buying a house because he made a lot of money off of his YouTube channel!

He’s always keeping it fun by posting new videos and staying in touch with his subscribers. Many people now consider him as an influencer due to the fact that his channel is so popular.

His success comes not only from his humor, but also his charismatic personality. When you watch one of his videos, you feel connected to him and his audience.

Then, he appeared in a music video called “Rich Gang”

how did polo g became famous

In this song, he calls himself the "champ champ" of the rap game. He also references how his money is too much like water and it keeps flowing. This lyric was heavily debated because some people interpreted it to be about him having lots of money compared to other people.

Many theories have been put forward as to why he made this statement. Some say it is an inspiration for his success while others claim that he just wanted to be known for using strong metaphors.

After that, he released another song called “Cash Money”

how did polo g became famous

Both of these songs received massive amounts of praise from music critics. Many considered both to be catchy new tracks with incredible lyrics.

The first verse of his latest hit goes like this: "I got money in my wallet/ And I'm just trying to spend it" He then continues by telling us about how much alcohol he drank before making the song, which helped him write some parts of it.

He also admits to smoking marijuana and taking ecstasy before recording the song as well. All of these substances gave him inspiration for the lyrics he wrote!

His lyrics tell the story of someone who has a lot of money but does not know what to do with it. They think about buying things but never actually do because they are afraid they will run out soon. This makes them feel more empty than ever.

This is why the singer uses the word 'empty' several times during the song. You can listen to the song yourself here.

Finally, he released a diss track called “Polo G vs. Lil Pump”

how did polo g became famous

After months of being taunted by his rival, Polo finally responded with his first official song titled "Bitch I'm On Fire." In it, he alludes to several events that led up to him releasing this track including how he was constantly insulted about his looks and lifestyle and how he felt like he had to defend himself against accusations of racism.

He also took aim at Lil Pump for making fun of his nose and bald head and telling people that he needed cosmetic surgery in order to look better. Even though he is clearly not interested in changing his appearance, he made light of it saying that he would instead try eating more potatoes or practicing yoga.

His final insult came when he mentioned how Lil Pump once said that black men are only famous because they have big mouths and asked if he wanted to see one that wasn't. He then gave an example of someone who didn’t have a mouth and still managed to get some attention.

This all happened in 2018

how did polo g became famous

In March of this year, an Instagram user named Lexy0x3 posted a picture that would forever change his life. She called it “The Best Throw Up Ever” and shared the recipe for it.

In her caption, she mentioned how much her son loved the throw up so she made him some. When he ate it, however, he started feeling sick.

He complained about stomach pain and nausea and took some Advil to feel better. A few hours later, though, his symptoms got worse. He was dizzy and tired and had trouble breathing.

Lexy immediately contacted their family doctor and then went into action. Luckily, they were able to find out what was wrong and get appropriate treatment quickly.

After coming home from the hospital, Lexy told people what had caused her child’s illness and spread word of the throwup remedy. Many parents thanked her and said her advice helped save their kid’s lives!

Some even heard about the health benefits of throwing up and learned new ways to do it. It is still not known exactly why this worked, but many kids have been cured using this method since then.

Since then, Polo has built an online community of millions who learn about potential cures via his website and YouTube channel. He also shares tips and tricks for doing your own throwups and curing your own illnesses.

Polo G released another song called “Cash Money”

how did polo g became famous

After his debut, Polo quickly landed several collaborations with artists such as Rich The Kid, Yung B, Trae Williams, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, T-Pain, and more. He also featured in songs by other artists including Drake (“Too Good”) and Chris Brown (“Look At You!”).

Polo has always been known for throwing down hard, but he took it up a notch when he started rapping about money. His lyrics are almost exclusively focused on how expensive everything is and how much cash he has.

He also frequently drops references to big houses, private jets, and flashy cars. It's like he can't stop talking about how rich he is!

His loyal fan base seems to enjoy it too since he usually receives very positive reactions on Twitter and YouTube.

Then, he appeared in a music video called “Rich Gang”

how did polo g became famous

The song itself is very off-the-wall. In fact, it features some of the most outlandish lyrics you will ever read. If you cannot relate to that at all, then perhaps this article isn’t for you.

The main focus of the lyric is how young people with money are not doing anything good with their lives. They spend all day thinking about what they can buy instead of investing in things like education or career opportunities.

At the end of the verse, the rapper asks why there aren’t more successful people out there. He says it is because we don’t know who the rich people really are.

He continues by telling his audience that if they want to be wealthy themselves, then they need to learn from the rich. Only then will they find out how to get there themselves.

After that, he released another song called “Rich Gang”

how did polo g became famous

The lyrics to this song are very direct- he gives his haters some motivation and inspiration. He calls them either dogs or wolves, which is kind of an animalistic way to describe someone- as if they were chasing after something before killing it.

He then tells them to keep running because he will get back up, and when he does, there will be bloodshed. This makes sense because people usually don’t give up easily when things go wrong for them.

At the end of the song, he encourages his enemies to look him up on social media so you can see what types of messages he leaves online. This could be used a source material to make conclusions about how likely it is that he is ready for war.

Final thought: His music doesn’t exactly win hearts and flowers, but he definitely motivates people. Even though his songs may not be known for their beauty, they do have a lasting effect on those who listen to them.

Finally, he released a diss track called “Polo G vs. Lil Pump”

how did polo g became famous

In May of 2018, rapper Polo g uploaded his new song titled "Why You Live Your Life Like This?" to YouTube. The lyrics of this song clearly state how much he hates another popular artist, Lil Pump.

At first, most people did not really understand what was going on in the music video or the lyrics. Many theories were proposed as to why Polo g decided to pick a fight with Lil Pump but none of them made sense.

Some said that it was because both artists are famous for posting very provocative pictures and videos so they fought over which one is more shocking. However, this theory does not make any sense because these two artists have never met nor exchanged words before.

Another theory was that Lil Pump copied several features from Polo g's style and thus, he had to respond. But again, no evidence of plagiarism has ever been proven so this theory doesn't hold up either.