How Did P Diddy Get Famous

By Tiara

As we know, music artist Drake has always been known for his flashy style and dramatic entrances. He got his start with some very popular songs such as “Best I’ve Ever Had” and “Too Wild”. His catchy melodies have made him a mainstay in the music industry since he entered it.

He is also well-known for being outspoken and direct. This includes about everything from politics to media to men’s fashion styles.

Drake isn’t the only musician who enjoys attention, but he definitely knows how to get it. Many people enjoy his charismatic personality and his ability to use it effectively for his success.

In this article you will learn several ways that rapper/songwriter/business man P Diddy mastered the art of getting famous. These include: creating fake accounts to praise yourself, using social proof to boost your reputation, and staying in the news by posting new content frequently.

Disclaimer: The following advice should be used with caution. Only add these tips to your repertoire if you are sure you can stick to them and not violate any rules or regulations. Also remember that there are no quick fixes when it comes to internet fame, so don’t expect results quickly.

Getting started

Before you begin looking at sneaky ways to gain popularity online, make sure your personal life is stable.

Raised capital

how did p diddy get famous

After leaving prison in 1996, Sean Combs spent his first few years trying to rebuild his life. He had some health issues, so he needed money for medical bills, but he also wanted a fresh start.

He ended up raising capital by creating his own company and taking advantage of his network of friends and family. His business idea? A fashion line!

Combs launched his clothing label in late 1997, just around the time when most people were re-branding their lives after going through significant changes.

That’s what he did — he rebranded himself. And his new brand was “The Artist.” (A little ironic given that he would go onto prove otherwise.)

His clothes quickly gained popularity among hip hop artists and fans. Many rappers wore his shirts or painted pictures on them to show support for his style. Others have said they were inspired by his look.

And even though he is now known as a wealthy entrepreneur, early on he worked hard to ensure his success. He took lots of risks and never guaranteed anyone they would be paid back. It has paid off.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be used as an excuse to do something illegal. We are mentioning how popular certain celebrities became because they invested into their careers, not because we want more famous people.

Found a partner

how did p diddy get famous

As mentioned earlier, it took years for Sean “Diddy” Combs to reach the top. He had to find his initial platform of success before he could build upon that momentum. Finding a supportive partner is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur.

He needed someone who was strong at marketing, media management, and creative expression. This person needs to be trustworthy as well – something that has been questioned in recent months.

His current manager/business consultant (depending on what phase you consider this stage) is Shawn Chrystopher. He manages all business affairs such as legal documents, contracts, and promotional strategies.

This person also does publicity for him by talking about his career and spreading his brand. They are very influential people which helps his career grow more quickly!

Sean finds this person through personal connections or advertisements. People always talk about friends they trust so why not work with those people?

He makes sure this person is paid properly though since they put their time into his career.

Developed a brand

how did p diddy get famous

As we know, before anyone is famous they have to develop an audience or a fan base. For someone who is trying to break into the entertainment industry, this can be tricky. You need to find ways to spread your name exposure so that people will recognize you and connect with you!

For music artists, developing their sound is one of the most important things they must do to get popular. An artist’s voice is what sets them apart from others, so why not invest in yours?

As mentioned earlier, being professional in front of the camera is also very important to success as an actor or singer. If you are ever asked to do something that feels awkward or you feel like you cannot do, remember that it does not look good and could hurt your career.

People who have successful careers understand that taking time to develop your skills and confidence is worth it in the long run.

Started a record label

In 1988, Sean “Diddy” Combs founded Bad Boy Records with his business partner Robert "Bobby Brown" Bryant. The duo built their empire off of other successful artists and music styles that they revived and rebranded as hip hop.

Combs is well-known for creating and promoting new trends in the rap genre through his record label and media appearances. He has also launched several entertainment projects since then, including fashion lines and television shows.

He is one of the most influential rappers of all time and has received many awards and recognition for it. Forbes ranked him as the fifth highest earning musician in the world in 2016.

Became a celebrity

how did p diddy get famous

In 1988, at the age of 19, Sean "Diddy" Combs made his television debut as a dancer on the hit TV show _The Tanning Salon_. He was quickly promoted to featured artist, where he would lip-sync and dance to songs for other dancers.

He later landed a job as an intern in the music department while still attending high school. This gave him the opportunity to meet with artists and managers, which helped shape his career path.

After graduating from high school, Combs dropped out of college to pursue a career in entertainment full time. Since then, he has starred in several popular movies such as _Bad Boys 2_, _Takers_, and most recently, _Championship Wrestling Live!_

His rise to fame is something he owes almost entirely to social media. His engaging personality and knack for publicity have allowed him to hone his craft as a musician, actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Made a movie

how did p diddy get famous

In 2006, Sean “Diddy” Combs released his first feature length film, The Break-Up. Although he does not have any acting experience, you would never know it by watching his performance as himself in the movie!

In the movie, he plays a wealthy music mogul who is constantly being pressured to break up with his girlfriend (played by America's Sweetheart Jennifer Lopez).

Instead of agreeing to do so, he invents an elaborate scheme to get out of their relationship. He pretends to be poor and available, which works beautifully since she expects him to move in with her after they broke up.

Became a billionaire

how did p diddy get famous

As mentioned earlier, Mase was one of D’Andrea Jackson’s first big time artists. He is known for his hit songs like “Betcha Can’t Take This Love (From Me)” and “Feel Good.”

He also helped launch Sean Combs’ music career by introducing him to record label executives in New York City.

In fact, he even made an appearance at Combs’ wedding!

After leaving Interscope Records, D’Andre launched his own independent album company called Nooink Recordings. He signed several successful hip hop acts including The-Dream.

Drake received some major exposure after featuring on The-Dream’s song titled "Picture" off his 2004 debut LP Nuthin But A `G' Thang.` That song got popular enough that it landed Drake his very first recording contract with Def Jam.

Since then, The-Dream has gone on to have his own successful music business venture while Drake eventually ascended to superstar status as well.

So how did this all come together? Let us look into it.

Founded the Sean Combs Foundation

how did p diddy get famous

After his son was born in 1996, rapper Sean “Diddy” McDowell founded The Sean Combs Foundation to help underprivileged kids have fun through education and the arts. He funded programs such as after-school tutoring for students, summer camps, and music lessons for youth with limited access to them.

In addition to funding these projects directly, he designed t-shirts that raised money for the organization and organized charity concerts. His collaborations included supporting organizations like the National Association of Black Accountants and the Boys & Girls Club of America.

He also hosted an annual event called #BANG! which benefits different charities. In total, the foundation has donated over $10 million to various causes since it was first established.