How Did Pete Davidson Get Famous

By Tiara

While some may argue that your early life influences your personality, most would agree that it does play an important part in who you are.

Your childhood experiences influence how you feel about yourself and what kind of person you want to be. For example, if a child is raised with parents who are always busy and preoccupied with work, they will likely grow up feeling the same way — that people are not paying attention to them or enough of them.

This can sometimes lead to lower self-esteem and possibly even depression as adult.

On the other hand, kids whose parents actively participate in activities, go out together, and make time for each other are more likely to develop relationships that are close and meaningful.

These types of parents help their children see that being with others and having friends is something that makes sense and is important to do. They also teach their children that good things happen when you put effort into things – like going after what you want.

He began making videos

how did pete davidson get famous

As we know, The Looney Tunes franchise was not only popularized by characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck but also featured many supporting characters such as Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, Tweety, Grumpy Cat, etc.

A lot of these characters have become very iconic in their own right. For example, people recognize Grumpy Cat’s famous frowning face from her various media appearances.

Pete is no exception to this rule. His signature move has gone viral across all platforms and he now even gets paid for it!

He makes funny faces at his own jokes that are totally worth watching for yourself.

He started performing stand up

While most people gain fame from their careers, it is not always your average career. Some achieve sudden notoriety through social media or viral videos before building an audience that supports them as an actual comedian.

Pete Davidson gained his initial recognition for his comedic performance at The 2019 MTV Video Music Awards where he made headlines with his controversial remarks about Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

His biting one-liners got him many likes and reactions across all of the various platforms where he posted his material. His popularity continued to grow after he released his debut album titled “Aquatic” which features some songs written specifically for this article!

He has since built upon his already large fan base by touring around supporting his music and sharing more jokes. Many comedians have mentioned how his style and humor are unique and very entertaining to watch.

What is funny about life, relationships, and experiences can sometimes be uncomfortable. By bringing these things out in the open and making light of difficult situations, his comedy explores depth and psychology. This adds another layer to his art form.

He became a cast member of Saturday Night Live

how did pete davidson get famous

As mentioned earlier, he was very humorous as his character, Nick Miller, in the show’s third season. His characters mostly focused on dating and relationships.

After he left SNL, he hosted the Emmy Awards for three years before starring in The Breakup, an HBO dramedy about two best friends who struggle to stay close after one breaks up with the other.

He also starred in several films including The Interview, About Last Night, Still Feel Gone, and This Is Me & You. All were successful at the box office!

His acting career has since taken off, making him famous beyond his initial success.

He became a comedian

how did pete davidson get famous

As mentioned earlier, Dave Chappelle was one of his biggest supporters. In fact, he made him famous! Many people have known about Daves for years now, but how he got there is interesting to know.

He started telling jokes at school when he was in high school. His classmates really liked some of them so he began performing them for bigger crowds.

That’s where it all really took off though. People loved his sense of humor and his knack for creating funny situations. He eventually left home to pursue his dreams full time.

He has been doing comedy ever since then with huge success. It is now his career and he loves every second of it.

He has had great success as both a writer and performer and continues to strive towards more achievements.

He started dating Ariana Grande

how did pete davidson get famous

After their 2016 breakup, he got back in touch with his ex-girlfriend Jena Dieng. They rekindled their relationship before she moved to Canada to be with him. The two remained close until earlier this year when he made headlines for his antics at her birthday party.

After learning about that incident, many people assumed it would be the end of his career as an actor. But instead, he was offered more acting roles!

He landed several supporting parts including one in a major TV show and a leading role in a Broadway musical. His popularity continued to rise even more so after he announced that he and Ariana were engaged!

His fiancée is known for being very supportive of his career. She has appeared on stage next to him, hosted events for his charity, and helped promote his projects. Even though they’re not married yet, most people consider them a couple now.

He and Grande broke up

how did pete davidson get famous

After months of speculation, it was confirmed in May that Pete and Ariana had broken up. The two were first linked together back in January when they filmed an awkward backstage segment for her MTV VMA’s award show performance with Mella Lee.

They continued to be seen around each other after the awards show, including at his birthday party where he surprised her by singing Happy Birthday. They also made several appearances together as friends before their breakup announcement in May.

Many thought Pete would be the next celebrity engagement, but now we know that won’t happen. Since breaking up, Pete has opened about his issues with depression while many have praised Ariana for being very supportive during this difficult time.

He even mentioned how she helped him through one of his lowest points. While some may think that is only good karma, most believe it is just pure flattery which can sometimes hurt you. It makes people feel more needed or important and can make your ex feel manipulated or dependent on you- things that are not healthy relationships!

His fans seem to agree though since he has received over 1 million views on his latest Instagram update talking about all of the messages he has been receiving from them. Many want to give credit to Ariana for helping him work through his problems, but there is no need to praise someone for something ugly.

He and Jennifer Lopez have a friendship

how did pete davidson get famous

As mentioned earlier, he released his first stand-up special in May of 2018. Since then, he has not looked back! His comedic style is always entertaining to watch as he delivers clever jokes with humor that most people can relate to.

His comedy special was picked up by Netflix where he continues to produce content for the streaming service.

He recently appeared on The Joker’s Tale, an animated show set during the late 1980s. You may know him from other appearances such as SNL or MTV where he performed his popular “What Difference Does It Make?” joke.

Davidson will also be starring in Gringo, a movie about two brothers traveling through Mexico on their motorbike.

He and Jennifer Lopez are dating

how did pete davidson get famous

The two broke up in May, but then got back together earlier this month! On September 9, they were spotted leaving an event hand-in-hand, with very little to no effort made at hiding their affection for other people’s attention.

The next day, Perez confirmed that she was indeed cheating on him during her time apart from him. She also posted a sweet picture of them celebrating his birthday along with some kind words about how much he means to her.

He responded by posting another adorable snapshot of himself and Maddie kissing while sitting close to each other.