How Did Pete Davidson Get Famous?

By Tiara

After consistently being in the spotlight for years, how did comedian Pete Davidson get so famous? He made his big break through streaming services!

Davidson’s rise to fame is definitely something we can all admire and cheer for — he worked hard to achieve his dreams, including releasing several standup specials, starring in his own TV show, and landing larger acting gigs.

But what many may not know is that most of these opportunities were given to him due to his career as a streamer. Starting back in 2016 when he was just 19-years old, he built up his channel by posting funny videos and pictures onto YouTube and Instagram.

Since then, he has amassed over 2 million followers across both platforms while developing his talent as a comedian. His popularity got even more attention after he announced his engagement to actress Jemila Kenney last year, which received widespread praise.

Now, he enjoys one of the highest paid comedians in the industry and continues to grow his brand off the bat with new projects like his upcoming film The Joker and television series GLOW.

He began appearing on television shows

how did pete davidson get famous

As mentioned earlier, he got his start as the funny guy on TV in New York City by starring in some of The Lonely Island’s most popular online videos. These include their now-famous “I Feel Pretty” parody song and its corresponding video, which features a quirky hip hop music track with lyrics that emphasize feeling good about yourself.

The song and video also feature cameos from famous celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, Neil Patrick Harris, Steve Carell, and more!

A few weeks after those initial appearances, Pete made his network TV debut hosting an episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL). Since then, he has gone on to host several other SNL episodes and is currently serving as one of the show’s featured writers.

He has also starred in various films, including the hit movie Trainwreck, in which he plays a struggling comedian trying to make it big in Hollywood. More recently, he appeared alongside Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in Hustlers, a raunchy comedy set in the porn industry.

He created the popular internet show “Saturday Morning Breakfast Club”

As we mentioned earlier, he co-created the show with his best friend and roommate, Mark Indebetouw. They came up with the name by combining their first names and adding ‘Breakfast’ to distinguish it from another TV show they developed together that was not picked up as a series.

The two of them have been close friends for years now, so when he decided to take a break in September 2018, she was already aware of how much he loved hosting.

He got his chance at the mic last May when The Breakfast Club made its debut on NBC. Since then, it has become one of the network’s most successful shows, consistently ranking in the top 10.

David is definitely good at what he does, though. He knows how to make people laugh while also addressing tough issues like depression and suicide. His talent comes naturally to him, but he worked hard to hone those skills.

He became a regular on the TV show “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live

how did pete davidson get famous

As mentioned earlier, he was hired as a writer for SNL in May of 2016. His first writing credit was for an episode that aired in April of that year. It is one of his more famous achievements; people recognize him now because of it!

He later moved up to hosting, which he did twice. Once in November of 2017 and again in March of this year. Since then, he has received even bigger opportunities within the entertainment industry.

He wrote and starred in his own comedy special titled Pete Rosey That Ain’t My Name!, released by Netflix in September 2018.

It was so popular that it won the Streamer Award for Best Comedy Special at The Streamers Awards in October.

Pete Davidson became very well-known for his role in the TV series “Saturday Night Live”

how did pete davidson get famous

He made his acting debut as a guest star on an episode of NBC’s long running show The Office, which was broadcast in May 2016.

His character, a struggling comedian trying to make it big in New York City, is given the most dramatic scene of the whole episode. In fact, he gets so carried away with tears that people began referring to him as the ‘Waterboy.’

He later got his own supporting role in another popular sitcom at the time, CBS’s Glee. His part involved crying almost every week!

His knack for showing a lot of emotion landed him several more roles, including one as the title character in the Broadway musical adaptation of Mean Girls.

He also played Chris Gardner, aka the funny guy who tries to bring down movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in Quentin Tarantino’s 2017 film The Hateful Eight.

He started making appearances in movies

how did pete davidson get famous

As we mentioned before, he made his big break as an actor when he landed the lead role of Ari on the comedy series The Heartbreaker. You may have seen him before in some small roles, but it was that show where he really got recognized for his talent.

He later starred in another popular sitcom, New Girl, which aired from 2015 to 2017. Beyond those two shows, though, it is his work in feature films that has made him famous.

He has appeared in such blockbuster hits like The Joker, Where Is My Dinner?, The Breakthrough Collection, Night School, The Departed, and most recently Suicide Squad. His character in Suicide Squad received attention for its unexpected twist at the end.

His other notable film credits include Neighbors, The Night Before, All Eyez On Me, and The Heat. He won our admiration with his performance in the latter movie.

He has appeared in several TV shows

how did pete davidson get famous

As mentioned earlier, he made his big break appearing as Chris Johnson on The Breakdown. You may have seen him before in MTV’s popular show Teen Wolf or even heard of him before that because of his role as Ariana Grande’s younger brother in the 2016 movie Suicide Squad.

But it was his turn as David Stern on HBO’s Major League Season 6 where he really broke through into wider recognition. People started recognizing his talent for comedy and he is now one of the most well-known comedians in America.

He has since starred in his own Netflix series, Saturday Night Live season 35 this past fall, and a number of films including The Heat, The Internship, and The Meyerowitz Stories (Newly released Friday).

He has also opened for several musicians

how did pete davidson get famous

As mentioned earlier, he was a comedian before his career took off as a rapper. He got his start by posting jokes online in the form of Vine videos. These funny clips went viral and were seen by many people, which led to him starting to make money as a YouTuber.

His first big break came when he joined The Breakup Series with Ariana Grande! After she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, fans wanted to know who would win in a breakup. Many thought that Pete would help Team Ariana because he is very supportive of artists and their careers.

But what made it interesting was that he picked Adam as the winner. While some may agree with his choice, most disagreed and gave an opinion. Some even called him heartless for choosing the more successful person.

After winning the challenge, he received so much attention from followers that he started filming daily live streams where he performed songs and rapped. His popularity continued to grow as he gathered a large audience of watchers.

He eventually left YouTube to focus on his music career full time. Now, he performs mostly around the country and has shared stage with some of the biggest names in the music business.

He still loves performing on camera though and does not shy away from giving his take on things like politics or media.

Pete Davidson has also been in a relationship with a famous comedian

how did pete davidson get famous

He shared his first kiss with another person, just not someone we know! In May 2018, he revealed that he is dating Ariana Grande. The two have been spending time together since September! They made their red carpet debut at the MTV VMAs where she won for Best New Artist.

Many people noticed how close they were as they walked the stage side-by-side. Many speculated about whether or not there was more than friendship between them, but nothing officially confirmed.

They both keep things very private so it’s hard to tell what happens during these times. It seems like they really care for each other though and want to make sure everything else is handled properly.

This doesn’t mean they don’t go up to lots of events together, they do! She even called him her fiancé once which only adds weight to the rumors.