How Did Pink Get Famous

By Tiara

Believe it or not, some of the most well-known brands in this world are made up of three main colors. Companies use these colors for their logos, advertisements, and even websites! These color schemes were designed to appeal to your eye at a glance and have influenced many styles over time.

Some people say that corporations take advantage of our subconscious mind when they use these colors. When you see those perfect shades of red, blue, and yellow displayed, it is hard to ignore them. It is also said that we get comfortable with these colors so eventually we forget about how powerful they are.

There are several theories as to why big business uses familiar colors. Some believe it is because humans develop strong emotional attachments to things quickly. Before long, you feel attached to these colors and companies’ logos.

For example, people who love the Disney movie Frozen will probably purchase merchandise related to the film. The same goes for people who know and like the TV show Friends. A lot of products feature one of its characters or themes such as a coffee mug featuring Joey, a character from the show.

Another theory suggests that using these colors makes us think more highly of the company. For instance, if a company uses bright flashy colors, it could be considered fun and engaging. People usually associate fun with good times, which can mean success for the company.

However, there is no proof that determined color psychology works.

She released her second album in 2007

how did pink get famous

After launching her music career as an underground artist, singer-songwriter and producer Pink got popular when she decided to focus more on production and writing of her songs.

On her second studio album, A$AP Rocky introduced her as “the queen bee” and she has never looked back since!

Her knack for catchy lyrics paired with radio friendly melodies have made her famous and hard to forget. When listening to one of her songs, you will feel yourself getting drawn into her world and wanting to listen to what she next has to say.

She is well known for incorporating references into her songs such as The Matrix or Disney movies, which help add another level of fun to her music.

She released her third album in 2008

how did pink get famous

After launching her music career as a singer, songwriter, and producer, how did pink get famous? By releasing her third studio album, she rebranded herself as a fashion icon and artist. Her style is often referred to as “pink” or “soft glam” due to its bright colors and overall elegant feel.

She has continually infused her personal style with striking shades of red, yellow, and especially pinks. These shades are never loud or overbearing but instead blend into the surrounding colors creating an interesting contrast.

Her signature look includes long, loose dresses that hit just below the knee and are typically paired with high heeled shoes. Dresses that are cut slightly off-the-shoulder and printed patterns are also frequent features of hers.

She released her fourth album in 2009

how did pink get famous

While not as famous as some of her other songs, “Bass Down Low” is still a well-known track. It was featured during the end credits of the 2017 film The Greatest Showman, which received both critical praise and box office success.

The song was written by British singer-songwriter Kacey Jones and American rapper Nisan Alias for their respective projects. Bass down low was an anthem that discussed how bass music can help you relax and reduce stress.

It was originally recorded with vocals but was reworked to feature only lyrics and no voiceover.

She released her fifth album in 2010

how did pink get famous

After taking some time off to focus on being a mom, singer/songwriter Taylor Swift returned with her fifth studio album, titled simply The Pink Album. This album was not only popular with music listeners but also inspired many artists to pick up where she left off!

Not only did it feature songs written exclusively by Swift, there were also several collaborations including features from such artists as Jason Derulo, Swae Lee, Lauv, Tyga, Max Martin, Karl Durrheim, and more!

The song “Just Give Me A Kiss” is one of these collaborations and has been covered multiple times since its original release. Many singers have made their own versions of this track, most notably Ariana Grande who had her version go viral.

She released her sixth album in 2011

how did pink get famous

As mentioned earlier, after launching her career as a singer with songs like “Trippin’,” “Hot Naughty A-Yo,” and “Why I’m So Hot,” Pink then took some time off to focus on other projects.

She starred in The Reba Show for two seasons (2013–2014) and appeared on several of its spinoffs including Best Week Ever, which she hosted from 2015-2017.

In 2014, she made her feature film debut starring in the comedy-drama movie You Were Never Lovelier. That same year, she also voiced main character Zora in the animated series Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Since then, she has gone onto voice many more characters such as Flo in Hotel Transylvania 2 and Bobo in The Emoji Movie.

Her most recent work includes voicing April on The Mandalorian and supporting roles in movies such as The House With a View and What Happens In Vegas.

She released her seventh album in 2012

how did pink get famous

After taking some time off to focus on her family, Pink returned with her new studio album, titled Money Talks. The album was officially announced in May of 2012, and she also revealed the title track and music video for it that same month!

The song itself is an ode to money and the power it holds over us. It’s about someone who feels stuck as a person because they can’t seem to make or save enough money, and how they think their financial situation could be changing due to this.

It’s very easy to get influenced by media stories and advertisements telling us what we need to know about money, but there are also personal experiences that help shape our perception as well.

She released her eighth album in 2013

how did pink get famous

Since she first burst onto the music scene with her song “Bassline,” singer-songwriter P!nk has consistently put out quality music. Her songs tend to be catchy and include references to current events or politics, making them very relatable for most people.

Her latest studio album is called The Truth Is… It was released in September of 2013 and it spent five weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. This makes her only the third artist to do this since the chart began in 1988!

The success of this album came as no surprise; it was predicted to do well before it even dropped by her critics and supporters. Many say that it is her best work yet because of all the meaningful messages it conveys.

Many believe that The Truth Is…. set the stage for her next career move (whatever that may be). While some may disagree about what the album says, none can deny its impact on the music industry.

She released her ninth album in 2014

how did pink get famous

Since she first burst onto the music scene with her song “Tootsie’s Orchid,” singer-songwriter and producer Pink has consistently put out quality music. Her catchy melodies and vocals have garnered her many fans all over the world!

Her latest studio album is called The Truth Is…. It was released back in May of 2014 and it features eight new songs that showcase her as an artist to watch.

The song “What You Give Me” was especially popular due to its lyrics about love and devotion.