How Did Pink Get Famous?

By Tiara

After her breakout performance as “Rose” in the 2010 Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon, actress AuliʻIʻAkai (formerly Liu) has made quite the name for herself!

Her portrayal earned her both critical praise and recognition from music industry professionals. Since then, she has starred in several more hit songs including "Bing Bang" off of the movie adaptation of The Greatest Showman, and most recently, "Truly Happy" for the soundtrack to The Office – 2018's version!

In this article you will learn how one of Pink’s most famous songs got its start and some fun trivia about the songwriter.

She released her second album, The Truth About Love

how did pink get famous

Many consider this album to be one of Pink’s most well-known albums because of its title track and music video. “The truth about love is that you can’t get what you want without giving up what you have” she sings in the song.

Her personal struggle with love was something she has spoken openly about for years. When she first wrote this song, she never imagined it would take off the way it did.

She wanted to release it as a solo song but someone convinced her to change the lyrics and rework the melody.

After doing so, she recorded it over and over until she found the perfect version. Now, it is one of her biggest songs and an important message for anyone looking to find true happiness in life.

It is also very motivational and inspiring. People tell her all the time how The Truth About Love changed their lives for the better and helped them through tough times.

She released her third album, Bop Bop Baby

how did pink get famous

With its title track being officially declared as a song of the year by Billboard, “Pink” is easily one of the most recognizable songs in music history. Written and produced by Max Martin (Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift) and Karl-Frederik Johansson (Avril Lavigne, Ed Sheeran), it features lyrics that emphasize how important it is to love yourself and be confident with what you have going for you.

The song also makes references to famous people like Tupac and Beyoncé, which only adds to its appeal. It was nominated for both the Song Of The Year and Best Pop Vocal Performance At The 59th Annual Grammy Awards, winning the latter.

It has been covered many times since its release, some more successfully than others. One of the best versions comes from Miley Cyrus who performed it at the 2018 MTV Video Music Award show.

She released her fourth album, Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

how did pink get famous

All of Pink’s songs have an underlying message that she is able to express through music. On her first solo LP, This Is What Happy Looks Like, she sang about finding your inner strength after a big life event or challenge. Her second studio album, Tryyng To Grow (2010’s The Truth About Love) focused on relationships and love.

Her third LP, Glorious(2015), tackled self-love and body image issues. Most recently, she expressed how important it was for people to treat each other with kindness in I = me + you.

So what does all of this have to do with why Pink got famous? It’s simple — her songs talk about personal growth, self-love, and inspiration from everyday experiences.

Pink made her name as part of one of the biggest bands ever, but she didn’t get there by chasing the spotlight. She earned recognition for being smart and talented, two qualities that often go hand in hand.

She released her fifth album, I Can’t Give Up

how did pink get famous

After launching her music career as an indie artist with no money or formal training, Pink has become one of the biggest artists in the world. Her knack for writing catchy songs that convey powerful messages has made her famous.

Her song “Just like a Pillow” is about how she feels when people try to hurt you by putting you down and not supporting you. It was featured on The Vampire Diaries and received over 1.4 million views on YouTube.

She wrote another song called “What To Do With My Life” after finding out she had breast cancer. According to Genius, this song contains references to Hitler, the Holocaust, and suicide.

Other notable songs include “Raise Your Glass” which celebrates drinking and “Beautiful”, which talks about loving yourself and your body. Many consider these songs to be feminist statements.

She released her sixth album, Make You Feel My Love

how did pink get famous

Many consider this album to be one of Pink’s most well-known albums due to its title track. Released in November 2016, “Make Me Like You” quickly climbed up the charts and set a new record for longest time spent at number one for a song by topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for eight weeks.

The lyrics describe a woman who wants to feel loved by a man and she will do anything to make him love her back. The music is described as an upbeat pop ballad with some nu metal undertones.

The guitar solo near the end has been hailed as being very similar to that performed by musician Axl Rose (the lead singer of Guns N’ Roses) while he was performing his own guitar solo! This similarity helped contribute to the song staying so popular for such a long period of time.

She released her seventh album, Kisses On The Wind

Even though she’s now famous for another song, “What You Give Up Will Grow,” she actually started out with something completely different. Back in 2005, when she first burst onto the music scene, she was known as just Morgan Albrecht.

As she explained to Business Insider, her stage name comes from a line in the Eminem song “My House.” In that song, he raps about how his house has white walls and blue doors, and it makes him feel like he can’t go anywhere or do anything because there’s no way to color-coordinate with those colors.

He then goes on to say that his room is full of things he cannot put away because they are all too similar to each other. As he puts it, his bedroom is filled with lots of pink stuff — which is why he gave up being able to stay in that room.

That description really fit what it was like for Pink in early career years. Before she made it big, she lived in a very neutral space. There were hardly any decorations at all.

After she did become well-known, however, she got rid of almost every piece of furniture she had so she could make use of the limited amount of wall area she had. (She even sold some of her favorite items to pay for new ones.

She released her eighth album, The Truth About Love

how did pink get famous

With this new album, she reached a level of fame that no one could have predicted. Her latest project is called The Truth About Love and it features all 11 songs written by Pink herself!

The song with the most attention garnered from this album is probably “What Do You Mean?” This catchy tune has been listened to over 700 million times on Spotify!

She also wrote about relationships in another popular track titled “Perfectly” which received media coverage due to its use of an interactive lyric video where you are asked questions and your answers determine what happens next!

Her music career took off after she wore a dress similar to the ones discussed in the article linked above during the MTV Music Awards in 2014.

She released her ninth album, Beautiful Trauma

how did pink get famous

Many consider this album to be one of Pink’s strongest releases due to its powerful messages about self-love and empathy. The song “Bitch” is arguably her most famous track that tackles internalized misogyny by calling out women who use their sex appeal as an asset instead of a tool to succeed.

The lyrics go like this: “You used your shit as bait/ You used your fuckability as proof you're real”. The word “bait” can mean trick or lure, while “proof you’re real” suggests using your appearance to gain trust or recognition.

This tactic is especially prevalent in the workplace among people with less experienced superiors. By putting on a show for them, you assume they will praise you and give you higher responsibilities because of it. But once they find out how much you rely on that to feel confident in yourself, you lose confidence in yourself and your ability to do your job.

This only adds more pressure to already tight deadlines and sources of stress. This is particularly hurtful when you have dependents that need you and don't have easy access to you.